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 Post subject: Anniversary stories, your story can be worth 1000 pt!!!
PostPosted: 23 Oct 2016, 18:14 

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Orcs, elves, humans, drows, and dwarves alike!
The word is out: DarkSwords is now a decade old! From grouping up to hunt for level 300 gear to the legendary PVP fights of the past, we invite all of you to participate in this part of the Anniversary Event.

To do so, write a story about a memory you have about your time playing this wonderful game.
Your submission can be as short as a few sentences to as long as it takes to complete the Zodiac Ticket Quest!
Please be sure to follow the normal rules for chat (no cursing, no rudeness, etc.).
Stories can be submitted in three ways:
1) reply to this thread,
2) Skype Tib,
3) post on FaceBook on the DarkSwords page.
Each submission will be read by our lovely Admin, Crasotkavika. She will choose the top three winners of this contest, who will each receive a special prize!

First prize: 1000 pt and 300 points for pet
Second: 500 pt and 200 points for pet
Third: 250 pt and 100 points for pet

The winners will be announced within 7 days after the end of the anniversary event

 Post subject: Re: Anniversary stories, your story can be worth 1000 pt!!!
PostPosted: 23 Oct 2016, 23:21 

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On a bright, sunny afternoon in the middle of summer, a young boy was playing in his yard. His whole life he’d loved the outdoors. Every day after school, he would go outside and pretend to fight monsters and ghouls as his mother watched him from the kitchen window, half amused and half concerned.

“Dear, do you think he’s normal, playing like that by himself?”

“Yes, hun, all little kids do that at this age. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it when he’s older.”

“I sure hope so. He seems to be having too much fun with all of that pretend stuff. I just hope it doesn’t affect him when he goes to middle school. You know how those kids are… they see someone like him and then pick on them. Just like they did to HER.”

“Well, I guess we can only hope for the best! He still has a few years before he goes to middle school, so there’s still plenty of time for him to grow up a little. And anyways, even if he doesn’t change by then, he’ll never be as bad as SHE was.”

As his parents talked with each other, Thorin continued his pretend play as if nothing were the matter. To him, it seemed real. Each time he swung his stick, a monster died. Sometimes they attacked him, but only on rare occasions would they do any actual harm. The worst incident was at the beginning of summer when the ghoul got his legs.

“Thorin! It’s time for dinner! You can play after we’re done with dinner, come inside now.”

“But Mom! The ghouls are attacking me! I can’t leave now, they’ll get me!”

“C’mon Thorin, they’re just pretend. Come inside now, nothing’s going to happen to you bud.”

Grudgingly, Thorin walked across the lawn and started up the stairs. He was halfway up the flight when it happened.


“Thorin? Was that you?”

“Moooooom!!!!” he cried.

“What happened?? Are you OK?”

“They got me Mom, they got me! I told you they would get me! Why do you never listen?”

Vika ran out the door onto the deck to get a better look at what had happened to her son.

“Thorin,” she said as she shook her head disapprovingly, “they’re not real, it’s all just your imagination.”

“Then how did this happen? How did I trip coming up for dinner?”

“I’m not sure bud, let me take a look at your leg. Put it up on my knee.”

It took her a few minutes to figure out what had happened. After cleaning and wrapping the wound on his leg and a bit of good old ‘mom investigation’ she finally identified the cause of the fall.

“Bud… how many times do I have to tell you? Be sure to tie your shoes when you’re playing or else you’ll keep tripping just like you did now. Now come inside, it’s time for dinner. And remember, there’s no such thing as real monsters, it’s just your imagination!”

“Yeah… OK.”

Thorin had been told this his whole life. Ever since he was a little baby, he had seen things, things other people couldn’t. But every time he tried to explain to somebody what was going on, they blamed it on his rampant imagination. It was starting to get to him. He knew he saw them and he knew they were real, yet somehow he couldn’t convince anyone else that they were… yet.


It had been a year since Thorin tripped over his shoelaces. Rather, it had been a year since the ghouls got him coming up the stairs for dinner. He could still see them, and still no one believed him. He learned to keep quiet about it because people looked at him funny when he tried to explain what was going on. Even Vika and Vlad told him not to talk about it anymore. He was supposed to be ready for middle school, a mature boy. Mature boys don’t believe in ghouls and monsters, they know better than that. Well, if that was the case, Thorin didn’t want to be a mature boy.

