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• Table of complex modifications.
• Elixirs of main spells.
• Genetic modificators.
• City runes.
• Teleports.
• Antidote and tranquilizer.
• Runes of death.
• Special elixirs.
• Grindstones and catalysts.
• Soups.
• Exctracting essences.
• Modifying equipment with essences.
• Creating quintesences.
• Modifying equipment with quintessences.
• Creating artifacts.
• Creating equipment from resources.

Alchemy in Dark Swords allows extensive opportunities to modifying the weapon and equipment, creating elixirs, and other processes. Most of these processes are done with the help of a recipe - a scroll which lists the required components and the end result. The recipe itself, in most of the cases, is also a part of the alchemical process. Main places for any alchemist can be considered Scribe shops, where recipes can be bought, and Laboratories, where the alchemical work is done/

Лабораторный стол

You can read the contents of the scroll by right-clickign on it in the inventory, and selecting the "Read" option. To complete the alchemical reaction, you need to open the laboratory window, then place the required amount of items on the laboratory table, set the correct amount of recipes you want to make, while all required items must be in character's inventory. After that, all you need to do is click the "Brew" button, and if all the components are present and available, you will get the end desired result. It has to be noted that some of the recipes are quite complicated and require multiple specific items. Below is a list of such items.

Name Item #1 Item #2 Price Description
Any essence

Gold (Depends on level of the item) Modifying equipment,
Miraculous items
Platinum item

Any essence

Artefact Equipment
2 pt + Gold (Depends on item level) Modifying equipment,
Miraculous items

-- Modifying equipment,
Miraculous items
Platinum item


Artifact equipment
2 пт Modifying equipment,
Miraculous items

Miraculous item
-- Extracting essences.

Any essence
-- Creating quintessences,
Miraculous items
Changing essence type
Any Essence or Quintessence

Miraculous item
5 пт Miraculous items
Brewing with Zodiac Signet
Zodiac Signet

Zodiac item without essence modification
Zodiac Dice
Zodiac Dice

Zodiac item (except weapon) without totem properties
Zodiac dice
Zodiac dice

Zodiac item (except weapon) with totem properties
1 пт

Elixirs of main spells.

Recipe: Brew Tigers Strength Regular positive effects, which are studied in the Guild of Enchanters (and others), as well as other spells are also available as elixirs. These elixirs are made from different herbs, which can be grown or found. More about the recipes and herb gathering can be found in Items : Herbs, and herb growing can be found in Articles : Agricultute.

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Genetic modifiers.

Recipe: Brew Wisdom Modification Genetic modifiers of several basic spells are also available as elixirs. The elixirs are made from plants which are generally grown by players. More information about properties of these elixirs can be found in Articles : Genetics, information about recipes can be found in Items : Herbs, about growing plants in Articles : Agriculture.

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City runes.

Recipe: Create Small Seastone Rune Small Seastone Rune City runes are the middle step of making teleports. Runes are determined by size - small and large, according to the city which it belongs to: Arkijah, Ruby Fort, Black Town, Everspring Town. Ingredients to make runes are dropped by monsters. Recipe scrolls can be bought in scribe shops. You can see the description of the recipes at Items : Recipes.

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Recipe: Brew Teleport to Fortress Teleports to cities: Arkijah, Seastone, Ruby Fortress, Black Town, Everspring Town can be created by using the runes of appropriate cities and the recipes which can be bought in scribe shops. Description of recipes can be found at Items : Recipes.

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Antidote and tranquilizer.

Recipe: Create Tranquilizer Two main battle elixirs: Tranquilizer - gives the enemy a debuff, which will stop enemy from fleeing the battle; Antidote - removes the tranquilizer effect from the character that is tranquilized. Recipe scrolls can be bought in scribe shops.

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Runes of death.

Recipe: Create second rune Second rune Runes of death are an intermediate step in creating special elixirs. There are three known runes of death: First, Second, and Third. Base material for the runes are the remains of monsters, and the recipes can be bought in scribe shops. Description of recipes can be found at Items : Recipes.

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Special Elixirs.

Recipe: Create Returner Returners are considered special items which are created with the runes of death. This elixir returns the body of the player to them. Scrolls with the recipe can be found in Scribe shops.

Recipe: Make Fire Unblocker Corpse Unblocker - three types, one for each element, which remove the blocking of corpse with magic (unblocking with fire, cold, and lightning). Scrolls with the recipes can be found in Scribe shops.

Recipe: Cloud Ball Blueprint Magical Cloud Sphere - which does not allow the character to be located with magic mirrors and compasses. Scrolls with the recipe can be found in Scribe shops.

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Grindstones and catalysts.

Recipe: Make 500 Perfect Grindstones Grindstones increase physical damage against monsters, and catalysts increase magical damage by 2x. By killing monsters, besides trophies, you can receive different items such as stones, rags, metals, gems. They are used to create the grindstones and catalysts. Recipes to create them can be obtained only by killing unique monsters. More about these recipes can be found at Items: Grindstones and catalysts.

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Recipe: Bre Hunters Soup The fish which can be caught, can be used to make several useful elixirs: Delicious fish broth, Shamanic soup, Hunters soup, Renewal soup. Description of the fishing and these elixirs can be found at Articles: Fishing.

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