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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Suprises for March 8th.

Dark Swords project administration congratulates our lovely ladies on the holiday of March 8th, wishing you: a sea of positivism, crowds of generous and not boring fans, smiles, warmth and light. To masculine part of the Dark Sword world we recall that the best gift for your lady can be surely found among the festive lottery prizes, a draw of which will take place on the 8th of March. Lottery "Daisies" can be purchased at any Artifact store of the world. On the morning of March 8th, they will transform into one of the following prizes with an equal chance:

Bouquet of daisies - This is a bonus prize. Double click on it at your inventory to receive 3 lottery daisies.

Voodoo Doll (3 pieces) - Can be used while on the «star», within 5 minutes after death by the hands of another character. The «cursed» character must be in game online. Then within 30 minutes of real time (by being only in chaos and in the areas of religious wars for owners of active religious tendencies) «cursed» character will have a possibility to «sink into the ground with shame» at every step. The action of this effect is similar to trap, with the duration of the lock = 1 minute. Doll Owner will instantly receive information about the place where the «curse» has happened.

Elixir of Unrequited Love (3 pieces) - Gives the character an effect, which is similar to the effect of Potions of Divine Empathy for 5 minutes. In addition to this, passing by monsters (except for quest and trade), begin to defend the character the same way as they protect the unique monster in the event of an attack of other players. If one location has a conflict between two players, carrying such effects, then monsters will make their choice based on personal preferences and sympathies.

Secret Spell Elixir Gives the character indispersible effect at 1 hour, which hides a spell and visualization of all its other effects (apart from the effects of defining the diseases) from foreign players - apart from himself and members of his group.

Carrot Beds Storm (200 uses) - locates any random crop, that grows in one of the locations of the region in which you are. Specifies the name of culture, the length of the route and direction of movement to the goal. You can not use the «Storm» in battle and in peace zones. If the harvest is not found in this region, then the attempt will be spent, and the character gets the effect of «Gloom» up to 10 seconds (quite similar to the use of Compass), which prevents the use of «Storm» again.

Horn of Plenty (3 pieces) - 1h duration. Gives the character effect, in which the following types of professions will give a quantitative result, is threefold: fishing, herbalism, mining, harvesting. It only lasts around 15 minutes if the character is aboard a ship.

Experience pot 100.000 (5 pieces) - Increases character battle experience (for 500 and above level players) for 100.000

Curse of Greed - will kill any person who tries to loot your body if you have this item in your backpack. Works 30 times. You will be notified when somebody tries to loot your body.

Insurance Contract - Upon the death items stay with the character. Duration – 24hours. Duration will not disappear in case of owners death.

Indulgence - Removes one religion defeat from the character.

Mass Tranquilizator (3 pieces) - Affects whole group. All group members can not flee from the fight.

Universal Mass Trap (3 pieces) -Have similar effect as Universal Trap, but affects whole group when someone from it gets into the trap.

Clan Mass Trap (3 pieces) - Have similar effect as Clan Trap, but affects whole group when someone from it gets into the trap.

Universal Quintessence (5 pieces) - Quintessence what applies with the same type of essence as been used on the item.

Godly Quintessence - Analogic to Universal quintessece. Has 100% chance of success.

Light Road Home (5 pieces) – Teleports the character to the born place star. Works between continents. Doesnt have 24h delay for use.

Honey Spirit (3 pieces) - After use have 3 minutes delay ( during it you arent allowed to move or cast spells). Activates „Mana Shield” with 1h duration.

Remove Cooldown - Removes effect of Cooldown on character ( during fight or not).

Divine Power-up (10 pieces) - 1 hour of catalyst and grindstone effect. Will not disappear in case of owner death.

Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy (10 pieces) - Undispellable effect of Unexcelled Accuracy (100% chance to hit monsters with physical or magical damage) for 1 hour of online time. Will not disappear in case of owner death.

Elixir of Divine Generosity (5 pieces) - 3x gold from monsters for 1 hour after use.

Potion of Divine Absorb (10 pieces) - Soaks 50% of monsters damage. 1 hour duration. Will be lost upon character death.

Potion of Divine Reflection (10 pieces) - Reflects 50% of monster damage. 1 hour duration. Will be lost upon character death.

Potion of Divine Empathy (10 pieces) - Aggressive monster do not attack. 1 hour duration. Will be lost upon character death.

Elixir of Divine Reward (10 pieces) - 3x experience gain from killing monters, quests and bulletin boards. 1 hour duration. Will be lost upon character death.

Potion of Divine Encouragement (10 pieces) - Religion Experience is multiplied by x3 after each kill, no matter of religion status. 1 hour duration. Will be lost upon character death.

Potion of Divine Intervention - Duration: 12 hours online time. Loses 1 hour of duration upon character death. Religion Experience will not be lost upon death.

Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

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Elements of Darkness
Team Kakashi

Vote: levels range
1) 375 max: 26
2) 550 max: 26

Fishers Seaside
21:01 10/19
Brown Mountains
04:21 10/20
Forest Spring
21:06 10/19

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