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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Dark Soul.

    Every day Dark Soul starts hunting on defenseless inhabitants of the world.
    Soul comes into world for 180 minutes : our heroes with active religion above /0 level have to protect us, finding and killing a monster wich got affected by the Dark Soul. Dark Soul will appear only on Tharassos Continent.

    For the success, player will be awarded with religion experience, as well as receiving a standard prize. For killing the last, 13th soul, player will receive a main prize.

    It is possible to receive the main prize with a chance of 15% in case if player using «hunters' luck» effect exterminates a usual soul.

    standard prize - one of the soulbound elixirs:

    Universal trap


    Magical scaner
    description of the analogues of these prizes here

    main prize - one of the soulbound elixirs:

    Potion of Divine Intervention

    Potion of Divine Encouragement

    description of the analogues of these prizes here

    Quest Schedule

    Day of Week Quest Time (server time, GMT+3)
    Sunday 04:00 and 17:00
    Monday 02:00 and 14:00
    Tuesday 03:00 and 12:00
    Wednesday 00:00 and 11:00
    Thursday 01:00 and 11:00
    Friday 02:00 and 22:00
    Saturday 05:00 and 16:00

Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

24% 25% 26% 25%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret

Vote: fight system
1) 100-245: 21
2) 100-200: 19

Brown Mountains
20:18 04/25
Hemp Field
23:53 04/25
Travellers Well
23:50 04/25

Online RPG, Fantasy game, Free MMORPG - DarkSwords


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