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1. Now in Arkijah we have a new shop - MeritShop, where you can buy great goddess, which gives the same effect as Great Goddess from Quest Alchemist, the effect is for 6 hours with 3 days cooldown.
Both pots cannot be used together. Also there you can find Herbalism pot and Gods coins.
Shop can be found above School of Cold.
2. The tanks cannot participate in the tourney now. So if you are a tank and used command /tourney, when tourney will start you will be teleported back. As compensation tanks will get 2 Quest Charters.
3. The referral system is on again. If some person will be registered from your referral link, each time when this player will buy zenny, you will get 10% off his purchase.
Referral link can be found in setting on main page.
4. Background on player info can be changed for 450 zenny, if zenny is gotten in game and 350 if they were bought. The example you can see here
Keep in mind that background we do not see in game, only in link with info

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1.Golddrop is increased on 1.5
2. Fishing catch is increased too, goldfish and amphoras catch are increased x2
3. Fixed bug with Pack of Bomb



For security reasons, we have to reset all players passwords. Get new password you can here

If you have any problem with getting a new password, please, contact any of staff member and don't forget to check the spam folder, when you are waiting for a mail with the new pass.



1. Autodrink gives now maximum 30% instead of 50%
2. The gold rewards from Bulling Board are increased almost to x5.
3. Scroll for antidotes and tranquilizer now give 2 pots instead 1.


Option to disable Russian in open chat

It is now possible to disable the Russian language in open chat. This is only possible for players who are using the English client, by using the command \cyrillic
After using this command you will no longer see Russian messages in ANY chat.
Members of staff are NOT allowed to use this command.


News, news, news!!

This month – 3 best players in each of religions will be tolerated with prizes.
1st place – 2 flowers on their choice, 750 plat, 500 amphs and +5% bonus for the month
2nd place – 1 flower on their choice, 500 plat, 250 amphs and 4% bonus for the month
3rd place – 1 flower for 12 hours, 250 plat, 125 amphs and 3% bonus for the month.

3 players, who will have most points between all religion groups will get 15-10-5% bonus instead of 5-4-3%.
Also, tanks who will help in fights will get small prizes

Winners of the end of a month of a tournament also will get a chest with cups which give 15-10-5% bonus for 1 month. Of these cups, only 1 can be used.
The daily and monthly cups do stack.

Good luck and hope you will enjoy the changes we are doing to make the game better

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Winners of the Pumpkin pet and Changes

Winners of the Pumpkin pet Mogar 42 candy
Misstaken 27 candy
Jules 20 candy
Hunnibunny 20 candy
And Mogar with the most candy of all also wins a free avatar on the pumpkin pet, please contact Tib in game for this and congratulations to all of you

Change in Sparta
From now on Sparta has no time limit anymore, so you can go whenever you want. But do keep in mind that there is no star anymore on Sparta. If you die, you will have to teleport back again.

Gold drop in some regions
Regions: Centaur Island, Atlantis, Tartarus and Reign of Hades - now have gold drop x1.5

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September and October Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Ms snow kitty; Grey; Treadlightly; Yeraz;
II place - Grey; Telerin;
III place - Ms snow kitty; Gwynbleidd;

Levels 201-375
I place - Alatava; Kiss of death; Angmar;
II place - Ahool; Eltauriel;
III place - Boyka;

Levels 376-550
I place - Jamie Fraser; MissTaken; Jeromiedavid; mogar
II place - mogar; Mandarin; Kratos; Jeromiedavid
III place - Darkness rising; Prestupnik; Mad

Thank you for participating!



Begin: Monday, October 30 at 10.00 am server time
End: Thursday, November 2 at 00.00 server time

Pumpkins are in town to give you a FREE PUMPKIN PET!!!!
Pumpkins are roaming around in:
Arkijah Town
Ruby Fort
Seastone Town
Black Town
Everspring Town
Underground Town
Catch them and get a trick or treat. The biggest treat? A chest full of potions!! But be fast because if not caught, they change location after 5 minutes.
Do not worry if they only give you candy! Collect ? candy and you will be rewarded with a special pet, a PUMPKIN. This pet does attack, can gain levels but will never grow old.

Ligras decided to visit the world of Darkswords again these days. This time he won't have 2x religion potions with him, but mass tranquilizers. Your chance to get a few of them.
Quest-mob for Ligras will be on Arkijah Star, and only groups can be teleported to Ligras after group leader has accepted the quest.

Goddess of Generosity
During the event, every hour 1 player will be chosen to get a 24 hours gatherer of generosity position. Don't be away because you have only 5 minutes to accept this generous gift, use \pve_gift or \pvp_gift

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After server reboot of Friday, October 27, you will not be able anymore to set born in Sparta.
When using the teleport to Sparta which is for sale for 300k gold in Alchemist shops, you can stay on Sparta for 2 hours. This is real time.
After 2 hours you are automatically teleported back to Arkijah Town and will have a cooldown of 24 hours before you can teleport again to Sparta.
If you die during your 2 hours in Sparta, you can go to location 20569 (valorshop Ark). Here is a questmob which will teleport you back to Sparta. If you die more than 1 time and you can not take the quest again, please do check your quest list, if the quest is still in your list, deny it and then you can take it again.
Soon also a non-chaos land will be added under same conditions but with a 2x gold drop.

Russian news can be found here

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

24% 25% 26% 25%

Tree of Darkness

1. MONSTER - 1170
2. Reade lrm - 1028
3. Swamp Thing - 148

Bandits Camp
22:26 12/12
23:10 12/12
22:22 12/12

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