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1. Bug with trup loot is fixed;
2. Magical scanners and compass are working again;
3. In Mars shop you can find new pots;
4. In pt shop return to beacon can be found;
5. With autoloot you can loot Mars trup before teleportation;
6. In Forgotten lands from all unique, except Mars and Desert Castle King, you can get Omnipotence Chest. From chest you can get:
- Bomb pack (10x of each bomb type)
- Mass teleport pack (mass teleport to all standart cities and to Forgotten land)
- Religion experience pack ( 2 pots with religion exp 20.000)
- Warrior pack (1 indulgence, 1 License to Kill and x3 religion)
- Mass Empathy pack ( 2 pots of mass empathy)
- 10x Buffout pack
- PVE pack (x8 damage pot, x2 mars drop pot and super pet snack)
- Light of Messiah pack (x10 light of messiah pots)
The percent of chest drop not so big, so it will take a time to get it. Drop bonuses do not affect the amount of this chest drop.

We open auction for shop locations (loc id - 2023, 2991). The auction will be held in special discord channel. To join discord you can here


Hello Dear Players!

As we would like to be able to keep the service free, could you please limit requests for stat changes to bonus on Wedding Certificates / Battle Union Certificates to once per day only.
Thank you!

Your Administration.



1. Int was decreased by 10%;
2. Dex was decreased by 10%;
3. Now when ally leader decided to leave the ally, the ally will be just deleted;
4. In platinum shop you can find Quest Cup dispell;
5. Now religion cults are working even if your religion is not active in PVE, but does not work if you fight players without religion on;
6. Now when you kill a player with religion status, status won't disappear, it will just decrease for each death.
7. Doppelganger price is changed, now it cost 1 emerald and lasts 6 hours.

If you will find any bug, please, inform any of the staff members.
Thank you, that you are staying with us! We work for you.

Your Administration.



Special offer from 29.09 till end of September + 20% to all zenny/emeralds purchase.
It means, if you purchase 50 zenny/5 emeralds, during the day you will get 10 zenny and 1 emeralds as bonus



1. Elf backstab was decreased;
2. Ork hp and resists are increased;
3. Mage int is decreased;



Summer is over, but summer's lotto is here!
Items can be found

You can buy emeralds lotto in Emerald Shop! It costs 2 emeralds.

Gold lotto is with a 30 mins cooldown! To get it you should buy a lotto token in Arkijah Alchemist and change it to lotto. Npc for change is on Arkijah Star!


Balance changes:

1. Drow and human int is increased by 15%;
2. Dwarf hp is increased by 30%;
3. Elf backstab was increased;
4. Elf armor is increased by 50%;
5. Elf hp in decreased by 10%;
6. Orc resist is increased by 10%;
7. Orc racial gives x2 damage on disemboweled;
8. Orc chance to hit in decreased by 50%;

During this week we will have lotto!



1. Strength now gives +1 damage;
2. Every race can use only their racial ability;
3. Racial ability pots can be sold for 100 000 gold;
4. On Forgotten lands the rewards from mission were increased;



Lotto winners are:

Gold lotto:
1) Hellboy jocker
2) -Gogi-

Emerald lotto:
1) Hotan
2) Harley Davidson

Congratulations to our winners, lotto was added in winner's inn.
Thank you to all, who participated in the event!


Changes are coming:

Soon in zenny, platinum, Anubis, Quest and Emerald shops prices will be reduced.
Some items were deleted.
We advise you to prepare and remove items from these stores from your personal store.

Also damage, exp and religion exp was " permanently " increased.

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


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05:10 10/25
Lord Guards Camp
07:30 10/25
Ruby Miners Village
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