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Poker quest results:

I place - Bones, Broken leaf, Miss kitty, Crazy orc, Valderaan, _O_G_, ActionPrime x2, Jhin, Leander, Ulyses, Moses x2, Kir x2, DEATH NOTE, Knightsassassin, BELIKAN, Ga ma, Oxking

II place - Crazy orc, Ariel, Kir, MtlQcPower, -albedo-, ActionPrime, Altadious, Vazkor, Nadinestreniti, Levapsix x2, Chowme, Brutice, Luigisz

III place - ActionPrime, Achilles, El Sicario, Zyra, INVOKER x2, _O_G_, Mers, Farmer

Thank you for participating!



1. Combat exp for a group was increased in PVE.
2. Sacrifice to Ares now gives x2 exp, instead of x3.


New pets

New pets arrived in Dark Swords! They will help you to level up, farm, fishing and get gold! We have 12 new pets and they can be brewed by scroll, which you should buy in Artefact Alchemist and runes.

12 different Runes are dropped by all monsters on Isensolt Continent, except Northern Colony. Runes are not soulbond, so you can sell it to other players, but summon bottles are soulbond. All information about pets type and what they give can be here


Black Friday Sales on Darkswords

On all plat orders 20% discount on techfee
If the fee is paid with Zenny, the discount is 40%
For example, a clan paid with plat will cost 800 plat tech fee and 50 pt dealer fee.
If paid with Zenny it will cost 600 zenny and 50 pt dealer fee..

With every purchase of 50 Zenny you will get a Zenny lotto. So for example if you buy 250 Zenny, you will get 5 Zenny lotto for FREE!!!
For Zenny purchase you will get also 25% more zenny, the bonus will be added during 24 hours. Also in Zenny shop you will find flowers for a week for 450 zenny and Platinum coin now will give 2 platinum for 1 zenny.

But hurry up, cause this offer is only available from Friday, November 23 10 am server time till Saturday, November 24, 10 am server time.
You can contact any staff member in game for your order.

Your Administration



When: Server reboot Thursday November 22 until server reboot November 23.
Thanksgiving day is a day to give thanks for general blessings. And of course, we want to thank all of you for being with us!!!
This day there will be a well-filled Turkey on Arkijah Star. Visit him every 3 hours and he will give you one of the following items:
Gatherer generosity for 3 hours
Potion of Divine Reward
Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy
Elixir of Divine Generosity x2
Potion of Divine Empathy x2
Potion of Divine Intervention x2
Divine Power-up x2
Damage x3 pot
Damage x4 pot
Pet energy pot

At random time we will have dice event and just prizes for everyone who is online! So do not miss it!



1. Santa bag now have 3 days cooldown
2. Changed formula for billboard quests, so now if you are 300 level, you can take billboards quests in regions with mobs < 600 lvl. Also increased the merit points for billboards, from 300-309 lvl you will get 4 points, 310 level and higher will get 5 points.
3. Changed Kebechet quest time, so it will not stack with any other quests. The quest occurs at the following times:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - 5:00; 12:00; 18:00; 24:00
Saturday - 8:00; 12:00; 15:00; 19:00; 24.00; 3:00



1. Religion levels have been lowered to level 1.
2. Players with Religion levels greater than 65, received memorable badges that display their Relig level.
3. Platinum items can now be thrown on the floor and raised.
4. Function Hidden list was disabled.
5. The doppelganger mode now costs 100 pt and lasts 2 hours.
6. Monsters do not give religious experience.
7. The Darksouls instead of relig experience now gives the reward for a kill - in the group chest gets the one, who killed dark soul.
8. Soulbond items as Religion bonus x2, Indulgence and Potion of Divine Encouragement have been removed from the game; Religion bonus x2 non-soulbond can be sold in Zenny shop. These items do not work.
Non-personal Indulgence and Potion of Divine Encouragement can be sold in Platinum Shop.


Winner of the Pumpkin

Winner of the Pumpkin pet is - Starlighter
He got the most amount of candies - 2282! Congratulations! And thanks all who participate in this event.



Dear players of Dark Swords.

We are preparing a lot of updates, and we want to thank you for your patience. One of the next changes will be - zeroing of religious levels. We will give presents to all active fighters. Also in the near future is expected to rejection from the hide from the list and a decrease time of the doppelganger mode.
Such pots as religious bonus and Potion of Divine Encouragement will be deleted from the game.
It will be done to make the game's reborn and make the game more comfortable for all. We hope to return old players, as well as attract new ones.


Halloween Event

Begin: Tuesday, October 30 at 10.00 am server time
End: Friday, November 2 at 10.00 server time

All information about the event you can be found here

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

24% 25% 25% 26%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret

Vote: fight system
1) 100-245: 21
2) 100-200: 19

Battle Yard
11:18 04/23
Arkijah Town
11:19 04/23
Royal Warriors Camp
21:26 04/22

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