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January Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - King Arthur; Nubik
II place - Q u e n n i e; Lovely lady
III place - A q u ; Dumbdumb-

Levels 201-375
I place - Pudgeeeee; Hawksclaw
II place - Hawksclaw; Killeradrian-
III place - Furyofdarkness; Wishy washy

Levels 376-550
I place - Terryharts; Randy Orton
II place - Hellrazzor; Batonii
III place - Imperial scout; Brat Batona

Thank you for participating!


New trader, where are you?

We are looking for a new trader.
Must already know how to make arts, you will work under supervision of dealers, if interested send a whisp to Tib or MrPresident and we tell you more.
If you don't know how to make arts, please dont apply.

Your Administration


Updates and fixes

Fixed a bug in Arkijah Town Cell, now monsters won't enter the cell anymore.
Fixed a bug with changing gear from inventory to body during a fight. Now it is not possible anymore to change gear during fight.
Fixed a bug in which players got criminal status when attacking for war without having religion.
Fixed a bug with traps. From now on everyone within religion range that steps on trap without using light steps will be trapped again.
From now on if a clan sends a cease fire it will be automatically after 24 hours if the receiving clan did not accept or decline the cease fire in those 24 hours.

Your Administration



We have added 4 locations on which only 1v1 pvp fights are possible. This are the gates around Ruby Town, with the location numbers: 4011, 3983, 3448 and 3749.
This will be effective after server reboot of Sunday, January 15.

Your Administration


December Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Souleaterquest; Treasurehunterz
II place - Voye
III place - Warrior of dark-

Levels 201-375
I place - Diao chan, Tyler night
II place - -ESDEATH-
III place - Neymo

Levels 376-550
I place - TheWizzard; Brat batona
II place - Klaas; Tom_Kruz_HeadleSS
III place - Hellrazzor; Batonii

Thank you for participating!


Change in PVP and WINNER of Snowball contest

First of all thanks all for voting, after removing all the votes from alts, it turned out that most of you want to go back to the old PVP system and that is going to happen. After server reboot of Monday January 8th the old PVP system will be active again.
This means that groups can attack solo players again. Also the protection is back to how it was before. You no longer need to be in same group to protect each other.

The winner of the Snowball Contest is ULTIMATE FIRE. Congratulations and please contact Tib in game about your prize.

Your Administration



A few months ago we changed the way of pvp. Now it is time to re-evaluate this new system and need your input.
We noticed that not all of you are happy with the recent changes that have been made. Therefore, we would like to know if you want to keep these changes with some improvement or if you would like to go back to the “old” pvp system in which fights are free for all within the religion range. The 3 religion ranges will not be affected. This is only about the group and 1 vs 1 fights.

Voting starts tomorrow after server reboot at 10:00 a.m.. To vote you need to use command \fight_vote "1" or \fight_vote "2"
1 - new pvp system
2 - old pvp system

All players can vote, if they have level higher than 100 and are registered before 01.12.16.
Votes are accepted till Friday 06.01.2017 23:59 by server time.
Besides the votes we are interested to hear why you voted for new or old system, you can post your explanation on forum

Your Administration



DarkSwords Administration wishes all our players Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope you will have a wonderful holiday full of love, peace, and joy.
To celebrate these days we will have the following activities starting Thursday December 22 at server reboot until January 2 at server reboot.

In Arkijah, Seastone and Ruby you will find Uncle Frost, Uncle Snowstorm & Santa Clause under the star. They ask you to do 2 quests each, for the reward you get Snowflakes. Snowflakes will soon be exchanged for Snowflake Lottery. Uncle Frost, under Arkijah star will exchange 20 Snowflakes for Lotto Tickets.

More info about this quest can be found here: here and here

If you throw a snowball to someone his/her avatar will change for a duration of 10 minutes, snowballs will be also for sale for 1 platinum in the Artefact Alchemist Shops (starts with Saturday).
The person who throw the most snowballs at the end of the event will receive a reward!!!

During the Christmas Event 4 pets will be for sale, this are:
Genie: the all-mighty granter of wishes. Confuses the enemy, making them lose their mind with different tricks. Grants the wish of the owner - come back to life when killed by players, as well as drags them from the battlefield when killed by monsters.
Feilong Dragon: Burns enemies, can teleport its owner and return life to owner in fight
Maritimus Dragon: Freezes enemies, can teleport its owner and return life to owner in fight
Summanus Dragon: Struck by lightning enemies, can teleport its owner and return life to owner in fight
Cost of a Genie is 1000 Zenny, the Dragons are for sale for 1600 Zenny.

During the Christmas Event you will be able to get yourself a Firefly as pet. Questmob for this quest is in Zennyshop in Arkijah Town, location 2000.
Inhabitant of river banks, bogs and mires. This, as many think, magical spark accompanies its master with greatest loyality, illuminates his way and helps in battles, depriving enemies of their magical advantages.

A few reindeers escaped and they took bags of gold with them. Each 30 minutes they will show up in Arkijah Town, Ruby Fort and Seastone Town, those bags contain an amount of gold, varying between 10 gold and 10 million gold.

No Christmas without lottery. Also this time we will have 2 different lotto tickets for sale, goldlotto tickets are available in Alchemist shops and Zenny lotto tickets will be available in the Zenny shops for 12 Zenny


November Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Enzo amore; Lovely lady
II place - Yurtolthau
III place - Marsell-

Levels 201-375
I place - Miss kitty
II place - -ESDEATH-

Levels 376-550
I place - Prissy miss; Daenerys Targaryen
II place - Bumble b e e; Str8Nocturnal
III place - tomsotherhalf; The Godfather

Thank you for participating!



Because Anubis is coming to town!!!!
This Saturday, around 23.00 p.m. server-time, Anubis will visit DarkSwords again! The only problem is that we have no idea where he is going to land. The task for everyone is to find him!
The first player who finds him will get a Zenny pot of their choice.
Once Anubis has been found, he will offer a fight to all religion players in game, but he has given us some conditions:
He will only fight against one group. Solo players who attack him will be sent to jail.

A big thanks to the Riddler who will be giving the Zenny pot away for this event!

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