“Thorin! Wake up! It’s the first day of middle school, and you don’t want to be late!” yelled Vlad from the bottom of the staircase.

Thorin had his own room upstairs. It was painted green, his favorite color. On one end of the room was his bed and on the other end was his desk and shelf. Over the years of travelling with his parents he’d collected memorabilia from the different places they had been.

In Latvia, he picked up a bottle of liquid labelled “квинта +25.” The storekeeper told him it had been brewed in Russia, but was unique to Latvia. The English name of the liquid was “Godly Quintessence.” Supposedly it increased the effectiveness of sticks against ghouls and other monsters, which piqued Thorin’s curiosity. Thorin had never actually tried it out though because it had cost him so much and reminded him of his trip.

In the Netherlands, Thorin found an interesting concoction in an old apothecary labelled as “Elixir of Divine Empathy.” It was a greenish looking slime, stored in a glass vial. Thorin would never have gotten it if he hadn’t asked what it’s effects were. He learned that rubbing just a drop or two across his forehead and on the tip of his nose would make the ghouls and monsters stay away from him. ‘That’d come in handy some time’ he thought to himself as he picked up three of the glass vials and proceeded to purchase them.

In Azerbaijan, Thorin picked up a Genie Lamp. It wasn’t the typical genie lamp where you rubbed it and got three wishes. You actually got a genie to be your permanent assistant. At least that’s what the rumor was. Thorin never tried it out. He didn’t want to get made fun of any more than he already did.

In the United States, Thorin picked up one of his most prized possessions. It was a full set of iron armor, the kind you see in movies, except this was the real stuff. Thorin thought it would be fun to play around in. And plus, this armor was made of the best iron in the world. He made sure to keep it from rusting.

Those were the items Thorin liked most. He had a bunch of other less-interesting items he’d acquired from his travels. From Mongolia he picked up a dried camel ear, from Australia a rattlesnake tail, from South Africa a cheetah skin, from Brazil a leopard skin, from Zimbabwe hippopotamus teeth, from Mexico a dried lizard eye. Other knick knacks from his travels were scattered on his shelf too.

“Thorin!! Let’s go!” screamed his dad.

“Sorry dad! I was just looking at my shelf. Just making sure it’s all there.”

“You can do that later, let’s go! If we don’t leave now, you’ll be late.”

Thorin scrambled to put his clothes on. He’d been busy daydreaming about all the travelling he had done and all the things he had on his shelf. He rushed down the stairs and grabbed a banana for the ride to school.

“Thorin, this better not happen again, or else you’re going to be in trouble.”

“Sorry dad, it won’t.”

The rest of the ride was silent. Vika didn’t know how the first day was going to be for his son. He hoped it would go well, but knowing Thorin, something would happen.

“See ya later bud!” Vika said to Thorin as he got out of the car. “Have a good day and be sure to stay out of trouble!”

“Yeah. See you later, thanks for the ride.”

As Vika drove off, the shock of being in middle school for the first time began to hit Thorin. ‘Am I ready for this?’ he thought. ‘Yeah, I’m ready.’


As Thorin walked through the front doors of Seastone Middle School, all eyes were on him. He recognized some of the kids that passed him as he stood in the entrance of the school, gaping at the size of the place. He didn’t really take note of why they were all staring at him, it was probably just because it was his first year at the school. As he walked down the hall to find his homeroom, however, he heard something that made him a little bit nervous.

“Hey! Do you see him? I didn’t think he was coming to school here” whispered Tib to Grandy (his real name was Stephen, but everyone called him Grandy because he always carried a thousand dollars with him for ‘emergencies’).

“Yeah, he’s the one who can see ----“

“Shhh! We’re not supposed to talk about it!” Tib said to hush Grandy. “Don’t you remember what we were told last year? They knew someone like her would be coming and told us not to mention it. You don’t want to get in trouble, do you?”

“Nope, not at all. But what I don’t get is how did they know someone like her was coming? And if they knew someone else would come, why didn’t they do anything about it?”

“I’m not too sure about that Grandy,” Tib whispered, “but what I do know is that we should steer clear of him. We don’t want them getting any ideas that we’re befriending him.”

