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St. Patrick's Day Treasure hunt

Happy St Patrick's Day to all of you! We will celebrate this day till server reboot of Monday March 20.

In Travellers Well Scribeshop you will find the recipe to brew Green Ale, this ale gives the same effect as mark of valor, 30 minutes divine power up, striking blade and horn of plenty

During these days Little Green Leprechaun is wandering on Tharassos, find him 5 times and he will give you 150 plat. This quest can be done only 1 time!! More info can be found here: Green Little Leprechaun

And after you got that 150 plat, why not go drink a beer together with your friends? Beer is for sale in Arkijah Town's Holiday Shop.
Cheers to all of you, your Adminstration


Bugfixes and updates

1. Fixed a bug in protection of doppelganger
2. Religion experience in groups has been increased
3.There is a cap on gold bonus now, max gold bonus is x4. With 2 Goddess pots you will still get x4, with 1 Goddess and Generosity pots you will get x4, all 3 together will give also x4. The gold drop stayed the same

Your Administration


Switching weapons during fight and change in the effect of lightness essences

Switching weapons during fight is possible again, by using hotkeys or double click.
The effect of lightness essences on gear is reduced to 25%
The effect of lightness essences on weapons and shield is reduced to 0%


Winners of Mr and Ms DarkSwords 2017

First of all a big thanks to all who participated, after voting it turned out that we will have 2 Mr DS this year. Congratulations to Mad and Tymeonmyside
Ms DS also had 2 winners, but Crasotkavika decided that being main admin in game is already prize enough, so our Ms DS 2017 is Temperance, congratulations!!
250 plat and a crown that will give a 10% bonus on hp and mp for 2 weeks will be handed out to all 3 of you.


Bugfixes and updates

Fixed a bug with radiant sphere, now it is max 5 hits again
Fixed a bug in alliance sieges. Now it is possible to PvP again during alliance sieges in other realmdoms
We made a change in the skills of the dragon, now the chance to freeze, burn or do lightning is 50%.
We changed the cooldown for joining a new clan from 24 hours to 5 days
Also from now clans who left an alliance have a cooldown of 5 days before they can join another alliance.

Your Administration


International Women Day, March of 8

Administration of DarkSwords congratulates our lovely ladies on the 8th of March - the international Women's day, wishing you: a sea of positive emotions, crowds of generous and never boring fans, smiles, warmth and light. Be gentle and kind to your women they deserve it.
Till server reboot of monday march 13 we will have the next events

Unique dungeon is back. Earn your own bonuses again but keep in mind that bonuses stack to max 4x each and religion to max 2x. The dungeon quest will close at Friday, March 10th with morning reboot
Buy a flower in the holidayshop and give it to other players.
Help Rosa karlova in this quest quest
On march 8 all online players will receive a flower in their inventory which will give a present
On march 8 at 12.00 pm and 00.00 servertime quizmaster will be in ark for a quiz

Your Administration


Vote for Mr and Ms DS 2017

You still can give your vote on forum until server reboot of Monday, March 6.
You can vote here:
Mr DS click here
Ms DS click here


Looking for testers on Saturday March 4, 23.00 pm servertime

We need 16 players to test a religionfight, if you are interested to help, whisp Tib or one of the moderators in game. You need to be playing in the 376-550 range and have active religion. It is only a test, you can not win or loose anything.


Looking for new moderators

Level 500 or higher, very good knowledge of game, besides moderating you will also have to answer playerquestions about game
Positive attitude towards game
Not being banned in the past
Must have skype
Keep this in mind:
You are a member of staff, that means you have to be a role model for others. You need to answer questions of players. You are not allowed to go afk longer than 10 minutes.
And did we already mention the best part? It is an unpaid job.

We are looking for english and/or russian speaking moderators. Requirement for russian players is that english language skill is good enough to communicate in english with other moderators.
The fact that we are looking for Russian moderators does NOT mean that russian will be allowed now in open chat

If you are interested, whisp Tib or MrPresident in game or leave a message on skype and explain in short why you are the moderator we are looking for!


February Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Jhin; Bloodpressure
II place - Gunslinger; Stemsnseeds
III place -Hewer; Doktor-

Levels 201-375
I place -; Frech
II place - Pers; DarkPrince
III place - White mag; Eltauriel

Levels 376-550
I place - Apologize; Kakadu
II place - Ulyses; Brat batona
III place - Lightning; Temperance

Thank you for participating!

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Tree of Darkness

Vote: fight system
1) new: 5
2) old: 2

Goblins Mine
21:10 08/17
08:01 08/18
Black Beach
20:52 08/17

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