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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2009


Purchasing personal Plat shops

Platinum Exchange Shops. How to get a platinum Exchange shop? 1. Contact a dealer. 2. You will need to think about the shop name, location (coordinates), owner. Cost? The price is 1000 plat. The lease fee for exchange post is 100 pt a month. How it works? 3. You set up buying and selling rates for platinum and put some gold and platinum on balance, and people can come and sell/buy platinum according to the rates you have set up. There are no transaction fees.


DS Dealers

The owners and Staff would like to extend a special thanks to the following People. Sss, Missy, and FREYA, for all the time and support you have given the EU server over the past few years. As of May 1, 2009 these players were removed from dealer status, they have given alot of time to helping DS and our staff, as well as the many players. Any Trader who was bolonging to these dealers, and would like to remain a Trader, please place a support ticket, and we shall try to place you with one of our current Dealers, Mafiozi, Asteroid, and kakaze.


Note concerning the end of test phase

Religion, Wars, Sieges, and mobs sieges are now enabled.


Testing Phase

On monday 18th of May after restart Test Period is going to be over. After that all players will be given last 5 free resets - guilds and race (this means: 4 tries in 24 hours after the first try). Only once for free to change religion lvls, personal artefacts bonusses and personal weapon type. Till 20th of May it will be possible to change pet type, decease and to use scrolls "How to: Change essence type".


Illegal Plat

ATTENTION To all players, if a player offers you FREE plat do not accept it. We have had some issues as of late that a player gave away free plat or sold it VERY cheaply, Unfortunatly Plat is NOT free, you have to purchase plat from either Dealer, Trader, or plat shops. In most cases when a player is so willing to give away free plat they have aquired it illegally, and as such they will be banned, any player found to have accepted this free plat will end up with a character ban, until the said amount of plat is returned. Please Understand Some players only intention in this game will be to cause others trouble, and unfortunatly the ones on the recieving end of this free plat suffer the same fate. these PLayers CAN have a chance to return this plat either by talking to Admin, a dealer, or submitting a support ticket. ANY PLAYER found obtaining plat illegally WILL BE BANNED.


New Changes to be Implemented Today

Hello Everyone
Our tech Department is ready to implement the new changes, this will be a test phase, remember to read up on the changes. The info is found on the folowing pages:

  • and the Q and A section

    I have also set up a Feedback section which is found at the folowing forum link -

    Server will reboot shortly to implement these changes. Enjoy!


    New Changes Arriving

    Please read the new changes at .


    6 hour rollback

    Due to the 6 hour rollback, Admin will be giving 1.5X gold until the next server restart on April 20, 2009. We are sorry for any inconvience this rollback has cause.


    Endangered Easter Celebrations

    WARNING! The Grinch this year is not only after Christmas, but also tries to destroy Easter.

    In a futile attempt to destroy the Easter Holidays The Grinch stole all Easter Eggs and fed them to the Monsters of Tharassos. However due to The Grinch's miscalculations he fed the Monsters too many eggs so they grew big and fat and thus now give 1.5x Exp (starting at April 11th Reboot until April 14th).

    The Magicians Guild tried to save Easter and so they created special magically enchanted Easter Eggs. Those can be bought at the Arkijah Artefact Jewelry Store for 12 Plat. from April 11th until April 14th.

    Those special Easter Eggs can turn into the following items on April 14th:
    Curse of Greed
    Divine Power-up
    Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy
    Elixir of Divine Generosity
    Insurance Contract
    Genie Lord Lamp
    Potion of Divine Intervention
    Potion of Divine Encouragement
    Potion of Divine Regeneration
    Potion of Satiety
    Potion of Divine Reflect
    Potion of Divine Empathy
    Elixir of Divine Reward
    Light of Messiah
    Journey North


    Job Opening

    DS is currently looking for people who fluently speak portuguese for translation purposes. If you are interested in further details contact AdminEU via forum PM.

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    Ticket System

    WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

    Elements of Darkness
    DividE et ImperiA


    Fishers Seaside
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    Miners Village
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    Lake of Sorrow
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