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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2010


Welcoming a new Admin

Hello fellow DS players, we would like to bring to your attention that up from today "SugarDaddy" is leaving his post as an Admin. He was doing a great job and we want to thank him for his dedication and commitment. For all of you who are saddened to hear this news please don't be, "SugarDaddy" is not leaving us and will be appointed for a new position as a Dealer and will continue to devote himself to the game and his friends. Sincerely yours, DarkSwords Administration


Changes to "Sleight of Hands" skill

Some changes were made to the function of the "Sleight of Hands" skill, neutral characters that do not belong to any of the Religious Cults or characters with lvl /0 in religion are unable to use this skill in Religious War Zones against characters with the religion level above zero, in Chaos Zones the rules stays unchanged.


Changes to buff potions

Changes for the effect of "Paladins Aura" and "Espionage". Time duration of these effects will now be counted down even in Peace Zone.


Reset of religion cult and levels

The new price for cult and religion levels change is now set to 100 platinum (old price 250 platinum). religion reset .


Connecting to the Game

Dear friends. If you have any problems connecting to the game server, please make sure you are using the most recent game client application (rev. It is available for download here at the Files section.


Religion Mobs

Religion monsters – Are regular monsters, killing these, players will recieve regular experience as well as religion experience. Maximam religion level of monster is 15. Characters who have equal or higher religion level than religion level of monster will not receive any religion exp. Religion level of monster = (Monster lvl\40) + 1 Receiving of religion exp = ((Relig lvl of monster * character relig lvl)+1\3)+1 in groups, only players with different religion cult than monster`s cult, will be able to receive religion experience (if monster`s religion cult is sun, then characters wearing sun religion cult will not receive any religion exp of the monster). Your religion must be active to be able to receive religion exp from monsters. All monsters from DarkSwords world can be religion monster with random chance. Unique monsters can also be religion monsters. Religion status and Potion of Divine Encouragement will be counted in the receiving of religion experience. Religion monsters may have any of the offensive religion skills (Critical hit, Double hit, Mental hit ect), but no defensive skills.


Summer is here!

Come have some Fun in the Sun with DS Ms and Mr Summer contest.
Everyone welcomed and no one will be left out. Show us how you have Fun in the Sun!


Updated Chat Rules

You can now find the Updated Chat Rules here



After win or lose in the daily auto tournament, the player now will return to the same place where he\she used the tournament ticket.


Traps and farming nodes

We are pleased to inform that we have managed to implement saving the state of farming nodes and traps and they should no longer disappear on server restarts. Additionally, a trap placed by player who is offline will not disappear unless triggered by someone.

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Seastone Sewers
13:15 11/28
22:02 11/28
East Ancient Hall
21:45 11/28

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