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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords :

With the cold winds of Autumn comes DarkSwords 7th Anniversary! To light up those dark nights, we prepared something special just for you.
All those bonuses will be available from November 1st till November 6th - so join us, enjoy in-game festivities and grab your presents!

Rate increases

Date Rates
01.11.2013 3x Board rewards, 2x Damage and 2x Clan experience
02.11.2013 3x Experience, 2x Damage and 2x Gold
03.11.2013 3x Damage, 2x Gold and 2x Experience
04.11.2013 3x Quest points, 2x Professions and 2x Tournament points
05.11.2013 3x Gold, 2x Damage and 2x Quest points

Paid services

  • 20% from any artifact upgrade price will be returned to customer after order confirmation. This applies to dealer/trader orders only! Player should have full upgrade sum ready, as discount will be given back after the upgrade confirmation.
Any questions about paid services? Ask dealers and traders in game!

Players vs. Monsters

  • Players always receive Mark of Valor for accomplishing 'Mortal Enemy' quest
  • Damage against monsters now depends on numbers of players online (updated every minute):
Players online Damage against monsters
50-99 125%
100-149 150%
150-199 200%
200-249 225%
250+ 250%

Religious System

  • Religious experience isn't lost when there is more than 100 players of 100+ level online
  • Religious experience is doubled!
  • Every player has a chance to receive Mark of Piety for the victory (Mark replaces standard religious trophy). This chance depends on number of players online (updated every minute):
Players online Chance to receive Mark
50-99 5%
100-149 10%
150-199 15%
200-249 20%
250+ 25%


  • Additional tournament points are given depending on number of tournament participants:
Participants Bonus points
5-9 +1 TP
10-19 +2 TP
20-49 +3 TP
50+ +4 TP

Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Arkijah Town
14:26 04/18
14:42 04/18
Underground Town
15:22 04/18

Online RPG, Fantasy game, Free MMORPG - DarkSwords


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