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Friday from 11:00 till 11:30 by the server time we will have some work on the server, that why the game will be down. Don't worry, we are doing it for stable and better server work.

Thank you, your Administration



For test for some time the autodrink is increased to 50



Wednesday from 11:00 till 11:30 by the server time we will have some work on the server, that why the game will be down. Don't worry, we are doing it for stable and better server work.

Thank you, your Administration



1. x8 damage pots now has 4 hour duration;
2. In Forgotten lands on loc 20741 Bulletin Board can be found. With increased gold and exp rewards;
3. The bonus from Santa bag is decreased to 50%. From 4 Santa bags you can make Super Santa bag (the scroll can be bought on loc 2013 in Akr), this bag will give 75% weight bonus and do not have cooldown.
4. Some pots where deleted from pt shop and added in Anubis shop or Quest shop.
5. In Emeralds shop and Quest Shop - Buffout can be found. It works as Delicious fish broth before, gives all kind of buffs on you.
6. In Quest Shop - can be found cups, which give 6-4-2% on HP/MP and last 2 weeks. The bonus in out of 150% cap. Month tourney cup and religion season cup also will give this bonus, but you can use only 2 kind of cup at the same time.


Happy Easter

For Easter weekend we will have bonuses on for every day! Also this weekend you will be able to collect eggs and make a red or blue baskets, which give +5% to HP or MP.
Special opportunity for Easter is to order a doll for 30 Mars Tokens!
Ligras will be with us till Tuesday as all discount in zenny, emeralds shop and +20% to every zenny, emeralds purchase!


Poker Quest Results for March

I place -Viriato21 x2, DEATH NOTE, -Volan de Mort-

II place - Mr grim, imagination, -Volan de Mort-

III place - Pasternak, Hellboy jocker

Thank you for participating!



1. In Kebechet quest location 14355 now is save zone with laboratory.
2. In forgotten lands on each region one of the mob is NON-aggro.
3. When you kill Mars you will also get one random Key, which is needed to make Key to Mars. The chance to get key is 100%. In party key will get each party member.
4. At the 1st of each month tourney cups and religion cups will be added in you bag automatically. So make sure that you have free slot in bag, better in the start of bag. We remind you that tourney cups gives % on gold/relig exp, religion cups gives % to stats and to relig exp
5. License to kill in Azdrubal Dungeon will not work.
6. The Tranquilizer and Antidotes from Anubis shop are fixed and now are working;
7. In tourney shop Potion of Divine Encouragement for 12 hours can be found



1. In Anubis shop you can find 2 h 100% flowers;
2. In Mars Token Shop some prices were reduced



Dear players,

As you may know, WHO (World Health Organization) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on Wednesday, Mar. 11th. We’d like to let you know we are thinking about our players and want to make sure everybody is staying healthy.

We also want to treat those who are currently helping to fight the pandemic, such as health and social service workers. We are extremely grateful for you, therefore we would like to offer you a nice bonus! All you have to do is to contact us through Technical Support with any evidence of your work ‘’on the front line’’, it could be a picture of your badge, a selfie from your workplace, etc.

Your health and well-being are our first priority. Please take care of yourself and your families during this time.

Also, there is Ligras for everyone! Prices are reduced in zenny shop and emeralds shop! Everyone who will buy zenny till 6 of April will get 20% bonus on their purchase!

And bonuses will be active till the 6th of April!



1. In Arkijah Scribe Shop 1 you can find new scrolls for blacksmith oil, return to beacon and mass return to beacon
2. Some prices in zenny shop was changed. The religion exp pot was moved to emerald shop and now it give 2000 religion exp.
3. Blacksmith oil does not restore double durability on arts, for double durability later will be added x2 blacksmith oil in lotto

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