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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2011


Religious Skills, bug fixes.

Improved distribution of Chance of effect and Chance to resist of religious skills by levels. Till the update of information in the library changes, the numbers can be found on this page or in the chat of the game by clicking on the 'Skills' of the character 'Stat' section. Related Guilds in calculating the chance are:

  • The Guild of Critical, Double, Triple Magic and Mental Hit;
  • The Guild of Critical, Double, Triple Hit and Surprise Hit;
  • The Guild of Critical, Double, Triple Resistance and Mental defense;
  • The Guild of Critical, Double, Triple Protection and Precognition.

Fixed several bugs, that were allowing characters to equip gear with higher level than theirs.


Some bug fixes and performance tweaks.

  • Fixed the function of Hephaestus Maul when repairing Momentary Crafted Artifacts.
  • Fixed some of the bugs with messages that are shown after using a Dispel Magic.
  • A number of changes aimed at speeding up server performance.


Some bug fixes.

  • Fixed the malfunction of the ability 'Extreme Metabolism'.
  • The ability Titanic Might raises the base of character's carrying weight by 2 (maximum is 264 + level of the character).
  • The bug of modifier on Momentary Crafted artifacts was fixed.


Fossils and Plants gathering, PvP updates and others,

Due to increased evidence of 3rd party program use and breaking of the game rules, that proclaim of a user playing active and independent,with genuine regret we have to implement the following measures:

  • The fossils, that were retrieved by the character are visible and can be peeked up only by him/her.
  • The plants that were gathered by the character can also be seen and peeked up only by that character who found them.

Updates and fixes:
  • The skill 'Sleight of Hands' can be used on a territory of Personal Shops and Exchangers, but only if the user is fighting with the target.
  • The 'Free for All' stage in the tournament was extended on 1 minute.
  • Character's HP and MP regeneration is not reducing when they are starting a fight.
  • The temporary solution was found in displaying of damage parameter of elf-characters.
  • Zodiac items can no longer be repaired using by the Welkin Hammer.


Clans and Kingdoms, Updates

  • The price to change a clan leader is 1,000,000 gold pieces. The money should be in the clan bank.
  • Promoting someone to Second-in-command now costs 200,000 (used to be 20,000).
  • Leaders and second-in-command officers of clans, which are in an alliance that controls a kingdom, receive unlimited ability to teleport to the capital region of their domain (can be found in Magic window) if they hold the kingdom for more than 7 days.
  • Characters who have raised 540th guild level get the opportunity to leave their mentor by thanking him. The cost: 5,000,000 gold pieces 2,500,000 of which will go to your mentor.
  • Married characters should no longer gain Criminal status when defeating their significant others.
  • Added weight encumbrance check for character when buying set of potions.
  • Fixed a few errors with region/kingdom control bonuses.


Platinum and tournament potions.

  • The Golden Potion Shop is now selling sets of buff potions. The price displayed in the shop is for the set of 10, 5 or 3 potions (e.g. Feline Grace x10 = 1 tourney point).
  • Based on what was said above, Heroes Luck can also give a set of buff potions as a random prize.
  • In Artifacts Alchemist shop instead of Injections you can now buy sets of 60 Perfect Life and Mana Potions, the price of the set: 1 pt. Some other elixirs are also selling in the sets.
  • The cost of some recipes was raised.


Tourney and platinum potions, recipes

  • Many of the elixirs bought in Hero Shop are now being sold in stacks and prices indicate cost of one stack (i.e. 10 x Feline Grace cost 1 tournament point). The random prizes from Heroes Luck were also adjusted in similar manner.
  • Health and Mana injectors were removed from Artifact Alchemist stores.
  • Instead of injectors, Artifact Alchemists now sell Perfect Health and Mana potions (and a few other potions) in stacks. The listed price in the shop window is for 1 stack of items.
  • Prices for some recipes have gone up.



  • The name of the spell that was absorbed by the Shield of Faith is now showing in the message received by player.
  • Added a message of triggered Colossal Endurance effect.
  • Added a message of magic miss, that happened due to triggered Paranormal Ability - "Your target evades the spell!".
  • It is no longer possible to gain the Paranormal Ability by dying from the hands, paws, claws, teeth, tails, spikes, tentacles, horns, hoofs, weapons, poisons, acids, combat spells and from, what ever else there is on monsters of this world.
  • Death by hand of the character with an opposite Paranormal Ability no longer causes Weakness.
  • The characters will no longer become "Clan Recruits" automatically when they are taken as students by clan members.
  • Innate evasion and chance to hit from paranormal abilities were reduced to 15% (3rd stage).
  • Innate absorb from Lycanthropy was reduced to 15% (3rd stage).
  • Added one more prize for Mark of Valor.


Durability and bug fixing.

  • With death of the character only indestructible items are losing their durability.
  • The last Monk that possessed the ability of Dragon-Head Staff have died without leaving a successor and so monks lost this ability.
  • The effect of Dragon-Head Staff is now working as it should, it takes only damage of the staff in to account to calculate the power of the spell, but not physical damage.
  • The bug was fixed with modification of Reign of Understanding.
  • A bug with HP boost gained from healing spells decrease because of Vampire, Renewal aura and Porphyria effects was fixed.
  • A bug with durability of Momentary crafted Artifacts was fixed (it's now safe to create them).
  • Characters that are under 'Disarm' effect will no longer be able to use any abilities that are depending on the weapon type in the right hand.
  • Some bugs were fixed with state shops.
  • Meteor Shower and Earthquake are no longer available to Earth Adept monsters.
  • The schedule for Tharassos Treasures event was adjusted (2:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 22:00 EET).
  • The change of time for everyday server reboot to 10:00 EET.


Momentary Crafted Artifacts.

The cost of momentary crafted artifact Weapon was raised to 80 pt (was - 20 pt).
Increase of durability of momentary crafted artifacts:

  • Gear: 1000 durability (was - 500)
  • Weapon: 2000 durability (was - 500)
Please do not create Momentary Crafted Artifacts till the next server restart (8:00 GMT)!!

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