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From reboot on Friday, March 30 till reboot on April 4 it is all about Eggs in Darkswords.

Anubis dressed up as bunny again and will drop eggs in Arkijah Town during the event. Times of dropping are randomly and he will drop 2 types of eggs.

1. Golden Egg, this will give a Horn of Plenty
2. Surprise Egg, this egg will either give a dynamite egg or an amount of platinum, varying between 1 and 100.

Ligras refused to dress up as a bunny, but he will be in the game during the event. The quest can be taken on Arkijah Star.

More eggs can be found on Tharassos these days. Fill a basket with eggs, cake, and candles and get bonus hp/mp
Info can be found here

ZENNY During the event, Zenny can be exchanged for 2 platinum instead of 1 and you will get 20% off your zenny purchase. Do not miss out on this opportunity!!!

During the event, there will be the following bonuses:

1. 3x combat experience
2. 3x profession experience
3. 3x clan experience
4. 2x religion xp
5. no durability loss in pve and pvp
6. no religion xp loss in case of death.

We wish you all a very happy Easter!!!


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This day, the 17th of March was made into a holiday in the early 17th century. Today it is celebrated worldwide by going to church services, wearing green attire, and, of course, having a beer (or many) with your friends.

As with other holidays, we celebrate this holiday in DarkSwords as well! From the evening of March 17 server time until the server reboot of March 21 you can catch leprechauns which will give you a reward of 500 plat if you manage to catch them.
Info about these leprechauns can be found here

It’s not truly Saint Patrick’s Day without a beer (or 2 or 3 or more…). Visit the Spring Store in Travellers Well to purchase a recipe for Green Ale.
This ale has a similar effect to a Mark of Valor.



After lots of old shoes have been removed from the bottom of the DarkSwords Sea, Scientists noticed that there are hidden treasures as well on the bottom of the sea.

This means that while fishing, you now have a chance to catch a Treasure Chest!!!

This Chest can contain the following items:

Gold: 10, 100, 1000, 10.000 or 100.000 gold
Fishes of the 3d category: 3 Pollack, Beryx, Keta or Flathead Asp
Ancient Amphora's: 2 HP or MP Amphora's

We wish you all the luck in your future fishing adventures


Cheating in Sieges

Players are not allowed to set sieges on lands that belong to clans which are in same alliance.
Players are not allowed to set sieges on lands of others with the only purpose to avoid that other clans can set siege on that land.
Furthermore, players are not allowed to set sieges on lands that belong to a clan in which they have an alt character.

First offense: Official warning and siege will be removed
Second offense: punishment up to Admin"s decretion
Third offense: ban up to Admin's discretion

Other rules can be found here


The Celebration of International Women Day, March 8 - March 13

Today is dedicated to all of the women of DarkSwords! We thank you for your charm, wonder, and beauty that you bring to the Game.
Your hard work and sacrifice is something that may go unnoticed in day-to-day activities… but not today!
We recognize that there are mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, and wives that are part of our community who each bring a unique story to our community.
We hope to cherish your uniqueness and to make you feel special each day, but especially today.
You are the best!!!

From March 8 until March 13 you will find 8 March cats on Arkijah Star that will need your help! All info can be found here


During this period Ligras will be on Arkijah Star. It requires a group of max 5 players to kill him.


Everyone who will buy zenny from March 8 until March 13 will receive a special zenny lotto. Each purchase of 100 zenny will give you 1 lotto ticket.

In lotto can be found:
1.Bonus on select (1 exp, lvl, clan exp, professional exp x4 or relig x2 pot)
2.Sacrifice of Ares - x6
3.Bronze cup
4.Dynamite stick - x5
5.Elixir on select (x10 Potion of Divine Absorb / Reflect / Generosity /Empathy / Unexcelled Accuracy / Power-up)
6.Summon Otter
7.Summon Genie
8.Dragon on choice
9.Bomb pack - x5
10.Racial ability to choose - x10
11.Flower chest
12.Removing on select - x10
13.Horn of plenty - x6
14.Santa bag - x2
15.Mass tranquilizer - x15
16.Spirit bottle
17.Deportation on select - (x5 to Deportation to Mutant Forest / Centaur Island/ Reign of Hades)


Kebechet, the daughter of Anubis and Anput has been kidnapped. Your job to help bring the daughter of Anubis back to her parents. All info about this daily quest can be found here


December, January and February Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Kiri; LittleDevilGirl; Oliveoil; ZENNY Jocker
II place - DevilGirlsDevil; ZENNY Jocker; EmiLio
III place - Talktoomuch

Levels 201-375
I place - Doktor; Furyofdarkness; Donttalk
II place - Talktoomuch

Levels 376-550
I place - Dealtstar the r; Imperial scout; MissTaken
II place - Igehs; NeKrO; Hellboy jocker
III place - Kate Bae

Thank you for participating!


