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1. In zenny shop you can find new Anti Bomb when u use this pot, no one on location cannot use any type of bomb. Duration is 10 minus;
2. The fish price was increased;
3. Now any Fishing pole will work automatically. It means that when u click on it, it will be in use till you catch old shoe or treasury or till it will be broke. Automatically in use will be always the first pole in the bag, if you have two poles and you will click on the second one, the durability will decrease on the first one.



Thursday from 5:30 till 08:00 by the server time we will have some work on the server, that why the game will be down. Don't worry, we are doing it for stable and better server work.

Thank you, your Administration



1. Added new religion range 0-145, as well as the tourney. Time for tournament can be found here
2. Azdrubals potions can be used from level 160.
3. Genetics pots also can be used only from level 160, the quest for Genetic Potion can be taken from 200 level.
4. Quintessence and Godly Quintessence with 100% work chance can be used from level 160. (Simple essence, what you can get using Evaporator can be used from level 0).
5. Magic Stick is fixed. Note that you get brew only stick for your combat level.
6. Genes modification pots have been added to Arkijah Alchemist.
7. Elixir of Divine Genetics and Elixir of Quickened Evolution are added to Artifact Alchemist.
8. All free platinum artifacts were upgraded to level 160 and from dealers, you can order only artifacts starting with level 160.
9. Now we have artifacts for level 345! Contact any dealer in the game to upgrade your arts.
10. Below 145 level players can use trophies till 5 relig levels.

Russian news can be found here


Relig range change

1. The religion ranges were changed to 0-245 and 246-345;
2. The quest for Genetics Pot can be taken from 200 lvl now.



Dear players, we want to hear your opinion!
More players ask to increase religion range from 100-200 to 100-245. So if you agree with this idea, please vote using the command - \fight_vote "1".
If you disagree, then use the command - \fight_vote "2"

The result of the vote can be seen on the main page. 1 char can vote only once.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This day, the 17th of March was made into a holiday in the early 17th century. Today it is celebrated worldwide by going to church services, wearing green attire, and, of course, having a beer (or many) with your friends.

As with other holidays, we celebrate this holiday in DarkSwords as well! From the evening of March 17 server time until the server reboot of March 21 you can catch Leprechauns which will give you a reward of 500 plat if you manage to catch them.
Info about these Leprechauns can be found here

It’s not truly Saint Patrick’s Day without a beer (or 2 or 3 or more…). Visit the Spring Store in Travellers Well to purchase a recipe for Green Ale.
This ale has a similar effect to a Mark of Valor.

Also, Florist on Arkijah Star changed all Chamomile to Clover, they will be dropped every day at 5 a.m., 11 a.m., 17 p.m. and 23 p.m.

1. All items in Zenny shop have reduced the prices on 25%;
2. The rate of pt-zenny was increased, now 1 platinum coin will give 5 platinum;
3. All zenny pet can be bought with 50% discount, so any dragon cost now 850 zenny, Genie - 500 zenny, Otter - 600 zenny. To purchase any of this pet contact any of staff member or find our admin.

1. Tourneys for 200 level, the tourney time is 6a.m., 12p.m., 18 p.m. and 12 a.m.;
2. Players with combat level < 201 can use trophies only till 30 relig level.



1. The experience amount from Unique mobs and from bulletin boards was increased;
2. The Gatherer of Generosity now gives also +25% to combat experience;
3. Now you can't use bombs in a tourney.


International Women Day, March of 8

Administration of DarkSwords congratulates our lovely ladies on the 8th of March - the International Women's day, wishing you: a sea of positive emotions, crowds of generous and never boring fans, smiles, warmth, and light. Be gentle and kind to your women they deserve it.
Till server reboot of Tuesday, March 12 we will have the next events:

Buy a flower in the holiday shop and give it to other players;
Help Rosa Karlova in this quest quest;
During all event, ladies will get x3 damage;
Zenny sales - everyone who will buy zenny will get +20% or purchase
Every day at 11:30, 17:30, 23:30 and 05:30 on the Tharassos will be Chamomile drop, that time 25 flowers will be dropped somewhere in ds world. You have to collect flowers and change them after for different rewards. They can be changed by Florist in Arkajah start to rewards pot, accuracy, bonus exp pot, 2h flower, sphere or new pet Kaktys, which is similar to FireFly.

Your Administration


Happy Valentine!


During the event, the following effects will be in place:
- characters who are in a marriage or combat alliance will have 2x damage.
- the price of weddings and combat alliances will be 50% off of normal prices (normal ceremony will be 50 platinum instead of 100 platinum; a ceremony with a custom certificate will be 100 platinum instead of 200 platinum); these weddings and combat alliances can be ordered through any Moderator in Game.
- Zenny sales, every purchase will get +20% of bought zenny amount (zenny will be added during 24 hours)
- In Zenny shop you can find flowers for 2 hours
- On Arkijah star can be found Flyman, who can give you a quest to get a pet Firefly!
- Valentine's lotto can be bought in Zenny shop or Arkijah Alcemist, what is inside the lotto can be found here
- Goddess of Generosity is back, every hour she will select one lucky player, who can get pve or pvp gift.
- Valentine’s cards may be purchased from the Holiday Shop and given to friends and loved ones; these do not provide any bonus in Game.
- quest mob east of Arkijah star will be available to brew a Ring of Eternal Love; once used this item will give the effect of Divine Absorb for 1 hour; the quest has a cooldown of 24 hours.

Happy Valentine's day! Love each other!


Poker quest results for January:

I place - Oxking, mogar, KO3AK, Tree cutter

II place - Wise Guy, Jhon Carter, Mers, GREYFIVENINE

III place - Veles, Michail, X E R O X

Thank you for participating!

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Ticket System

24% 25% 26% 25%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret

Grandads Battlefield
17:35 08/20
Puppet Theater
17:39 08/20
17:38 08/20

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