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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2010


A New Quest and a quest schedule are here.

We are happy to bring to your attention a new Quest Shapoklyak vs Gena that will be running together with the rest of them. Please check out the schedule of our quest program:

28-30 of December

Mouse racing
4-6 of January

Shapoklyak vs Gena
11-13 of January

18-20 of January

25-27 of January

1-3 of February


New Years Eve mystery.

There are some strange events going on in the end of this year.
People are reporting that sometimes they are coming across a strange "Ball in box" while hunting, that is magically disappearing from your hands when you are trying to use it. As you all already noticed there is a suspicious Old Man Santa in the Arkijah Town that is giving you a neatly wrapped gift with a card attached to it saying "Santa Was Here". This Old man and disappearance of the Ball in box are linked together according to some eyewitnesses. Whenever you are talking to that strange Santa he whispers something and your ball in box transforms in to Santa Was Here gift and you become enchanted with magic powers that raises your HP and MP.
Hm.. what is this mysterious gift that can't be opened? Guess we will find this out on 1st of January.


Christmas and New Year's Bonuses.

Dear Players, we are happy to announce that from this moment in the game due to upcoming holidays the first bunch of bonuses will be activated:

  • Santa will need help with his usual problem the old sleigh from brave warriors and mages. You will be able to find him somewhere around Ruby Fort. The quest is repeatable with a cool-down. Santa is short on presents and will give you his photo with a magical autograph as a reward, that will make your attacks against monsters more effective and raise your HP & MP.
  • The cost of levels in ordinary guilds reduced by 30%.
  • Doubled the amount of religious experience that was gained for victories in fighting another player.
  • Disabled the loss of religious experience in lost buttes.
Those bonuses will last till 10 of January 2011.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


DarkSwords server is down.

At the moment no one can login to the server and there is nothing wrong with your computers. We are trying to locate the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.
Ours apologies for the inconvenience it have caused.


Zodiac Signs - first edition.

Each Zodiac Sign is now has the same properties as a Godly Quintessence, but it can be used only on items of it's own type (e.g. with an Aries Sign only items of Aries can be improved).

Now while crafting or brewing if you don't have enough ingredients a system warning message will appear.


Christmas and a New Years Eve!

Dear players and members of staff,
the Christmas and the New Year is almost around the corner. The Administration of wishes you all the best and happiest New Year and hope that you will have fun that you will be able to share with your friends and family.
This year we are running two lotteries at the same time, Christmas and New Year lottery tickets can be bought at any Platinum Alchemist Shop. Get yourself a treat this year and don't forget your dear ones.

Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Payment delays.

Dear Players!
Amber Games company is bringing to your attention, that in next 24 hours there could be delays with delivering of an unique in-game currency to the servers that were bought through PayPal system or using a MasterCard.

Amber Games Administration


Service sites IP changed and some technical problems.

We have changed our service site's IP and there may be some difficulties accessing some of the services for some time.
Due to transfer of players from RU server to ours some technical issues have emerged and there was a rollback of all operations that were made from 03.12 evening to 04.12. morning. We are trying to resolve this issues as soon as possible! Our apologies for inconvenience it have caused.


Thanksgiving Day Lottery

To celebrate the Thanksgiving Day a lottery draw will be held. You will be able to buy a lottery ticket from the next server restart in every Platinum Shop.


Changes of Damage reflection, Sleight of Hands skill and a bug fix.

  • The bug was fixed where in some cases magical damage reflection was 100% instead of 60% intended.
  • The bug was fixed where character could use a wild swing without leaving a rest mode.
  • A player with active Impregnability can't use the Sleight of Hands skill anymore.
  • The clan command to expand clan inn was changed from \cb_inncheck to \cb_innexpand in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Fishers Seaside
05:10 10/25
Lord Guards Camp
07:30 10/25
Ruby Miners Village
07:31 10/25

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