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The Great Victory on the 6th Cross Server Tournament!

Great news everyone!
The winners of the 6th Cross Server Tournament were from our server, team "Phantoms" and this victory have brought us the favor of the Gods! Here are the results of the event:

III & IV place result
Elite Legion 3rd place
The Fearless 4th place
Final result
Phantoms 1st place
RUS 2nd place

Tomorrow our World will be blessed with power and knowledge - for the whole week you will be dealing double damage on monsters and getting double amount of experience for the kill while on the hunt and for 3 days there will be no religious experience loss on death.

This event was very dramatic indeed, it had its ups and downs, but such a great result in the end!

Thank you to all participants! For all the others who could not make it, let's just cheer the victors, they deserved a pat on the back.

Our special thanks goes to team "The Underdogs", for keeping the spirit of the event.



Joining the alliance will not be possible if the clan, that wants to join, has a pending war. This applies to both, wars which were declared by the clan, and the wars that were declared to the clan.


The 6th Cross Server Team Tournament.

Attention Players!

Registration for the membership in the Cross Server Tournament has begone! You can talk to one of the team leaders - Asteroid or mafiozi in order to let them know, that you want to take part in this event.

The prizes are higher, but so are the stakes! Winning the Tournament will not only give us glory and fame, but also bring a lot of benefits. This time no one will be left standing, so please play your part!

To find out what you can do, visit our forum.


Happy Easter everyone!

Dear player, in the celebration of Easter the following bonuses have been activated:

  • From 22 April to 29 April - damage inflicted on monsters and the experience gained for killing those monsters is doubled;
  • From April 22 to May 9 - the price of manufacturing Personal artifacts is reduced by 40% (for the weapons 60 pts off, to equipment 40 pt, for jewelry 20 pt).
  • Today, April 22, also started the action "Happy Easter".

    Good luck and Hunt with joy!


    Buff potions and awarded effects.

    • Usual buff extracts (potions): Tiger Strength, Wisdom of the Owl, Feline Grace, Steel Body, Bears Blood, Mirror Shield, Aura of Renewel, Frenzy, Astral Carnival and Colossal Endurance are no longer usable if such effect is already on the character and will last more than 13 minutes.
    • The time of the effects that was awarded for quest completion will now be added to already existing identical effect.
    • Fixed bug with pets avatars.
    Discussion on the forum.


    Religion conflicts.

    • The indicator of activity in religious conflicts is added for defeat, as well as for the victory in the religion fights.
    • Characters, that suffered a defeat in a religious conflict, retain their religious status, if they had it, after death. Recalculation of status will be made during the server restart, same as before.
    • Now removal of one religious defeat is performed after accumulation of 10 religious victories.
    • Fixed a bug with the damage of the Backstab skill, when using it against monsters.
    Discussion on the forum.


    Some fixes and Quest adjustments.

    • Fixed bonuses of Totem trophies, some of which were incorrectly distributed.
    • Changes to the protocol of information exchange of player's equipment and gear for optimization.
    • The duration of automatic quest Monopoly is reduced to 45 minutes.
    • Fixes of several bugs in Shapoklyak vs Gena and Poker Quests.
    Discussion on the forum.


    April Fools!

    Where is everyone and why this frog telling me he is my clan leader?
    Keep your guard up and don't let your friends fool you.
    Happy April Fools everyone!


    Tweaks and fixes.

    • Once again Magic Scanner can be used in any region o the World.
    • Attempting to enter the command \clan_kick "player name" will no longer kick player out of the clan, if the character does not have the right to exclude other players from the it.
    • The Choice of the Mortal Enemy will no longer fall on classes of monsters, the number of which in the world is less than 5.


    The gift of Twelve Months.

    The winner, who obtained the greatest number of gifts (4) is Kacnep [345]!
    Congratulations on your easy victory!

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Seastone Sewers
13:15 11/28
22:02 11/28
East Ancient Hall
21:45 11/28

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