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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2011


Healing Spells and bug fixes.

  • The spell 'Cure' was renamed in to 'Cure Wounds'.
  • The spell 'Heal' was renamed in to the 'Group Heal'.
  • The principle of healing magic was adapted to the existing realities. Details about the rules of these spells can be found in the Library.
  • You don't need to take off the your target from the enemy in order to use a 'Group Heal' spell.
  • Healing and buffing monsters is no longer a crime and will not result in outlaw status.
  • The bug, that resulted in a connection losses for some of the users, was fixed.


Some fixes and added features.

  • An axe swing will not effect targets that are not trying or not able to attack (e.g. stunned) the character.
  • An according warning message will appear with attempt to raise level in the guild that is not common for your character's race. This message can be deactivated by entering a \newbie command.
  • Dispelling magic using a Genie Lamp and Electromagnetic Pulse obeys the rules of the spell Dispel Magic.
  • An error in the Counterattack, that triggered this ability when a target was casting a spell, was fixed.
  • Added
  • Elixirs in the shops of clan castles - owners of the clan castles are invited to contact administration in order to add Luxury Health and Mana Potions to the alchemist shops (effects are equivalent to Ancients Life and Mana Potions, price: 1500).
  • Bears blood - in addition to the percentage add-on to HP of the character the Bears Blood effect also adds a fixed amount that equals the combat level of the character multiplied on the effect level.
  • The size of the Referral reward for raised levels is set to 50%, if raised level is less than 501.
  • 2011-02-15

    Genie, Quests and Professions.

  • With a successful trigger of genie's ability, the users will get a message only from the 1st ability, that was triggered.
  • Weekly Quests
  • You don't need to wait a cool-down of the "Road Home" while in the quest zone in order to be able to use it.
  • The chance to hit a level 0 quest monster is now 100%.
  • Now level 0 quest monsters will be killed with only one strike.
  • Professions
  • Extraction - in addition to increased chance of success while extracting essences, now also provides characters with a chance to get a higher essence (i.e. Condescend instead of Miraculous). On a rare ocassion the essence extracted will become the highest level (Reign) regardless of the level of modification on source item.
  • Alchemy - in addition to already existing bonuses, adds a small chance to brew 5 potions instead of one.
  • Herbalism - besides the chance of finding a plant, this profession allows you to find 2 or even 5 samples.
  • Hunt - A player by using a Mask to change a religion, besides a raise of a professional level also has a chance to keep this mask after its being used, where a chance of doing it is determined by a level of the profession (same as with other tools related to this profession).
  • Mining - besides the chance of finding a fossil, this profession allows you to find 2 or even 5 samples.
  • Aeronautics - also influencing items Set Beacon and Set Beacon of Death.
  • Agriculture - besides the chance of successful crop harvesting, this profession allows you to boost this process with a certain chance by producing 2 or even 5 crops for one harvest attempt.
  • Sieges of Regions
  • Application for the siege of the region can be given by the clan leader only in "Star" locations.
  • Automated quests
  • Minimum level requirements to gain access to zones of certain quests were decreased.
  • 2011-02-14

    Health/Mana Injection Kits and more.

    • Instead of Health and Mana potions in the platinum shops there are now kits for injections. Those are a multi-use potions with 60 shots. Weight 60. Price: 1 pt.
    • Due to changes described above the price for Perfect Life and Mana Potions was set to 2 pt (in order to be able to sell it for 1 pt and get a compensation this way).
    • With a explosion of the essence the amount of resources (Basalt, Granite and others) gained will depend on the level of the item from which it was extracted.
    • The cowardly mode (\wimpy) now is calculating the amount of mana for the "Run away" from 90% of the maximum capacity (it was 100%).
    • The Momentary Crafted Artifacts will no longer lose an essence with 20% drop of the maximum durability of the item. Magic Shard that was gained with destruction of the Momentary Crafted Artifact will be one essence less than a destroyed item.


    New features and changes.

