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Clan of the year competition

1. Which clan gained the most clan prestige in 2017?
2. Which clan gained the most clan experience in 2017?
3. And which clan has the best clan story over 2017?

You will find it all out in our new clan competition!!!
For part 1 and 2 you do not have to do anything at all, this will all be calculated by Admin.
For part 3 we would like you to tell something about your clan. What makes it so special?
Why should your clan be the clan of the year? Write a funny, sentimental, serious... in other words any kind of story what makes your clan the most special clan in game.
Stories can be written and send on skype to Admin Tib.
After 10th of January, the admin team will choose the clan of the year

And of course, all of these 3 clans will be awarded! The prizes will be announced later. Good luck all!


Dice game Rules

Lately, we got some complaints about the dice games. Players who lost did not pay or did not have the amount of gold/pt which was played for.
For this reason, there will be a rule for playing dice
If you agree to play dice and you set a bet, you will have to pay if you lose. If you do not pay yourself, the administration will take away the amount of gold/pt for which the bet was set.
In this case, the player who did not receive the gold/pt will have to provide a screenshot to administration.



May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year. Wishing you a season of blessings from heaven above. Happy Christmas!!

Starting at the reboot of Monday, December 25 and ending Friday, January 8 at reboot there will be the following activities.
1. Introduction of NEW PET "OTTER"
You can now buy a pet that will help you with fishing.
First of all, it can teleport you to the fishing boat and once you are ready with fishing, it can teleport you to Arkijah Star.
It is an incredibly dynamic pet, when you use him he gives the effect of dynamite, 15 uses of a fishing pole. It is not needed to have a fishing pole with you. The Otter will do the fishing itself.

To use the Otter there is a command in your spell list Catch Fish. Each use will take 20 mp points of the otter. The Otter has 100 mp, so you can let him fish 5 times. MP will recharge same way as all other pets and you can use a pet energy potion on it. And last but not least, it has the same ability as a pack mule. It increases the carry weight of a player and reduces the weight of animal loots and herbs to 0.
The otter does not attack.
Want to buy this incredible pet? Contact a dealer in game
INTRODUCTION DISCOUNT: During the Christmas event you can buy this pet for 1200 zenny instead of 1400.

2. Lotto
In Zenny shop lotto tickets are available for 12 zenny
In Alchemist shops lotto tickets are available for 3.600.000 gold
Also, there will be a draw at the end of the Christmas event, every sold lotto ticket will have a unique number. At end of the event, admin will draw 1 number of the zenny lotto's and 1 number of the gold lotto's.
The lucky number of Zenny lotto will get the new pet Otter for free
The lucky number of Gold lotto will receive a Genie pet
What is inside the lotto can be found here

3. On the stars of Arkijah Town is reindeer waiting for you to give you a small Christmas gift. It takes him 3 hours to prepare a new gift for you. Gifts are amounts of gold varying between 10 gold and 10.000.000 gold

4. Snowflake Lottery
Santa Claus, Uncle Frost, and Uncle Blizzard need your help, if you help them out you will be rewarded with a snowflake. All info can be found here
This quest will end at January 1 at 10.00 am server time.

5. Ligras
Do you want more damage, xp, clan xp? During the event, Ligras will visit Darkswords again. Quest-mob is on Arkijah Star. This quest is limited to a maximum of 5 players.

6. Discount on dragon and genie pets
During the event, you can purchase a dragon or genie pet for reduced prices
Genie is now 800 zenny instead of 1000
Dragon is now 1200 zenny instead of 1600

After server reboot on December 25, 3x damage, xp, prof xp and no dura loss pve/pvp will be active

Later on there will be a new quest, news about this will be announced as soon as possible

Russian news can be found here



1. Hp and Dex flowers cannot be used together.
2. Using a buff pot, which has a cooldown, you will get a message after what time you can use another buff pot.



1. Backstab of the elve characters is now affected by dexterity
2. Manashield of dwarve characters has been reduced to x2
3.In Arkijah Town on location 2022 now is a bulletin board with a variety of quests for xp and gold
4.Godly quintessence +25 is now available in the Merit shop in Arkijah Town and in the QuestionPoint shop in Temple


Password reset after Security Check.

Last few days our security has been checked. The good news is that this has been done by an extern party completely for free!!
Unfortunately, they have found a security issue. This has been fixed now, but because of this issue, all passwords will be reset again. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.
We strongly suggest you not to choose a password that you use already for other online games.

Your administration



Due to a technical problem, month tourney winners didn't receive their cups on choice, so, please, contact any of staff member and tell bonus on what stat do you want, we will change it for you.



November was a month full of religion activity. As announced at the beginning of the month, the top 3 players of each race will be awarded.
The following players have won the main prizes:
I place - Bizon10
II place - MAD
III place - Tpa ta tam

Other winners are: I place - Metal10 II place - Gwynbleidd; Canadish; RiIando; Chief Kief III place - NH; Prestupnik; SANTA; Unstoppable Please contact Admin in game to choose what kind of flower you want to receive

Players who have been active in religion as Dwarve in November, please also contact Admin in game, for those players we have some gifts. This character cannot be an alt char of the winners!!
Thanks everyone for your participation and congratulations to the winners.


November Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Ingroboy;
II place - Gwynbleidd;
III place - Yennefer;

Levels 201-375
I place - Doppelganger; Telerin
II place - Reade lrm;
III place - T A G I Y E V;

Levels 376-550
I place - Validus Knight; Post chaos
II place - MissTaken; Lightmark
III place - Idontbelieveyou

Thank you for participating!



Today from 14:30 we will have some work on the server, that why the game will be down for 30 minutes. Don't worry, we are doing it for stable and better server work.

Thank you, your Administration

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Ticket System
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Vote: levels range
1) 375 max: 24
2) 550 max: 28

River Bank
01:53 06/21
Ruby Traders Camp
21:21 06/20
Ruby Mine
20:27 06/20

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