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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2008


Negate Elements

The Negate Elements skill got an active ability (along with the old passive one). When used it will provide a layer able to absorb 5 attack spells before fading off. It cannot be used with Iron Skin (they will replace each other). The Negate Elements active ability can only be used on self. Please note, that the protective layers will not be removed if the attack spells miss the character affected by Negate Elements (the spells will be absorbed, however). The recipe for the potion with similar effect has been added to the Ruby Miners village Scribe Shop. The change is effective as of now.


Tournament Season

The current tournament season will end on September 30th, 11PM GMT. Immediatly afterwards a new Tournament season will start! So go get your last points for this season while you can!


The Arrival of the new Admin

As a welcome present from your new Admin on Saturday, September 6th there will be a double gold day! Also from 10 AM to 5 PM GMT there will be plenty of little quests for several level ranges! I hope you will come and enjoy the festivities.



Macro Spells: At any spells right mouse button - at the bottom "Add macro." At the bottom of the window spells have special field. Name spells added to the list. DO NOT add spells more than you have available (for example, you have three spells available in the package means you can add no more than three spells). Spells can be repeated. Right click on a spell on the list of macros - available items "Remove macro", "Line Up" (moves forward line spells), "String down," Clear macro "(clears list spells from a macro). Button carry out macro: HOME (not able to change).

Additional buttons spells: Added buttons for spells: Insert, Delete, End. These buttons can not be reassign at setting buttons.

Private Exchange: In the near future there will be private currency exchangers (platinum <=> gold). Working with these exchangers will be done directly from your bank account.

Search Party: After the death of a mob a window will appear, „Search Party”, where you will be able to have a path to your last corpse, or to use Search Party. The Search Party works as a returner but only after the death of the monster and is worth 2 pt. All players will be given 10 free Search Party points. To shut off the window can be done in configuration of client.

Windows on top of all: The menu windows (click on the on the upper left icon of DarkSwords) Big Chat, List of Players, Magic, Effects added point "on top of all windows". The mode of switch is not saved.

Your own corpse will be displayed first: If there are several corpses in the location, you will only see one (from the last time you died). After picking it up, the next in line will be second from the end.

List of references: The button issue with (former "Help") now opens a panel with links to resources of the game. Also on the list you can add up to four own links. Management interface should be simple enough and needs no description.


New Price of Returners

We have lowered the price for the Returners sold in platinum shops from 12 down to 5 platinum for 1 potion.


Clan Second-in-Command

It is now possible for a clan leader to promote a clan chief (the member of clan council) to a rank of second-in-command by using the clan_promote command (cost is 100,000 gold). There can only be one such member of the clan and they also count as a clan council member.

The officer will have access to the following commands: clan_add, clan_set_motd, clan_set_ordinary, clan_set_chief, clan_free_land, startwar, acceptwar, declinewar, stopwar, ceasefire, declinecease, acceptcease, ally_add, ally_accept, ally_decline, ally_quit, ally_chat, set_siege, set_hq, set_born, set_unborn.
They will also have all the privileges of a regular clan council member. There are no other benefits to this status.

Please use the clan_demote command as a clan leader to remove this privilege from an existing officer. There is no fee for using the clan_demote command.
There is a known issue with the clan position of characters having this advanced status not showing up in the player list correctly tagged as Clan Council Member. We are looking into it.



The exits in Automatic Tournament areas will now be randomized.
You will no longer see other characters` effects in Automatic Tournament areas.
The problem with Open Wounds skill should be fixed now.



DarkSwords is proud to soon be able to present brand new locations for our players to explore and hunt in. We are currently in the process of creating the biggest event in the history of EU server!
The challenge: EU server vs RU2 server. More information about the challenge will come later.

Also, there will be a “Clan Survival Quest”. More info will come later.
Stay tuned!


Attention! Roll command.

A use of the roll command will consume 100+CharacterLevel gold.


Quests, Small Updates

Added stages 8 through 15 to the Extreme Prejudice autoquest.
Added roll command which simulates a 100-sided die roll.

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Ticket System

23% 24% 29% 24%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Flatness Waveform

Seastone Town
12:03 11/21
21:31 11/20
Bone Gate
21:22 11/20

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