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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2008



1. Bosses got access to Stun and Disembowel. Rewards got changed accordingly.
2. Sun and Moon cultist mobiles will now only have 1 religion skill instead of two.
3. Characters not affected by Porphyry/Lycranthropy stages 2-3 can now bandage their wounds with Bandages (Simple for levels 179 and less, Bactericide for levels 359 and less, Elastic for 360+).
4. It will now be possible to set a siege on a territory after failing one in 14 days even if noone else sieged that territory.
5. Character's Suppression effect (from essences) will now be substracted from targets Absorb and Reflect values.


Special Lottery for Halloween

Starting on October 25th you will be able to buy special Lottery Tickets for Halloween! Those will look like PacMans and cost 12 Plat each! On Halloween, the night from October 31st to November first, those PacMans will turn into special pots! To see what pots you can get you can go here!



There will be two updates starting at next reboot tomorrow morning:

It will be possible to resell Extractors and Furnaces to the Plat Shops.

There will be slight changes in the damage calculation of Mass Magic (Fire Storm, Chain Lightning and Ice Storm).
When used the will deal 10% less damage for every consecutive target they hit (as in 100% to the main target, 90% to 2nd one, 80% to 3rd etc), but no less than 20% of original damage.


Double Gold Weekend

In the course of celebrating DarkSwords 2nd aniversary this weekend we will have a Double Gold weekend. The Double Gold will start on fridays server restart and will last as long as mondays server restart. Server usually restarts around 9-11AM GMT!
Enjoy the gold hunt!


Happy Birthday DarkSwords!

As today marks the second aniversary of DarkSwords today the following monsters will drop Special Items at a rate of 10% in addition to the regular drops:
Blind Tiger
Guard Phantom
Happy Indigene
Demon of the Flame
This will continue until next reboot! Remember, the higher the mobs, the better the drops ;)
Also all players being online at 19:00 GMT will receive a special gift!
Furthermore to top the celebrations off with a cherry, this weekend there will be double gold!!! The start of this event will soon be announced!
Enjoy these special celebrations!


DarkSwords down temporarily!

Due to another mean bug that sneaked into the game we needed to take the game down for a bit to eliminate the bug! Please be patient! We will be right back!


The Holy Inquisition is coming soon!

Religious Cheaters be aware that the Holy Inquisition is coming soon! If you have sinned you now have the chance to repend your sins! More information here:


Clan Mute disabled

Due to recent abuse of the Clan Mute system, Clan Mutes have been disabled until further notice!


Say Farewell To The Automute System

As of last reboot the automute system has been disabled!


Racial Abilities

Upon the next restart the following abilities will be available to the characters:
-- Human: Immunity, an ability that protects the user from negative effects, like Frozen, Shocked, Stun, Open Wounds etc.
-- Elves: Shadowdance, doubles Armor Class;
-- Orcs: Rampage, adds weapon damage to every physical hit dealt (similar to Knockdown effect), doubles physical damage when the target is under effects of Disembowel;
-- Drow: Manashield, an ability that will count mana as health for purposes of determining damage when getting hit, with the factor of 3 damage to 1 mana (this negates effects of Layered Defense);
-- Dwarves: Mountain King, which has 5 layers of invulnerability to both spells cast and hits dealt to the character.

This abilities have 30 second duration and 180 seconds of cooldown.

Trigger: Racial is also available from Magic window and will toggle the activation of the abilities (if available) upon entering combat. Trigger cannot be activated/disactivated while fighting.

We have also lowered the health of Moon Cult mobiles.

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

25% 23% 27% 25%

Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret
Black Tears
Team Kakashi

Christmas Present top:
1) Zirka smerty - 21750
2) mogar - 15344
3) DEATH NOTE - 6576
Tourney time:
5:00; 11:00; 17:00; 23:00

Seastone Town
18:12 02/21
Brown Mountains
17:56 02/21
Cows Farm
18:13 02/21

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