    • The use of a Mask to change your religion will be followed by a message that will be broadcasted to all in the same location.
    • There was a change to a mechanics of "Disarm skill". The weapon of the character, that was target of the Disarm skill, will no longer end up in its inventory, but will receive a "Disarmed" effect instead. This effect will neutralize all parameters given by the weapon (same as Broken Shield effect).
    • Finally Tharassos Technologists were able to bring the work of Extractors up to health and safety standards. Now the explosion of the essence will not harm the character.
    • The work of Backstab skill was fixed.
    • Item modifications "Spring" and "Mystic" will add to maximum amount of Life and Mana (half of the amount that would be granted from wonderful effects of Life and Sorcery) in addition to its regeneration.
    • The reward for a Wanted Dead Quest - the bag with herbs will contain 150 pieces of it instead of 50.
    • If the target has a Mana Shield the calculation of the damage from Deep Wounds takes also the current mana amount of the victim in to the account.
    • The level of Heroic Shield is hidden from outsiders.
    • If a clan will apply for a siege on a territory of the clan, that they had a "Capitulation", "Truce" or "War end" status with, it will immediately change to "War".


    Heroic shield and other changes.

    • Now if a character is not engaged in any battles the passive ability "Heroic Shield" is triggered. This shield absorbs some of the damage taken by your character, so the effect is similar to Layered Defense. The power of this ability depends on your character's combat level.
    • Now you will be able to finish your quest even if your character or religion level fell out of required range for this quest.
    • From now on personal Shops and Exchangers that were closed due to failure to pay the rent will be seen only by their owners.
    • At the beginning of the new Religion season all characters will be reborn at their binded star.
    • Free uses of Search party services will be replenished with time.
    • The "Backstab" ability should now determine its minimal damage by taking target's Mana into account if the target is under effects of Mana Shield.
    • The maximum damage from Deep wounds will be set to 5% from monster's maximum HP capacity.
    • Automated tournaments and Pacman II Quest were fixed.


    Tweaks and fixes.

    • Clans will not be awarded with Mark of Conquest by successful capture of the territory that was under monster's control. There for the procedure of giving away the territory to a friendly clan is by a waiver from land control by the clan-owners of the territory, followed by declaration of the siege by the clan that receives this land.
    • The effect of Ancient Amphora of Health and Mana was set to 10 seconds instead of the range 2..10.
    • Corrected the effect of Dispel Magic while cast on monsters and using Catalysts.
    • The chance of successful strike with the Back-stab is doubled on targets that are not engaged in a fight with a character.
    • Now monsters will try to take out the flames from the Burning effect (the chance is equivalent to the chance of recovery from the Open wounds).
    • The use of Masks to swap your religion is now part of the actions that influence the growth of the Hunting profession.
    • Now character with Paranormal abilities will be able to use Bandages in order to heal themselves over time.
    • Gear and weapons that are equipped will no longer add to the character's weight (but for now the server will include it in the numbers so you may be able to run around with overweight).


    Rewards for Mark of Conquest, Dispel Magic.

    The selection of rewards for Mark of Conquest was renewed. You can get your reward at the Warrior Instructor and Clan Official in the Amphitheater.

    • Only a Clan Leader can take out Marks of Conquest from the clan bar.
    • Dispel Magic can not decries duration of more then 3 spells on one attempt. Same goes for the additional effect of the Elite magic of Lightning Bolt


    Paranormal Abilities.

    From this moment the term "Disease" will be used for following effects like "Dogs Distemper", "Inadequacy" and so on. "Porphyria", "Hysteria", "Lycanthropy" and "Obsession" are under a single term of "Paranormal Ability".
    Obtaining a Paranormal Ability of any stage does not block the use of Healing spell for the character and no penalty is applied on the amount of healed HP.
    In addition to known effects the paranormal ability Obsession also decreases the damage taken by the carrier of the ability, 10% on the 2n stage and 15% on the 3rd stage.

    The characters that do not posses any of the Paranormal abilities of any stage can take quests in the Travelers Well region, in order to gain this abilities on the 2nd stage (one hour duration). Please be careful and make sure that you need this exact ability before taking the quest.
    The ways of removing paranormal abilities (Holly Water, Aspen Cross, ..) stayed unchanged, same as the ways of getting them by dying from certain monsters or players.


    Mark of Valor, Tournaments.

    Mark of Valor can be obtained by exterminating Mortal enemies, completing of missions and by participating in weekly quest cycle (Pacman, Mouse run, ...) for the Quest Charter or in the shop for quest points.
    Mark of Valor is a potion, by drinking it the half hours effect of Horn of Plenty, Divine Power-up and Unexcelled Accuracy will be applied on the character. Also Marks of Valor can be exchanged for valuable prizes.

    It's not necessarily to have a ticket with you for participation in automated tournaments. In order to enter you may use a command \tourney by the time of the countdown for the beginning of the tournament of your level span.

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