“Yeah, you’re right” Grandy mumbled. “Just like always.”

“See you later punk, I’ve got to get to homeroom.”

‘I wonder if they’re talking about me,’ Thorin thought to himself as he walked by. ‘But who is that girl they’re talking about? I’ve never heard about anyone with vision like me. Hm, I guess I’ll have to do some investigation.’

As Thorin continued down the hall to find his homeroom a sign on one of the doors caught his eye:


‘What the heck? What kind of school is this?’ he thought. ‘I wonder if this is what they were talking about, the people they didn’t want to get in trouble with. Weird.’

After a few minutes of wandering around, Thorin found his homeroom. He took the seat closest to the door because he was a little nervous about meeting new people. He’d never been much of a social person.

“Excuse me!”

“Excuse me!”

“You! Sitting by the door! What’s your name?” the teacher yelled from behind her desk.

“Uh… me?” Thorin stumbled.

“Yes, you! What’s your name?”


“Clearly you didn’t get the letter last week then. We have assigned seats here in our homeroom. You’re up here in this seat.”

“Ok,” Thorin mumbled as he picked up his bag and trudged to the desk at the front of the room, right in front of the teacher’s desk. ‘Well there goes my luck, I hate meeting new people… why did I have to get assigned the seat right in front of the teacher?’

As Thorin sat in his chair waiting for the bell to ring, he noticed the girl in the desk directly next to him. Her hair reminded him of his mom. It was jet black and straight as an arrow. Her cheeks were plump and covered in freckles. Leather boots, blue jeans, green shirt, necklace, earrings, and glasses. Thorin really liked her outfit, it looked good on her.

What caught his attention the most about her though was her eyes. They were a mix between hazel and green, an extremely mesmerizing color. Something about them kept him staring at her for an awkwardly long time.

“Can I help you?”


‘Oh no, is she talking to me?’ Thorin thought.

“Hey, you! What are you looking at?”

“S-s-sorry” Thorin stuttered. “I just really like the… the… the color of your eyes.” ‘Oh man… I hope she doesn’t think I’m weird.’

Thorin looked down at his empty desk, hoping that she wouldn’t talk to him anymore.

“Why thank you! Yours are pretty cute too” she said.

“Thanks” he replied, hoping to end the conversation there.

“You’re Thorin, right? I’m Nolinah, nice to meet you.”

She extended her hand over to Thorin’s desk.

‘What have I gotten myself into?’ Thorin thought. He’d never been sociable, and definitely not with girls. Being the polite boy that he was though, he reached over and shook her hand.

“Nice to meet you too.”


It had been a few months since Thorin and Nolinah met in homeroom at the beginning of the school term. Things between them had gotten much less awkward since then. Well, a little less awkward…

“Hey Thorin!”

“Hey Nolinah, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, just the usual. I’ve got to work on an assignment that’s due the last period of class today… I forgot to do it last night and I can’t miss it or else I’ll get in trouble with my parents. Would you be able to help me with it?”

“I can’t right now, I’ve got to run down to Mr. Dez’s office, I have a meeting with him to talk about my vision. See you!”

“Wait! I wanted to ask you something!”

“What’s up?”

“Well… I was wondering if… if… if you wanted to go to the b-b-ball with me next weekend.”

Thorin’s cheeks immediately turned beet red. ‘The ball? With Nolinah?’ he thought. ‘We’ve been friends since the first day of school, but the ball? We’ve never even hugged before! And now she wants me to go to the ball with her?’

“Uh… sure” Thorin breathed out as he turned and ran down the hall towards Mr. Dez’s office.

“Woohoo! I’ve got a date to the ball!” Nolinah shouted loudly, enough for everyone in the hall to hear. Even Thorin could hear it as he ran down the hall. His cheeks went from beet red to an even darker shade of red.

‘I hope Mr. Dez doesn’t make fun of me for this’ he silently thought. Dez Marshal, or Mr. Dez as the students called him, oversaw the MODs (Masters of Discipline). He’d been in contact with Thorin since the first day of school, trying to recruit him to the team.

As Thorin approached Mr. Dez’s office, the door swung open. There stood Mr. Dez, smiling as usual, waiting for Thorin to arrive.
“Hey kid, come on in.”