Winners of the Valentine competition

First of all our apologies for the late announcement of this competition.

Amber games Administrator has read all ode gra's and stories and have chosen the winners

The first competition was the DarkSwords “Couples Election"
Winner of this competition is Floest

The second was the proposal competition, it turned out that our players are a bit shy, because there were no competitors in this competition.

Third was the ode to the partner gra.
The winner is Buu Buu with a very nutty ode to Puxkaa

Congratulations to you both, you will get 20 calls of hearts and also a "honeymoon" on one of the fishing boats with an increased chance on catching fish.
It will take a bit of time to prepare the boat for your honeymoon, but we will hand you the tickets as soon as the boat is ready.



An error has been fixed with the use of Santa Bag where it was not giving the 3x carry weight. It is now back to its normal bonus of 3x carry weight, and no longer needs a reinitialization to take effect.

All pets will now increase carry weight. Every 200 paid pet guild levels will give 1% extra carry weight, up to a maximum of 50%.




During the event, the following effects will be in place:
- characters who are in a marriage or combat alliance will have 2x damage.
- the price of weddings and combat alliances will be 50% off of normal prices (normal ceremony will be 50 platinum instead of 100 platinum; a ceremony with a custom certificate will be 100 platinum instead of 200 platinum); these weddings and combat alliances can be ordered through any Moderator in Game if Admin Tib is not online.
- Zenny sales, every purchase will get +20% of bought zenny amount (zenny will be added during 24 hours)
- Valentine’s Holiday quest will be active; more info on this can be found here.
- Cupidos can be found on Arkijah star and will give a lotto ticket which is worth anywhere from 10 gold to 10 million gold; cooldown for this is 3 hours.
- Valentine’s cards may be purchased from the Holiday Shop and given to friends and loved ones; these do not provide any bonus in Game.
- quest mob east of Arkijah star will be available to brew a Ring of Eternal Love; once used this item will give the effect of Divine Absorb for 1 hour; the quest has a cooldown of 24 hours.

The Administration will be holding three competitions on Wednesday, February 14 for Valentine’s Day.
The first competition is the DarkSwords “Couples Election”. To enter this competition you must explain why you, together as a couple, are the cutest and funniest couple in all of DarkSwords. The forum post for this competition can be found here, or posts can be given to Admin Tib in Game or through Skype. This competition is only open to characters who are married or are in a combat alliance.
The second competition is the DarkSwords “Proposal Competition”. To enter this competition you must GRA the funniest, most romantic, sweetest, or most original marriage proposal to your loved one. Each player is limited to one GRA for this competition, and is only open to players who are not married or in a combat alliance. The third competition is the DarkSwords “Ode to Partner Competition”. To enter this competition you must GRA the funniest, most romantic, sweetest, or most original ode to your partner. Each player is limited to one GRA for this competition, and is only open to players who are married or in a combat alliance.
If you want to participate in the “Proposal Competition” or the “Ode to Partner Competition”, you may contact Admin Tib in Game to receive 5 platinum to cover the cost of the GRA. This must be used for the competition GRA within 24 hours or else it will be removed from your balance.

Prizes for each of the competitions will be given to each of the winners and will be announced after the competitions are over. Submissions will be judged by the Administration from Amber Games.

Happy Valentine's day! Love each other!


After the server reboot on February 8, the follow changes will be in effect:

The use of Santa Bag is limited 1 every 24 hours.
Ancient Amphoras of Mana can only be used by the Drow and Human races.
Ancient Amphoras of Health can only be used by the Dwarf, Elf, and Orc races.
All characters can only use a maximum of 1 Azdrubals Potion (also known as Zenny flower or platinum flower) at a time, no matter what race the character is.

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Ticket System
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Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret
Black Tears
Team Kakashi

1) Starlighter - 1939
2) ActionPrime - 1312
3) TOR - 637

Travellers Well
04:42 12/17
20:41 12/17
Lords Castle
20:53 12/17

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