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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2009


Gold Coins from Wanted Dead

All Gold Coins from Wanted Dead have been deleted from game due to a change in the quest. More info about that next week.


This weekend's Special

This weekend from friday's reboot until monday's reboot the gold cost for all level will be reduced by 20%.



As of tomorrow's reboot (February 26th) the following updates will be made:

- Added 3 platinum potion shops on training grounds near every of starting towns;
- Tranquiilizers & Antidotes will no longer get used when you have invalid target or don't need to drink them, however players will not be able to use more than 1 such potion in 2 seconds;
- Clan join penalty time has been lowered to 7 days (was 30);
- Clan status change penalty time has been lowered to 1 day (was 7);
- Joining a clan will no longer be considered a status change.


Server temporarily down!

Apparently yet again there have been server problems. Server is down for maintainance for about 20 minutes!


Server Maintainance

15:30 GMT; February 22nd 2009:

The server will be down for approx. 15 minutes to restore the territory statuses and some other maintainance.


Status of Territories

For some reason whatsoever the status of all territories have been reset to Free after the crash. It is currently being worked on that all statuses will be reset to the way they were before the crash.


New client V


* Users may now open a separate combat log window (from Options menu). It is highly recommended to use that function.
* Boss-Key button will minimize the separate combat log window along with the client application itself;
* Numerous improvements to the process of using private shops;
* Pressing 'Home' while executing a macro will abort it;
* Added filters (similar to those in Inns) to private shops;
* Added filters to laboratory;
* Holding Ctrl+Alt while splitting stacks of items will allow the user to move stacks of 50 items.



If two players have the same quantity of Gold Coins no prize will be handed out that day, however also no coins will be deleted.



When after a character's death no returner or search party was used and the body is picked up half the experience lost from death will be restored.


End of Tournament Season

The current Tournament Season will soon end.
You have until February 28th 2PM GMT to gather points or cash them in at the Hero Shop.
After that all remaining points will be deleted and a new season started immidiatly.

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Ticket System

26% 23% 23% 28%

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA

Gold Lotto Top:
1) Hellboy jocker - 247
2) -Gogi- - 201
3) Mooky - 99
Emerald Lotto Top:
1) Hotan - 52
2) DiaAvoL - 4

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