“So what’re we going to talk about today?” Thorin asked.

“The usual” replied Mr. Dez. “We’ve been having a lot of trouble in the school recently and could really use another person with vision like you have.”

“Yeah, yeah” Thorin mumbled. He’d heard Mr. Dez’s lecture at least fifty times. Ever since Thorin’s first meeting with Mr. Dez, he had been brought into the MODs office over and over in the hope that he would join the team. “And what makes you think that I’m going to accept your offer this time?”

“Well, you see, Nolinah is the head MOD and she specifically requested me to meet with you today. She really wants –“

“What?! Nolinah is the head MOD? How did I not know this?”

“She’s pretty good at keeping secrets, Thorin. You’d be surprised at how little you actually know her.”

“Yeah, right. I bet this is all a hoax to get me into the MODs. I’ll just ask her myself. Later!”

“Wait! Thorin! You can’t leave just yet. Nolinah wanted me to give this to you. It’s a gift from her.”


Thorin walked out of the office and headed to the library where Nolinah was studying. ‘Why would she give this to me? Doesn’t she need it to keep her vision in check? I’ll have to ask her.’


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 Post subject: Re: Anniversary stories, your story can be worth 1000 pt!!!
PostPosted: 24 Oct 2016, 02:46 

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lol assassin boy I got a story for you lol


 Post subject: Re: Anniversary stories, your story can be worth 1000 pt!!!
PostPosted: 31 Oct 2016, 19:35 

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From noob to king to Servent of the gods... One MONSTERS journey in this life we call dark swords.

In a galaxy far far from somewhere lived a spaceball named MONSTER.
In this time he lives as a dealer making peoples gears and changeing
stats on them daily. This job was perfect for a creature such as him.
it allowed him to take pressure off the all mighty gods and goddesses
above so they could finish creating the world to perfection. Through a
ll the labors of this new life Monster takes a look back at what has
made him the creature he is today.

Chapter one, The creation of the peoples champion.

As the gods seen fit a man was born Tom, this happens whan a mom and dad....snuggle...
But none the less a Tom was born. He wondered around the streets of ark town looking for any clue to
better his life. Thats when he discovered a few friends in the same manner of poverty as himself.
Those friends were called, MR zee, nillija, Sentental, and jermey. These friends could not be broken
up for any amount of gold nor religion points you could offer them. They found out the little secrets
of the potion of life called a Health pot, they called it HP pot for short. With this they rose in strength
rapidly. Day after day hour after hour, death after death.

Chapter 2. Romance

One stormy cold afternoon as Tom stood there wondering which lvl 666 dragon to kill with his friends
he thought how nice it would be to have someone to love. Thus the gods and goddesses created tomsotherhalf to complete
his soul. Love was grand love was great. This spectactular woman was added to the friends and they all killed the naughty creatures
of the forest together.

Chapter 3. Rise of the peoples champion

Religious zeliats have always existed but are now even more hatefull then they were.
there were 2 villians in the world that stood out. Andreka and tomkruzheadless. They were the meanist of the bunch, The helpless people
of the engimatic kingdom needed help. So Mr Tom heard the call. He paid handsomely for some crafted gear by the gods, and weapons only he could weild.
With this grand gear he set off in search of the villians who would hurt the innocents. Soon there after they were found tomkruzeheadless was fought over and over, making him be weary now
the world had a protector. Thus as a response Andreka got the god gear and went killing people to get the might Tom out in the open. As a result Tom did go out and stood alone
against the onslought. Our hero now called, after a long and brutal lvl 100 fight between two super powers the lands shook in amazement, the hero Tom was victorious. Andreka was stopped from
terrorizing anymroe innocent people of the lands.

Chapter 4 Hail to the King baby.

Now the lands had their hero, another hero was rising to fame along with Tom, that was sentiental, his trusted long time friend.
With sent at his side they took up their religion for their cause and went destroying the other religions that would do harm to our lands.
Whole clans would take the fight against them and fall to their lightning and fire chains, people would flee in terror and cry to the gods for help.
At this time in the world there was no other force that could match these two heros or shall we say kings of the world at this time.
They lived peacefully and in drunk laughter nightly.

