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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Dark Swords

Welcome to online RPG DarkSwords - multiplayer fantasy game!

Dark Swords is a free online role-playing game of new generation. The action takes place in a unique world which doesn't have analogues. DarkSwords combines the traditional role-playing system with innovative approach to the game process implementation, character development and social aspect. You can join the players from all parts of the world right now for free!


DarkSwords is now almost completely free to play - all personal items (creation, upgrades) are FREE
We need $83.00 per month for server hosting – help support your favorite game by purchasing Zenny. Only purchased Zenny will go towards this fund!

You can enjoy almost all benefits of DarkSwords for free – except for flowers, which need to be bought with purchased Zenny.
If you wish to purchase a flower, contact the admin via support service.

Happy hunting!

2017-09-24 Digest


During mining it now is possible to dig up Old Rust but be careful, the Task Master will be disappointed if you pick up the Old Rust and will teleport you to Arkijah Star.
Also, he wants you to pick up the fossils within the 15 minutes duration of the License. After this 15 minutes, all fossils will disappear.
This change will be effective after the reboot of Sunday, September 24.

2017-09-23 Digest


We are more than pleased to announce that the Egyptian Gods has decided to please the DarkSwordians with gifts.
During 2 weekdays each week, they will spread joy around the World of Darkswords by dropping coins which together with Monster drops can be brewed into a valuable Treasure. The scrolls to brew these treasures will be for sale in the Scribe Shops.
The days on which the Gods will drop their coins will be different each week. One week it is on Monday and Wednesday, the other week it is on Tuesday and Thursday.
The Gods will drop 25 coins every 3 hours randomly in one realm on Tharassos. This drop will be announced in game. Each 3 hours 1 God will drop her/his coins.

Treasure of Sia
Brewing this treasure will give you a choice to brew one of these potions:
Elixir of unexcelled accuracy, duration 1 hour
Potion of Divine Empathy, duration 1 hour
Potion of Divine Generosity, duration 1 hour

Treasure of Osiris
Brewing this treasure will give you a choice to brew one of these items:
Crucible Furnace
Fishing Pole
Mechanical Mower

Treasure of Bastet
Brewing this treasure you can choose one of these items:
Horn of Plenty
Lotto Ticket

Treasure of Anubis
Brewing this treasure you will receive 24 potions of 2x gold, each with a duration of 1 hour.

2017-09-16 Digest

Change in purchase of Zenny bonus potions

After reboot of monday september 19, the zenny bonus potions (zenny flowers) will give a bonus of 75% instead of 100%. Also they will be soulbound.
Zenny flowers bought before monday will stay non soulbound and with a bonus of 100%
Future zenny flowers in Lotto also will be non soulbound and give a bonus of 100%

2017-09-15 Digest

Change in chatrules

Starting Friday september 15 at 4 pm servertime, the only allowed languages in open chat will be ENGLISH and RUSSIAN.
At first this will be for a trial periode of 14 days. Our Russian moderators will be:
Doon Mafia
Keep in mind that the chatrules have not been changed, it now only is allowed to talk in Russian as well, but same chatrules as always will be applied. They can be found here

2017-09-12 Digest

Ligras will come back to Town!!!

We are very pleased to announce that Ligras will be visiting Darkswords again after server reboot of September 15.
But before his visit he will remove all previous bonuspots he has been given which were not soulbound. He is going to stay a few days though, so enough chance to get your bonuspots again.

What is an MMORPG?

An MMORPG, otherwise known as a Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing game, in other words - Online RPG, is a genre of online computer role playing games (CRPG) where considerable amounts of players cooperate with each other in a virtual world (basically, in a fantasy setting). Like the majority of RPG's, the role of an invented hero is given a possibility to operate its actions by the player who created it. MMORPG's differ from one user and small network role playing games set by players in the virtual realm, which continues to exist whether you are logged on or not. The virtual world is supported by the publisher of game.

In the virtual world, players can carry out various actions that interact with one another. There are also characters in the game that are operated by the server called Non Player Characters (NPC's), that include hostile or aggressive monsters. These are called mobs. When a player is engaged in combat with the world's inhabitants and successfully destroys them, they are then rewarded with compensation and experience points. The player then can use their received experience points to perfect the skills and abilities of the hero by using the gold coins (the game currency and/or valuable items) that makes up the basis of the economy between the participants of the game. In many MMORPG's, players have the ability to form alliances in game with other members that have a variety of associations, such as guilds and/or clans which allow players to adhere to a certain policy in regards to other players' orginazations. With some games a player can either decide to remain neutral or choose the more chaotic and destructive path upon creating their characters and have the option to choose either or with their arrival into the realm - depending on a game's plot or by the players choice. There are other MMORPG's that require players to pay a fee to their publishers in order to get a users subscription and to obtain a copy of their game. Darkswords is a completely free MMORPG (Massive Multy-Player Online RPG) that can be downloaded and played without having to pay any hidden fees or subscriptions.

Players who like MUD (Multi-User Dimension) like DarkSwords too, because we are close to their favorite games.

Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

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Tree of Darkness

Vote: fight system
1) new: 6
2) old: 2

Bandits Camp
18:03 09/24
Iron Caves
20:28 09/24
Flame River
18:06 09/24

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