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Today from 11:00 we will have some work on server, that why website wont work some time and client can work with some interruptions. Don't worry, we are doing it for stabile and better server and website work.

Thank you, your Administration


Changes and updates

After server reboot at Friday the 12 uniques on Zodiac will be dropping scrolls to brew potions: This will be the scrolls dropped
1. Pisces: Remove cooldown
2. Aquarius: Sacrifice to Ares
3. Capricorn: Horn of plenty
4. Sagittarius: Ticket to Doctor Kronus
5. Scorpio: Journey North
6. Libra: Close your Eyes
7. Virgo : Travel to Fable World
8. Leo: Zodiac tele = Star invitation
9. Cancer: Grindstone of Druids
10. Gemini: Guild reset
11. Taurus: Religion reset
12. Aries: Godly Quintessence +25

These scrolls can be brewed with fossils in all laboratories. The amount of fossils you need to brew the scroll can be found here

Also the goddes of generosity has been changed. From now on it is not given randomly ever hour anymore, but it has become a log in bonus. After 7 days of consecutively logging in, you will receive a PvP and a PvE goddess of generosity. This goddes will be added to your inventory, if your inventory is full at that moment it will be given next time you log in.
The PvE goddes of generosity will no longer give 2x goldbonus but instead will give a 3x bigger chance on herbalism, it means the bigger chance to find herbs on the ground.

Loot dropped by caravan
The worth of this loot will be increased to 5 million gold.

Also we started changes with old quests, and the first quest was changed is Business with Map-Maker. Now for completing that quest, you will get 1 million of gold for each part and 3 millions for the last part!

Also during the weekend the dungeon will be opened again, your chance to collect some bonus pots again.


Changes and fix:

-Now Insurance Contacts run out even if you are offline.
-Vaccination is fixed, now it returned to 10 minutes duration, Vaccination from achievement shop lasts 5 minutes.


April and May Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Hewer; S h a d y; Ball bag; Dima ua
II place - Tehnos; Qurban; Moss
III place -Bat girl;Zuk; Me to

Levels 201-375
I place - Crazy; Eltauriel; Bombey
II place - Rancorous; Rocomaxa; Hawksclaw
III place - Suikoden girl; Miss kitty; Themistocles

Levels 376-550
I place - Vikudavi; JUGGERNAUT; Jedam; Icemam
II place - Chief Keef; Vikudavi; Q u a k e
III place - Killerr; Bombellarina; The white wolf

Thank you for participating!


Killing alts of Alliance members for religion

We can understand that you don't know all alts of alliance members. Therefor the first time you kill an alt of an alliance member you will receive a warning. Same time we expect that the alt char will let you know, their main char is in same alliance. If a 2nd kill will follow, this will be considered as religion cheating.
To avoid situations like this, we strongly suggest to take all alt chars of alliance members in alliance, either as full member or as recruit of one of the clans.



Victory Day marks the end of World War II in Europe, a moment to realize how precious freedom is for all of us. Monday and Tuesday the following bonuses will be active:
3x damage
3x xp
3x profession xp
3x clanxp
2x religion xp
2x bulletin boards
no durability loss in pvp and pve


Spring Lotto

Spring has started in Europe and what is a better way to start spring than with a Lotto? Lotto tickets are now for sale in Zenny Shop and in Alchemist Shop, price is 12 zenny or 2.400.000 godl. You open lotto tickets by double clicking on them.

Zenny lotto is available in Zenny Shop and you can get this prizes:

  • Religion reset(1)
  • Guild reset(1)
  • Curse of greed(1)
  • Potion of Divine Reward(10)
  • Potion of Divine Encouragement(10)
  • Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy(10)
  • Elixir of Devine Generosity(10)
  • Potion of Divine Permanence (10)
  • Ares Victim(3)
  • Pet Energy Potion(1)
  • Racial ability to choose(5)
  • Removal of cooldown, exhaustion to choose(4)
  • Teleport to choose(2)
  • Potion of Hopeless Love/Secret Spell(10)
  • Woodoo doll(3)
  • Potion of Devine Intervention(10)
  • Snack for Familiar(3)
  • Godly Quintessence +25(1)
  • Deportation to choose (5)
  • Bronze Cup(1)
  • Flower Chest(1) - Allows you to choose one of six types of 2 hour flowers.

Gold lotto in the Alchemist Shops and you can get:
  • Insurance contract(1)
  • Indulgence(1)
  • Curse of greed(1)
  • Potion of Divine Reward(10)
  • Potion of Divine Encouragement(10)
  • Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy(10)
  • Elixir of Devine Generosity(10)
  • Ares Victim(3)
  • Blacksmith Oil(1)
  • Light Road Home (5)
  • Horn of Plenty(3)
  • Disease to choose(4)
  • Racial ability to choose(5)
  • Removal of cooldown, exhaustion to choose(4)
  • Teleport to choose(2)
  • Potion of Hopeless Love/Secret Spell(10)
  • Snack for Familiar(3)
  • Santa Bag(1)
  • Tear of Artemis(3)
  • Deportation to choose(5)
  • Godly Quintessence +25(1)


Change in chatrules

After server reboot of Monday May 1, the only allowed language in open chat is English. It is forbidden to use other languages in common chat. If you want to talk another language you are free to do so in Private Chat or Clan Chat.
Talking in another language than English in open chat will lead to a warning and if you continue talking in another language to a silence of 5 minutes. For now this will be the maximum silence, i.e if you continue to talk in another language, the next silence will be again 5 minutes. If we have the idea this will be abused, we will change back to stacking mutes.


Some news

Information about level reduce can be found - here
Information about buying zenny/platinum can be found here



Starting at server reboot of friday April 14 till server reboot of wednesday April 19, its all about eggs in Darkswords

1. During those days a pack of bunnies will be running around Tharassos, more info on - "Happy Easter"
2. For this egg-citing event Anubis is dressed up in his Bunnysuit again, rumors are going around that he even changed his name. He will be around a few times a day, but when exactly is a suprise for everyone.
3. In the Holiday shop in Arkijah Town. you will find Easter Bunny, cute little Easter Chickens are walking around in Arkijah Town, Ruby fort and Seastone town dropping coloured eggs, 100 of them can be exchanged for a prize at the Easter Bunny.
4. During the whole event admins will do little quizzes, hide and seek, dice and other small games for pt prizes. This will be done at random times.
5.Bonuses, no event without bonuses, the next bonuses will be active during these days. Bonuses have to be activated manually, so it is possible that they dont start right away after reboot but they will be set as soon as possible after reboot.

Friday - x3 damage, clan exp, proffesional exp, no dura loss in pve and pvp
Saturday - x2 relig, x3 damage, exp, clan exp, no dura loss in pve and pvp
Sunday - x4 proffesional exp, damage, exp, 2x bulletin boards
Monday - x2 relig and gold
Tuesday - x3 exp, damage, clan exp, professional exp, x2 bulletin boards

6. Lotto. As an egg-tra surprise there will be a lotto with old and new prizes. Zennylotto will be for sale for 12 Zenny in the Zennyshop and gold lotto in the Alchemist shops for 2.400.000 gold. WITH NEW PRIZES!!!!!
7. NEW AZDRUBAL potions !! During the Easter Event it is possible to buy an Azdrubal potion with a duration of 7 days for 500 Zenny in the Zenny shops.

Good luck and Hunt with joy!

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