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Lotto is back! You can buy emeralds lotto in Emerald Shop! It costs 2 emeralds.

Gold lotto also is back, but with a 30 mins cooldown! To get it you should buy lotto token in Arkijah Alchemist and change it to lotto. Npc for change is on Arkijah Star!

Also, there will be top for opened lotto amount! The top you can find on main page, top statistic will be upload everyday! The winners will get:
1 place: lotto in amount - points * 1.5;
2 place: lotto in amount - points * 1.25;

For example, if you won 1st place with 500 points, as prize you will get 250 lotto.
Lotto items can be found here

Lotto will be available until next Tuesday, 21 July.

The gold drop was increased by more than 200%

For zenny purchase, you will get 20% more, for example, if you bought 110 zenny you will get extra 22 zenny and 2 emeralds!


Poker Quest Results

I place -vincent, CKABP, Lovkac88, Viriato21 x4, rimuru, sabrinabackstab

II place - Kir, Lyander, Kanade, Lovkac88, imagination, Bondage

III place - mogar x 2, Bondage, lady darkstar

Thank you for participating!



1. Elf racial is fixed and it steel less damage;
2. Orc damage is increased;
3. Elf backstab is increased;
4. Orc and elf hp is increased;
5. Chance for critical hit is increased;
6. Magical critical hit damage is decreased;
7. Religion exp in group is increased;
8. Prices in emeralds shop are decreased.



Today is Mother's Day! Call to your mother and say her - Thank you for everything you done to me! I love you!
Due to this day special bonuses are on x2 fishing, x2 drop, x2 mars token drop and x2 pet rune drop! Also each zenny purchase will get extra 20% of zenny and emeralds (if you buy 100 zenny / 10 emeralds, you will get for 20 zenny and 2 emeralds more, the bonus will be added during this day)

1. The gold drop on Mutants, Hades of Shades, Centaurs, Atlantis, Tartar and Forgotten land is increased;
2. Dock to Forgotten Lands changed his location from 7600 to Arkijah 20589;
3. The maximum of damage soaking is changed from 60% to 42%;
4. Elf backstab is decreased by 10%;
5. Orc damage is increased by 5%;
6. Elf racial ability is decreased, not it steels 10% of damage if you are elf and 5% if you are orc;
7. The sword work is changed, bonus damage from repeating successful hits gives 5% instead of 20%.



Victory Day marks the end of World War II in Europe, a moment to realize how precious freedom is for all of us. These days the following bonuses will be active:
3x damage
3x xp
3x profession xp
3x clanxp
no durability loss in pvp and pve
And in Arkijah star you can find Guide to Dungeon, who will lead you to Ligras

Also in Emeralds shop you can find double PvE and PvP pack, they are the same with normal pack, but all items inside are in double



1. The pegasus is fixed, now he has 25% chance to walk 1 spot with admin speed;
2. Gold from shops, where is more than 1kk gold, will be automatically transferred to the owner bank account;
3. The dynamite stick won't give stun effect anymore;
4. Bonus subscription now will give 100% to weight
5. Remind that pt pet transfer price is 35 zenny, zenny pet and new pets transfer is 10 emeralds



1. New pots can be found in emerald shop, all information about pots is here.
2. Call of Heart doesn't work on all regions of Forgotten Lands.
3. Training Dummy is fixed and don't die anymore.
3. Elf backstab now works from one knife from main hand. The bonus of it didn't changed.
4. The receipt from Zodiac and Forgotten lands was changed, now they ask for less ingredients or gives more pots.
5. Mob respawn time in Zodiac regions is decreased, so they will show up faster.



Friday from 11:00 till 11:30 by the server time we will have some work on the server, that why the game will be down. Don't worry, we are doing it for stable and better server work.

Thank you, your Administration



For test for some time the autodrink is increased to 50



Wednesday from 11:00 till 11:30 by the server time we will have some work on the server, that why the game will be down. Don't worry, we are doing it for stable and better server work.

Thank you, your Administration

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Ticket System

WyTcHeRivKah ds wikipedia

Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


Fishers Seaside
05:10 10/25
Lord Guards Camp
07:30 10/25
Ruby Miners Village
07:31 10/25

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