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The selling and buying of accounts between players is NOT permitted Punishment for this is a Character BAN. Also giving away an account will deemed to be selling so therefore will suffer the same fate. The sharing of a character is on own risk of the owner, The sharing of an account could result in the same response as the above disiplinery actions 3.1.4. of Service Usage Terms and Conditions. User has no right to pass his registration (login and password) to the third party as well as to accept registration from the third party.



During July we will be cleaning up all the RELIGIOUS CHEATING that has been done. If you admit to having CHEATED, you have until Wednesday 8th July to REPENT your SINS To Your punishment will be lighter than those that do not repent. Mark your ticket with “REPENTING SINS” also include your ingame nickname On July 10th BALL AND CHAINS WILL BE HANDED OUT. Players found to have killed characters on the same IP address who have not repented also risk the chance of a character ban. REMEMBER YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE ...WE WILL FIND YOU!!!


Cursed Water

Cursed water has been changed since new changes came to the game. It cost now only 25 plat instead of 50 plat as before. And it makes your disease become straight 3rd stage. So, basicaly, the process to change decease must happen now this way- buying holy grail, using it, getting the disease you need with a way it supposed to be getting, and then using cursed water to get 3rd stage disease. Totaly you are spending 50 plat same as before.


Un-resolved tickets

If players have un-resolved tickets that staff has replied to and they have not replied back, I will close them after 10 days of no response from the player. So please if you have any tickets still open and we are waiting for response from your end please do so.


News concerning Reflection

After tomorrow server restart you will not be able to reflect more than 100% of the damage opponent dealt to you. Old rules of reflection againstmonsters, outlaws and normal players still apllies. Make note: Due the change in reflection essence,free scrolls "How to change:Essence" can be found in Arkijah Alchemy shopfrom tomorrow server restart and will work till Friday server restart.


Summer Lottery

Warmer weather is coming, it is the start of summer. In celebration of this we will hold a special lottery from June 12-14. Wonderful summer flowers, taraxacums, will magically turn into nice presents on Monday 15th. Lottery flowers cost 12 plat each.

The owners and Staff wish you all a safe and happy summer!


Religion and Touney seasons

On Friday June 12, 2009, the religion and tourney season will end. For those who are lower on the tourney rankings and those not wanting to compete for the jackpot remember to spend your points, once the season ends these points will be lost.



Now you can fish while on boats. Rods can be bought at platinum weapons stores and have 300 uses. In the game there are several species of fish with different abilities and costs. Caught fish can be sold in the shop for gold.


System maintenance

Game and web servers will be not available 04.06.2009 from 12:00 server time (11:00 GMT) for about 30 minutes.


Gold Drop

On monday June 1, 2009, the gold drop coefficient will drop from 1.5 to 1 as the Mobs hp and damage have been lowered by 1.5 the Mobs are easier to kill. This will balance out the gold and how difficult Mobs are to kill now.

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

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Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret
Black Tears
Team Kakashi

Christmas Present top:
1) Zirka smerty - 21750
2) mogar - 15344
3) DEATH NOTE - 6576
Tourney time:
5:00; 11:00; 17:00; 23:00

Seastone Town
18:12 02/21
Brown Mountains
17:56 02/21
Cows Farm
18:13 02/21

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