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From now on you are allowed to post a youtube link once each 15 minutes. This change is done because lately open chat got flooded with youtube links. For moderators, it is almost impossible to moderate open chat and check the content of the youtube link.



During mining it now is possible to dig up Old Rust but be careful, the Task Master will be disappointed if you pick up the Old Rust and will teleport you to Arkijah Star.
Also, he wants you to pick up the fossils within the 15 minutes duration of the License. After this 15 minutes, all fossils will disappear.
This change will be effective after the reboot of Sunday, September 24.



We are more than pleased to announce that the Egyptian Gods has decided to please the DarkSwordians with gifts.
During 2 weekdays each week, they will spread joy around the World of Darkswords by dropping coins which together with Monster drops can be brewed into a valuable Treasure. The scrolls to brew these treasures will be for sale in the Scribe Shops.
The days on which the Gods will drop their coins will be different each week. One week it is on Monday and Wednesday, the other week it is on Tuesday and Thursday.
The Gods will drop 25 coins every 3 hours randomly in one realm on Tharassos. This drop will be announced in game. Each 3 hours 1 God will drop her/his coins.

Treasure of Sia
Brewing this treasure will give you a choice to brew one of these potions:
Elixir of unexcelled accuracy, duration 1 hour
Potion of Divine Empathy, duration 1 hour
Potion of Divine Generosity, duration 1 hour

Treasure of Osiris
Brewing this treasure will give you a choice to brew one of these items:
Crucible Furnace
Fishing Pole
Mechanical Mower

Treasure of Bastet
Brewing this treasure you can choose one of these items:
Horn of Plenty
Lotto Ticket

Treasure of Anubis
Brewing this treasure you will receive 24 potions of 2x gold, each with a duration of 1 hour.


Change in purchase of Zenny bonus potions

After reboot of monday september 19, the zenny bonus potions (zenny flowers) will give a bonus of 75% instead of 100%. Also they will be soulbound.
Zenny flowers bought before monday will stay non soulbound and with a bonus of 100%
Future zenny flowers in Lotto also will be non soulbound and give a bonus of 100%


Change in chatrules

Starting Friday september 15 at 4 pm servertime, the only allowed languages in open chat will be ENGLISH and RUSSIAN.
At first this will be for a trial periode of 14 days. Our Russian moderators will be:
Doon Mafia
Keep in mind that the chatrules have not been changed, it now only is allowed to talk in Russian as well, but same chatrules as always will be applied. They can be found here


Ligras will come back to Town!!!

We are very pleased to announce that Ligras will be visiting Darkswords again after server reboot of September 15.
But before his visit he will remove all previous bonuspots he has been given which were not soulbound. He is going to stay a few days though, so enough chance to get your bonuspots again.


News, news, news!!

Hello citizens of DarkSwords World!
This month – 3 best players in each of religions will be tolerated with prizes.
In the end of this month, 3 best players in religion will get much bigger prizes then they used to get before:
1st place – 2 flowers on their choice, 750 plat, 500 amphs and +5% bonus for the month
2nd place – 1 flower on their choice, 500 plat, 250 amphs and 4% bonus for the month
3rd place – 1 flower for 12 hours, 250 plat, 125 amphs and 3% bonus for the month.

Also, during this month - Anubis will be visiting Darkswords world twice a day on Fridays to give a fight to anyone who dares to fight him! Don't miss him - 12 am and 22 pm by server time every Friday!

Good luck in pvp, and hope you will enjoy the changes we are doing to make the game better


1 of September

Anubis has issued a challenge for this Friday (September 1st). He will battle twice. The first time at 12:00 (server time) and again at 22:00 (\info to see server time).
On this day we the Admin have decided to give our players an advantage, there will be bonuses to include religion exp bonus and a large profession bonus.
Also for this day only... the Goddess will return to help in your battle. There will also be rewards for participation. Good luck to you and may your blades and staves defend our world with honor.


Change in quests: Corsair, Big Joe and Heresy

If a player have a score of 0 in one of these quests, he/she will not receive any questpoints anymore.


Bugfixes and changes


1. Fixed a bug with exhaustion running out in safe zones
2. Fixed a bug with gold in player shops. Now if you take gold out of shop your bankaccount can go over 1000.000.000 gold and won't turn into negative anymore
3. Login bonus has been fixed. After 7 days logging in in a row, you will receive a pvp and a pve goddes of generosity in your inventory. When inventory is full at that time, you will receive the bonus at next log in.


1. Genie lord now will respawn at random locations in South Savanna and also walks around randomly.
2. Caravan now will respawn at random locations in Desert and also walks around randomly.
3. When fishing, you now have a chance to catch a pair of old shoes. When this happens, you can not continue fishing anymore. You have to drop the shoes before you can continue fishing.
4. The religion level you can get from monsters is now increased to level 55. Lvl 55 is given by the Unique in Sky Frontier.

Changes will be active on 24th of August after morning reboot.

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

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Tree of Darkness

1. MONSTER - 1170
2. Reade lrm - 1028
3. Swamp Thing - 148

Bandits Camp
22:26 12/12
23:10 12/12
22:22 12/12

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