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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Archive 2011


Desert resources running dry!

Recent geological probing of the desert region showed a drastic decrease of its richest resources. In the last few months we had a lot of convicts send on forced labor, so all the gold deposits were depleted. At this rate the desert became a wasteland and now it is hard to come across a single golden nugget even if you go deep in to the sandy dunes.

However the penalty for breaking the law is still the same as before, so you better not end up in the Katorga or you may stay there for the rest of your life.


Trading Personal Artifacts.

Dear Players, from now on you will not be able to trade "Personal Artifacts" with another player, unless you have transfered an ownership to that player first. This was done to avoid scamming of players, but please keep in mind that it is still not secure to preform such operation with a player. There for, DarkSwords Administration is strongly recommending to use Dealers or Traders to make your deals for you.

Please keep your property and funds safe and secure.

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Ticket System

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DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness

Seastone Town
08:00 12/13
Battle Yard
08:01 12/13
Arkijah Town
08:00 12/13

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