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Laws of the world of DarkSwords

The world of dark swords, as any world has a simple set of rules, that are undesirable to break. For breaking the rules of the world, a sign "Outlaw" appears on the image of the character. Characters marked in this way can be attacked no matter of their level in any areas except peaceful zones (shops, guilds etc.). A character can be announced outlaw for the following violations:

  • Healing and buffing other players who are "Outlaw";
  • Using of Sleight of Hand on other players(whatever the result of Sleight of Hand);
  • Looting corpses;

As with any rules, there are exceptions. Characters do not get marked with the flag "Outlaw":

  • If they loot the corpse of other players in Chaos areas;
  • If owners of the corpses were killed by them or by the members of their groups;
  • If owner of the corpse is a member of your clan and is in game at the time;
  • If you are married to, or have a Battle Alliance with the owner of the corpse;

Ticket System

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