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Full list of updates

Here's a full list of updates today's (25 April 2012) update brought us:

Changed contents of recipes given at 6th and 7th part of the quest “Funny Potion”. The recipes now require runes. Scrolls of rune creation can be bought in Seastone and Arkijah shops.

The way Unblockers work was changed: you can now use corpse unblockers in any location. Server will check the corpses from the oldest to newest for elemental blocking. If the corpse is blocked (locked) – the potion will be used even if the corpse is blocked with another element. If none of the blocked corpses were found, the unblocker will not be used. Old way (to find the corpse, select it, and use the Unblocker) will work too.
Prices for Blockers and Unblockers were decreased – 4pt and 2pt, respectively. You can buy them in platinum alchemist shop.

When exiting any starting city, while having any religion and not being under “Outlaw” status, you will see a guard that will offer you protection. If you accept, your character will receive the “City protection” effect for 60 seconds. Under this effect, you character cannot be attacked under religion (and will not be able to attack anyone else), cannot be trapped, will not receive or lose religion experience. If you receive “Outlaw” status, the “City protection” effect will be cancelled.
Attention! When in a group, if a group leader accepts City protection, then the whole group will receive this effect. If group leader declines this effect, none of the group members will receive it.

Clan that offers another clan to create an alliance will become the alliance leader. In clan control window, they will have two new buttons: “Give leadership” and “Kick from alliance”
- Alliance clan-leader cannot leave the alliance unless they transfer leadership. - Alliance clan-leader can kick other clans from alliance.
- Current alliances have no leaders.

Any political decisions, such as starting clan wars, truce, surrendering, sending siege offer is not possible if the leader of the clan or second in command are in battle.

In platinum alchemy shops you can now find Gods Genetic Longevity (6 hours) for 10pt and Awareness for 1pt. Price for platinum quintessence was decreased to 5pt. Price of Blacksmith Oil was decreased to 5 pt. In quest shop, price of Godly Quintessence was decreased to 30 quest points.


Chests and platinum shops

Chests are now introduced into the game, you can read more about them in the Library: Items section.
The "Hunt" quest will now give "Bag of Herbs for selection" reward.
All platinum shops should be working fine.


Crafting and Zodiac gear.

  • From now on crafted items and their recipes can't be stolen by "Sleight of hands" or looted from corpses of other players.
  • The Zodiac gear however can be looted and stolen from players, so please be careful!
  • Now Personal artifacts do not suffer 10% durability loss after character's death.
You can discuss this update on the forum.


Abilities fixed.

  • Fixed a bug in the ability "Sleight of Hand."
  • Fixed a bug that rarely triggered the ability of "Axe Swing" with the left hand.
You can discuss this update on the forum.


Clan sieges.

The minimum amount of clan experience needed to declare a siege on a land was risen to 600.
Please discuss this update on forum.


Some fixes and tweaks.

  • Fixed the bug where "Zodiac Dice" applied for the Zodiac weapon.
  • The chance to get 5 items at a time by harvesting or brewing was removed from professions.
  • The change of a player religion status will be made straight after the death in the religious conflict (before that it was only after a server restart).
  • "Sudden death" effect will reduce characters HP and MP by 10% in a round at the tournament aria till it reaches 20% (used to be 10%).
  • It is no longer possible to invite a player to become a studen from a "Golden Potion" shop.
  • Fixed a bug that allow you to get a religion experience for a kill of another player in the tournament zone.
Please discuss the latest update on the forum.



Joining the alliance will not be possible if the clan, that wants to join, has a pending war. This applies to both, wars which were declared by the clan, and the wars that were declared to the clan.


Buff potions and awarded effects.

  • Usual buff extracts (potions): Tiger Strength, Wisdom of the Owl, Feline Grace, Steel Body, Bears Blood, Mirror Shield, Aura of Renewel, Frenzy, Astral Carnival and Colossal Endurance are no longer usable if such effect is already on the character and will last more than 13 minutes.
  • The time of the effects that was awarded for quest completion will now be added to already existing identical effect.
  • Fixed bug with pets avatars.
Discussion on the forum.


Religion conflicts.

  • The indicator of activity in religious conflicts is added for defeat, as well as for the victory in the religion fights.
  • Characters, that suffered a defeat in a religious conflict, retain their religious status, if they had it, after death. Recalculation of status will be made during the server restart, same as before.
  • Now removal of one religious defeat is performed after accumulation of 10 religious victories.
  • Fixed a bug with the damage of the Backstab skill, when using it against monsters.
Discussion on the forum.


Some fixes and Quest adjustments.

  • Fixed bonuses of Totem trophies, some of which were incorrectly distributed.
  • Changes to the protocol of information exchange of player's equipment and gear for optimization.
  • The duration of automatic quest Monopoly is reduced to 45 minutes.
  • Fixes of several bugs in Shapoklyak vs Gena and Poker Quests.
Discussion on the forum.

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