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Happy Valentine!


During the event, the following effects will be in place:
- characters who are in a marriage or combat alliance will have 2x damage.
- the price of weddings and combat alliances will be 50% off of normal prices (normal ceremony will be 50 platinum instead of 100 platinum; a ceremony with a custom certificate will be 100 platinum instead of 200 platinum); these weddings and combat alliances can be ordered through any Moderator in Game.
- Zenny sales, every purchase will get +20% of bought zenny amount (zenny will be added during 24 hours)
- In Zenny shop you can find flowers for 2 hours
- On Arkijah star can be found Flyman, who can give you a quest to get a pet Firefly!
- Valentine's lotto can be bought in Zenny shop or Arkijah Alcemist, what is inside the lotto can be found here
- Goddess of Generosity is back, every hour she will select one lucky player, who can get pve or pvp gift.
- Valentine’s cards may be purchased from the Holiday Shop and given to friends and loved ones; these do not provide any bonus in Game.
- quest mob east of Arkijah star will be available to brew a Ring of Eternal Love; once used this item will give the effect of Divine Absorb for 1 hour; the quest has a cooldown of 24 hours.

Happy Valentine's day! Love each other!


Poker quest results for January:

I place - Oxking, mogar, KO3AK, Tree cutter

II place - Wise Guy, Jhon Carter, Mers, GREYFIVENINE

III place - Veles, Michail, X E R O X

Thank you for participating!



1. Now draws impregnability gives x2 hp instead of 1.5;
2. Fire, Cold and Lighting protection now is 10 lvl instead of 15 lvl;
3. The monthly prize for the tournament is changed to a cup of choice, the gold cup will give 30% religion exp or 30% gold or 15% religion exp and 15% gold. So silver cup will give - 20%, a bronze cup will give 10%.



1. Tournament and Quest shop potions are not soulbond anymore;
2. The price for the tourney is increased x2. But the Jackpot of the tournament will be also significantly increased;
3. Month reward for the tourney was changed. So now 1st place will get on select 1 large PVP/PVE chest and 1 medium PVP/PVE chest, 2nd place - on select large PVP/PVE chest and 3rd place - on select 1 Medium PVP/PVE chest and 1 Small PVP/PVE chest;
4. Quest time was changed and can be found here.



1. Now we have 140% cap on all bonuses. So each player can have maximum +140% to all stats(this cap does not count ally bonus);
2. Cups from Quest Shop were deleted. But we have new pots there, which can be found here;
3. Tourney Shop potions also were changed, we have new pots there, also new pets rune chest. All potion can be found here;
4. We have 2 new pets, runes for pets you can buy in Tourney Shop, Quest shop or from Zenny Shop. Scrolls can be found in Arkijah Artefact Alchemist or Zenny Shop. About new pets you can read here;
5. In Artefact Alchemist we have again trophies for 5 pt. With them, you can raise religion levels till maximum server religion level - 20 lvl. So now it is 62-20 = 42.
6. Bronze cups from lotto do not work anymore, you can sell them in zenny shop for 12 zenny.
7. Now you can not use Distracted Gaze effect on towers at siege time.


Changes and fix:

1. After morning reboot 1 dex will give 1 hp;
2. Elves backstab is increased for 10%, if you have 2 daggers;
3. Bug with sphere was fixed.


Changes and fixes:

1. Elf racial ability - Shadowdance ignore «blocking by shield» skill like it must be;
2. Drow racial ability was changed back to default - Astral Surge rescaled to default effects: the strengthened mass magic damage (targeted distribution of 100%, 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%, the rest – 75% each);
3. Bug when orcs loose cold/fire/lightning protection was fixed;
4. Bug with trap time was fixed;
5. Gold from Sparta Unique - Xerxes was increased.



1. Runes are weightless;
2. Wild Griffin now gives 25% on gold, instead of 15%;
3. Nymph increases the carry weight of the owner. Reduces the weight of the various ingredients (animal drops and herbs) in the owner's inventory to 0.

Bonuses for today will be x4 damage, x2 exp, clan exp, prof exp, relig, missions, no dura loss in PVE and PVP!

Happy New Year everyone!!!



May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year. Wishing you a season of blessings from heaven above. Happy Christmas!!

Starting at the reboot of Monday, December 24 and ending Friday, January 4 at reboot there will be the following activities.
1. Lotto
In Zenny shop lotto tickets are available for 12 zenny.
In Alchemist shops lotto tickets are available for 3.600.000 gold
In Lotto you can find new Teleport to Arkijah from any of Continent and special pots for Pet Runes.
What is inside the lotto can be found here

2. On the stars of Arkijah Town is reindeer waiting for you to give you a small Christmas gift. It takes him 3 hours to prepare a new gift for you. Gifts are amounts of gold varying between 10 gold and 10.000.000 gold

3. Snowflake Lottery
Santa Claus, Uncle Frost, and Uncle Blizzard need your help, if you help them out you will be rewarded with a snowflake. All info can be found here

4. Discounts
The price on Pet Scrolls is reduced to 25%.
Each Zenny purchase will give you for 25% more zenny and each 100 zenny will give you 1 lotto. These bonuses will be added during 24 hours from purchase moment.

5. Snowballs
During the event, you can find a snowball in Artifact Alchemist. This snowball can be throw to any of player, then his avatar picture will be randomly changed for 10 minutes. Snowball price is 1 platinum.

For each snowball throw, you will get 1 score, for each lotto you open you will also get 1 score. On Black Town star you will find Angry Santa, he will teleport you to the special location where you need to kill Christmas Trees and collect Christmas Presents. The presents are soulbound, and each present at the end of the event will give you 3 score point per item. You have only 20 minutes to collect presents and then you will be teleported back. Quest has a cooldown 3 hours.
A person with the most amount of score points will get the Exclusive pet "Angry Gremlin".
Angry Gremlin raises levels, attacks enemies, has combat skill: Burn with a chance: 25% and on-death skill (PVE): Rescue (Energy: 50). He also will have increased damage on mobs, but his mana will not decrease, while he is active.

During Event time we will have different bonuses on and some random present drop to all players, who will be online

Merry Christmas all, Administration loves you!



1. In Artefact Alchemist we have a new potion - Azdrubal Flower Dispel - this potion can remove any type of flower from you.
2. In Valor shop you can find x2 bonus potions.
3. We have some new potions in Zenny shop too, all info about them can be found here

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Ticket System
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DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
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Vote: fight system
1) 100-245: 21
2) 100-200: 19

Battle Yard
11:18 04/23
Arkijah Town
11:19 04/23
Royal Warriors Camp
21:26 04/22

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