Chapter 5 The downfall of the fellowship.

Weeks later after ruling the world in peace a new force was awakening. This was a clan called Overtime. They took the Biggest players with the most expensive god armor and made them group up.
This force eventually tricked sent and nillija to joining their ranks. Which left Toms fellowship of Dark Swords in ruins. With only his beautiful wife and a few friends left they went their own ways.
Overtime rose in power and started growing rapidly. To counter this threat jermey, who was very close tot he gods ways of donig things, decided to sneak into the gods lands and change the rules of the worlds laws.
After a long day of trickery and crazyness the gods caught him, and banished him forever. So yet another of the fellowship is gone. This only left Tom, tomsotherhalf, and mrzee. Withen this life they all made a vow
to remain friends no matter waht and do do their own lives.

Chapter 6. A MONSTER is born.

So you ask is this the end? no my friend its just the start. With Tom no longer the king of the world and all his friends going to other places he had no choice but to do the same. At this time there was antoher clan of strong people from the lands
growing, they called themselves Phantoms. Tom decided to join them and defend the world. Tom joined and had many battles. But that life was not for him. There was jsut no friends in the clan for him, and he was lonely. Power is great but not with out true people to share it with.
So Tom said his good byes and left. Then defeat after defeat Tom only had one idea to put His name to rest and come anew as the creature he has become. After long prayer and many plat coins the gods heard him and changed him into MONSTER. A new creature for a new world.
Monster Lived his life with his beatiful wife and his friend mr zee and a few others he met inbetween in bliss. getting stronger as a team and seeing new places. MONSTER was content with living the life of a creature of love and loyalty.

Chapter 7. Into the Darkness

With the worlds many clans now fighting for dominence and who has the most gold and plat coins, took its toll on MONSTER. No longer could they live in peace. Many people wanted to use him as a stepping stone in their own life goals.
Battered and beaten many times MONSTER and his wife could take it no longer. They resisted for as long as they could but the darkness was coming. eventually it comes for all the heros of histories past. This is no evil, this darkness i speak of is a thing of peace and beauty.
In this darkness you just sleep. You sleep and let the world go on with out you until you had your rest and are ready to tackle it again. MONSTER and tomsotherhalf found a beautiful cavern secretly hidden where no one else would disturb them,(except mr zee on ocassion) and they let the darkness
consume them to beautiful obliveon. Now they slept.

Chapter 8. A new start

Eight years of sleep is what it took MONSTER and his wife to get their wits about them again. Thus they Awoke. The world was polluted with hate. People tried to kill you at every corner for a simple religous offering. No one was in a group having fun anymore it was about Death.
But dont freat this was only the first thing they seen when they opened their eyes and rejoined the world. They roamed the world together in a daze, so much of the lands were familir, yet so much different. Hidden in the cities you could find decent people who still cared for life and wanted
the gods to help them. So MONSTER and tomsotherhalf grew even stronger, and faster, learning the ways of this new world. Soon they found out the Gods and goddesses were active in the world again, and did not abandon them as they did before over greed. These Gods cared again. It was great.
The pair worked hard and met a few new friends along the path and ran into old friends who struggled through the hard times. Then one day MONSTER seen the Goddesses shrine had a post on it. They needed help. With no fear and not one thought to hesitate MONSTER stepped forward and offered his life
for the gods to help make the world better again.

So thus ends our tale of the simple man named Tom who became the MONSTER helping the world one peice of gear at a time that you see before you.

Remember to be polite to all in the world and maybe nice things will happen to you in life as well. and eat Cookies.

 Post subject: Re: Anniversary stories, your story can be worth 1000 pt!!!
PostPosted: 01 Nov 2016, 21:23 

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From killer cats to wonky bats,
Beware of the caos zones or you might become a pile of bones.
Lots of quest to take
Many new friends to make
In my lil world I grind for riches untold and pray to the goddess for 2x gold
Zombies and Gods that know all your sins
Ark a great home to stay in
With my sun showing bright a lil fight soon to be in sight
With a smile on my face
A secret stop at MOOSTAFA's place
There I invested in some HP power and got me a FLOWER
Now if I only knew how to fight then it would be the greatest night hahahaha

 Post subject: Re: Anniversary stories, your story can be worth 1000 pt!!!
PostPosted: 03 Nov 2016, 23:43 

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The Riddler

long long long time ago where there weren't many people we all tried doing flame solo to prove whos better after us all trying and failing we end up making a group I remember like it was yesterday we got through bone gate sat at entrance off flame river thinking can we do this we all got little nervous took first step in killed first agro we like wow we did it so we move to the bridge guard and killed it was the most happiest day on dark swords by far and now flame river is easy and not so scarey.

