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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2011


Back to School Lottery.

Dear Players,
1st of September in DarkSwords will be celebrated with a new Lottery. Soon you will be able to get your Lottery School Bus tickets to test your luck and start the new academic year with a nice treat.

DarkSwords Administration wishes all great achievements!



Dear players,
the price for creating and setting up an Unique Avatar for your character or familiar is reduced to 450 platinum (the old price 650 pt), the duplicate or replacement of Unique Avatar is reduced to 210 platinum (the old price 250 pt).
You can use this opportunity till 1st of September. For further questions please contact one of the Dealers in game.


Gifts of the Gods.

Gods Helios and Hecate descended into our world and ask for help in Arkijah Town.
In our world, they will not stay for long and will disappear on 25 of August. Their quests, can be repeated every day, their gifts are similar to Elixir of Divine Reward and Potion of Divine Encouragement. However the generosity of the gods struggles with their greed, on September 15 all their gifts (potion) will be lost.


Store site is Up!

Dear Players!
The STORE page is back online.
Apologies for any inconvenience.


Abilities fixed.

  • Fixed a bug in the ability "Sleight of Hand."
  • Fixed a bug that rarely triggered the ability of "Axe Swing" with the left hand.
You can discuss this update on the forum.


DarkSwords on Twitter!

Dear Players!
DarkSwords is now on Twitter, now you will be able to follow our tweets using your favorite social networking service.

We have decided to organize a contest - Twitter Wallpaper
This is the great opportunity to win prizes and to have some fun in creating something beautiful and cool.
For more details please visit us on the forum.


Clan sieges.

The minimum amount of clan experience needed to declare a siege on a land was risen to 600.
Please discuss this update on forum.


The Independence day Lottery.

4th July Lottery tickets are now available in the Artefact Alchemist Shop. There was a delay with their delivery and that's why tickets will be for sale even after 4th of July.
Have fun and please be careful with the fireworks!


Some fixes and tweaks.

  • Fixed the bug where "Zodiac Dice" applied for the Zodiac weapon.
  • The chance to get 5 items at a time by harvesting or brewing was removed from professions.
  • The change of a player religion status will be made straight after the death in the religious conflict (before that it was only after a server restart).
  • "Sudden death" effect will reduce characters HP and MP by 10% in a round at the tournament aria till it reaches 20% (used to be 10%).
  • It is no longer possible to invite a player to become a studen from a "Golden Potion" shop.
  • Fixed a bug that allow you to get a religion experience for a kill of another player in the tournament zone.
Please discuss the latest update on the forum.


Memorial Day.

Dear Players! 30 of May is a Memorial Day in United States of America, a day when people are remembering victims of misfortune and sacrifices for the freedom.
Today at 9pm London Time there will be a minute of silence at the Laodisee Memorial for those who are no longer with us. Everyone is welcomed to join and bring something with you that you will be able to put to the Memorial grounds.

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Ticket System

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