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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2011


Zones for single battles, some fixes.

  • Regions of Highlanders Village, Pygmy Village, Town Park and Royal Palace have gained a status of a singe battles (1 vs 1) among player characters. In those areas you can't engage in a battle with already fighting characters.
  • The ability Sweeping Swing now also can be performed by the character with a spear in his/her left hand.
  • Chance to trigger the Riposte ability by the character, armed with a spear, is doubled.
  • Chance to trigger the Riposte ability is doubled in the event of a miss of the opposing character.
  • Fixed a particularly annoying bug, that sometimes occurred when calculating the damage to the Backstab ability.
You can discuss this update on the forum.


DarkSwords Forum was updated

Please visit the forum and see for yourselves. In case if you need to register a new account you will have to wait an account confirmation from the Admin, this was made in order to make it bot-free.


Introduction Quests of Religion.

  • Added the first batch of quests for those who have just joined a religion. You can take them from NPC at the altar of relevant religion.
  • Counting of the gifts of Twelve months will be held on 30 of March 2011.


The Holy Inquisition!

Today the Death God - Angel of the Holy Inquisition has taken away a lot of unworthy followers of the religion, who tried to cheat their ways up the ranks of their faith. From now on their souls will be forever trapped in the deepest corners of Hades Kingdom for eternal suffering.
Let this be a lesson to everyone! ... and if you feel a sudden chill running down your spine, it may be the Death God himself directs his gaze your way...


Daily Tournament schedule was updated.

Dear Players,
there are some good news for those who love PvP and can't get enough of it.
All ranges of tournaments will be held 4 times a day at a different times in order to satisfy all timezones. Please go to the Tournament page to see the new schedule. This change will come in to effect by the next server restart.

Good luck on the battlefield!


Some fixes.

  • Till the fate of combining combat abilities was not determined the triggering of Axe Swing will be possible even if a character wielding an axe in his/her left hand.
  • Axe Swing and Stun skills now can be viewed in the SKILLS window and in Guilds (also you can get the info on their chances of triggering and the duration of Stun).
  • The messages about gathered experience on Ares altar was fixed.
  • The skill 'Sleight of hands' will not be possible in Personal shops and exchangers under no circumstances (its a temporary measure).


How experience accumulates on the altar of God of War.

The experience on the Altar - a sum of lost religion experience by players. In case when a character is not losing an experience in the lost battle the altar receives a minimum amount of 1 exp. When the God of War choses someone the reward is deducted from the experience on the altar.


The favor of God of War, fixes.

  • The character that reached 540th combat level will be receiving gold instead of the experience for completing auto-quests that offering combat experience as a reward.
  • Dispel Magic spell is now cost 5% of base of character's MP.
  • Every time a character receives religious experience for the victory over enemy-player there is a small chance that the god of war Ares himself will notice the bravery shown by you and will reward you with an experience that accumulated on his altars. The final blow on the enemy is not needed in order to receive the reward, the religious status or effects, that increase the amount of gained experience, don't have any effect. At the moment the cap on the gained religious experience this way is 1500 and soon it will be lifted.
  • The 'Axe Swing' skill is now correctly checks for an axe in the right hand of the character.



      • Corrections and clarifications were implemented in some of the messages, such as the amount of absorbed damage by hitting a shield or triggered ability 'Reflection shield'.
      • The bug was fixed with displaying a wrong amount of HP of some characters.
      • Changes were implemented in order to fix malfunctions in the weekly Poker Quest.


      Religious Guild level reset.

      Characters that have at list one religious Guild level are given the one time opportunity to reset religion levels free of charge. The change can be made at the main page Store at the Religion Control panel.

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
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