 Post subject: Re: Anniversary stories, your story can be worth 1000 pt!!!
PostPosted: 06 Nov 2016, 19:00 

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Zirka Smerty

Здрасьте! Заранее прошу прощения за ошибки в словах, т.к. я не совсем хорошо знаю русский, но английский, к сожалению, еще хуже. А хотя, я дамаю, что стоило бы попросить прощения вообще за все ниже написаное, но это уже решать вам)
И так начну пожалуй с того что это не совсем расказ, это скорее всего просто мужик с банкой пива в руках решил излить свои мысли. Но даже если и так на самом деле я вообще не в курсе что мне тут писать, и на что обратить свое и ваше внимание, так что если вдруг чтото не так то работаем по принципу "Я художник, я так вижу" (Ну вы поняли? чтото типа "я писатель, я так думаю").
Разумеется любой расказ надо начинать чем то интригующим, наверника для того чтобы у читателя был интерес хотябы дочитать его до конца, что ж, я могу с полной увереностью сказать что тут такого не будет. Да и к тому же мне только басни выпившим друзьям расказывать, явно не расказы писать) Но все же...
Для меня открылся Мир Темных Мечей DarkSwords(DS, далее ДСка) не так давно как большинство из вас, но все же уже более шести лет я отдал этой игре, не то чтобы отдал, но были такие моменты что мог сутками играть в нее. Показал мнее мой хороший друг из реальной жизни, бывший однокласник, кстате говоря по иронии судьбы шяс мы в разных альянсах и частенько деремся друг с другом. Но как бы там не было дружить мы не прекратим (я думаю так по крайней мере), да и за что я ему очень благодарен, так как это была моя первая онлайн игра, до этого играл только обычные офлайн игры на ПК, и ДСка была явно на ступень выше потому что это было нечто новое для меня, очень увлекательное и интерестное.
До сих пор помню первый клан в какой меня взяли, помню первого ментора в игре, я б вам написал какой именно клан и как звали моего ментора, но не стану). Я много играл в нее, читал базы на сайте и в скорем времени уже друг который меня пригласил в эту игру спрашивал как прокачатся или что лучше вкачать. Больше всего мне понравилось то что в такой якобы не совсем продвинутой, на то время, игре просто огромнейшая база знаний, что очень меня радувало т.к. мне было интерестно узнавать чтото новое, то чего я не знал, и чем мог бы помочь другим.
Разумеется очень многое изменилось с тех пор, раньше я месяц качался до 100 уровня, сейчас же за день до 500, не могу сказать что это плохо, но и хорошим это назвать трудно, да это очень удобно и поможет новичкам, но теряется вся та романтика кача, когда ты бегал каждые 20минут в город к учителю чтобы тебя ребафал, или как еще раньше когда на весь сервер было только 2-3 бафера и они рубили бешеные бабки за то что стояли в городе и просто продадавали свои бафы. Я вот не давно летал на Аид подкачать своего уровня и убил уника, кажется он так и называается Аид, и с него упал Черный Нож (уникальный ножик 300 уровня который дает урон дополнительно) и в спомнил как же я когдато мечтал о таких ножиках, да и Аида никто в соло не осмеливался забирать, даже думать об этом было безумием.
Но как бы там не было у нас не вечер воспоминаний, я просто хотел написать что ДС подарила мне кучу воспоминаний, новых друзей, незабываемый опыт и море позитивный эмоций, да были не совсем приятные моменты, но от этого никто не застрахован. Знаю что выше написаное это слишком банально и далеко не креатив, но зачем ищбретать велосипед? Я и в самом деле получил много от этой игры, и я точно знаю что я не один такой, и я искрене надеюсь что и в дальнейшем эта игра не подкачает. Спасибо за внимание)

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