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Some news

Information about level reduce can be found - here
Information about buying zenny/platinum can be found here



Starting at server reboot of friday April 14 till server reboot of wednesday April 19, its all about eggs in Darkswords

1. During those days a pack of bunnies will be running around Tharassos, more info on - "Happy Easter"
2. For this egg-citing event Anubis is dressed up in his Bunnysuit again, rumors are going around that he even changed his name. He will be around a few times a day, but when exactly is a suprise for everyone.
3. In the Holiday shop in Arkijah Town. you will find Easter Bunny, cute little Easter Chickens are walking around in Arkijah Town, Ruby fort and Seastone town dropping coloured eggs, 100 of them can be exchanged for a prize at the Easter Bunny.
4. During the whole event admins will do little quizzes, hide and seek, dice and other small games for pt prizes. This will be done at random times.
5.Bonuses, no event without bonuses, the next bonuses will be active during these days. Bonuses have to be activated manually, so it is possible that they dont start right away after reboot but they will be set as soon as possible after reboot.

Friday - x3 damage, clan exp, proffesional exp, no dura loss in pve and pvp
Saturday - x2 relig, x3 damage, exp, clan exp, no dura loss in pve and pvp
Sunday - x4 proffesional exp, damage, exp, 2x bulletin boards
Monday - x2 relig and gold
Tuesday - x3 exp, damage, clan exp, professional exp, x2 bulletin boards

6. Lotto. As an egg-tra surprise there will be a lotto with old and new prizes. Zennylotto will be for sale for 12 Zenny in the Zennyshop and gold lotto in the Alchemist shops for 2.400.000 gold. WITH NEW PRIZES!!!!!
7. NEW AZDRUBAL potions !! During the Easter Event it is possible to buy an Azdrubal potion with a duration of 7 days for 500 Zenny in the Zenny shops.

Good luck and Hunt with joy!


Change in carryweight

After server reboot at 06.04.2017 21:00 characters who are overweight will have all stats reduced by around 50%. The effect of lightness essences however is back to 100%.


Change in Dark Soul

Catching a Dark Soul with a group will now give religion xp to all groupmembers.
Given religion xp depends on religion lvl of the character and is calculated like this:
religion level x 4, divine encouragement and the 2x religion xp potion from dungeon stacks with this to max religion lvl x9
So a character with religion lvl 50 gets minimum 200 xp and maximum 450 xp for a dark soul.



This weekend its all about TRUTH OR DARE
Is it the truth or did we just dare......?
After a long time admin Zunders will be visiting DarkSwords again, rumors are going that if you meet him, there is a chance he will give you 1000 pt!!! As far as we know he will be in Ark, Ruby and Seastone

During this weekend there is a new monster in Grandads Battlefield. Dagphars Soulcatcher is the name and he will be happy to meet you. Besides dropping gold(for low lvl players), he also drops a ticket for a raffle which will be held saturday evening at 00.00 servertime, dont miss out on this one, great prizes assured and every ticket will give a prize this time!!!!

At the same time of the raffle, 00.00 servertime we would like to see 100 players online, the moment we have that amount online, a present will be given to all online in your inventory!!!

NEW farming potion, also tired of long walks to get all the fertilizers and water you need for farming? Then we have good news for you, from now on it is possible to buy an ALL IN ONE potion. This will cost 1500 gold and after opening it will give 1 of each fertilizer and 1 water. No more need to invest almost 1 million gold in fertilizer and water before you can start farming!!

In arkijah town we will do TRUTH OR DARE quizzes, those will be held, saturday at 23.00 pm servertime and sunday 14.00 servertime

Also during the whole weekend the dungeon will be opened again, your chance to collect some bonus pots again.

Have a great weekend all!!



Orders in game
For all orders on gears like change of stats, upgrade/downgrade etc you have to contact dealers in game:
can also be contacted on skype, zerodown2

For avatar or artifact picture orders, you have to contact traders in game

For all other orders you have to contact admins in game

We also want to remind you once again that if you get caught cheating, you will be punished, punishments can be found here


March Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Tehnos; Me to
II place - Beer; Sdl
III place -HarleyDavidson;

Levels 201-375
I place - Hoder; Imperial spy
II place - Vasua ru; Hawksclaw
III place - White mag; Dumb

Levels 376-550
I place - Temperance; Trance
II place - Vikudavi; White titan
III place - Vadyan; Chief Keef

Thank you for participating!


Thursday's quests

Unfortunatly, we had some problems with Jewelery and Big Joe's Saloon quests at the Thursday. But we count all point and found our winners, so:

I place - Zuk; Tpa ta tam
II place - Reaperweeper; Doon mafia
III place - Apxap; FURIOUS

All rest also will get their points acordin on kill/token count.

Your Administration.


Dear Citizens of DarkSwords, we are under attack!

It is already a few day since we are valiantly defending ourselves from the marauder onslaught who keep relentlessly trying to destroy our central firewall system again and again! Their main weapon is improved DDOS arrows that have been made by network weaponsmith. Our brave knights are fearlessly fighting back with all that they have, thus keeping attackers at the gates with minimal casualties.
But who is behind all this? Who dared to fight against Amber Lands?
Dear DarkSwordians, we offer you a contest! Continue the story in the similar setting and send it to us. TOP 3 of the most interesting stories will get prizes! Collective stories are also welcome, in that case the prize will be given to the group/clan/ally
The stories can be send to Tib by skype or added to forum

P.S. The attacks on server are real and sometimes servers might experience shutdowns.



At the moment we still have some problems with the ddos attack. This is the reason that players still disconnect from game from time to time. We will solve the issue as soon as possible. It takes longer than we hoped, but it also means that people dont get what they want. As you all probably know this ddos attack was done by a player who wanted another player to be banned. Since he didnt get what he want, he decided to do this ddos attack to force us to do what he wants. That is not going to happen. We are very sorry that players are involved in this, but we hope you understand our decision. Thanks all for your understanding.

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War Machine

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