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Summer Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Tehnos; Nino; Reaver; Me to; Pumpkin spice; Grey
II place - Hellsbeast; Xilluminaticx; Amygdala; Lovely lady x2; Enchantress
III place - Sola or sabnam; Lovely lady; Me to x2

Levels 201-375
I place - Prestupnik; War hammer; Chebear x2; Frontline; Tyrion lanister
II place - Hawksclaw; Eltauriel x2; Chronos; NeKrO; Kiss of death
III place - Thoraina; King arthur; Hellsghost; Enzo amore

Levels 376-550
I place - Vikudav; Cptpanda; Buu buu; Pishacha; MR Cuddles; Jamie Fraser
II place - Moses; Puxkaa; Kratos; Darkness rising; Prestupnik
III place - Amatril; Assasino bra; Prestupnik; mogar; Darkness rising

Thank you for participating!


Happy day!

August 13th is birthday of Admin Tib. To celebrate this day, there will be a 2x gold bonus active



WHEN? Monday August 7 after reboot until reboot of Monday August 14.

During this week there are zenny flowers for sale with a duration of 12 hours, Price: 40 zenny

Gold Lotto Tickets will be for sale in Alchemist Shop for 2.400.000 gold
Zenny Lotto Tickets will be for sale in Zenny Shop for 12 zenny


Fixes and changes

Fixed a bug in which insurance ran out right after death of character
Fixed a bug in which players with 550 paid guild levels did not find herbs on the ground anymore
Genie Lord in South Savanna is now walking around the Savanna.


New packs and potion in Zenny shop

After reboot of July 18, the following potion and packs will be added to Zenny shop.
Agronomist Power
Duration 1 hour. After use you will be notificated if a location already has been seeded. Also the player who is using this potion is the only one who can harvest the herbs he has been seeded himself.

Zenny Sphere pack
Gives 10 spheres for 5 days

Zenny Ares pack
Gives 35 Sacrifice to Ares

Zenny Remove cooldown pack
Gives 150 remove cooldowns pots

Zenny Pack of Soups
Gives 100 of each Soup

Zenny Amphoras chest
Gives 2000 Amphoras on choice ( Mana or Life amphs)

Zenny pack of farming/grinding pots
Gives a chest which includes 50 divine generosity pots, 50 divine reward pots, 50 accuracy pots, 50 Snacks for familiar.

Zenny PVP chest
Gives a chest that includes 50 Divine encouragment pots, 50 Sacrafice to Ares, 10 Insurance contracts, 50 divine antiseptic, 50 Remove cooldown, 250 tranquillizers, 250 antidotes , 250 hp amphoras and 250 mp amphoras and 100 Delicious Fish Broth.


Winners of the petname competition

A big thanks to all who participated in this competition. It wasn't an easy choice but out of the 15 petnames we received, these has become the winners
1. Little panda with Zenyatta
2. Voldemort with Cheetos
3. The Riddler with WhySoSerious

Congratulations to all of you


Upgrade/Downgrade of combat/guild levels

After downgrading your combat level to a lower religion range, you get 2 weeks time to try this range. In those 2 weeks you can go back to your old combat and guild level for free.
After this 2 weeks you have 2 options to go back to your old combat/guild level
1. you get gold to pay your guild levels and level yourself back to your old combat level
2. Main admin gives you back your old combat level and you pay yourself your guild levels
This will be effective till september 1, 2017
If you want to downgrade or upgrade, please contact Tib or MrPresident in game


Changes in gold system and rewards for having 550 paid guild levels

Gold drop will now depend on guild lvl according to this table. In addition, you get an extra 10% if you have religion lvl /39 or higher and religion is active.
lvl 380 - 449 - 5%
lvl 450 - 469 - 10%
lvl 470 - 489 - 15%
lvl 490- 509 - 20%
lvl 510 - 529 - 25%
lvl 530 - 539 - 30%
lvl 540 - 549 - 50%
lvl 550 - 60%
Keep in mind that this is for paid guild lvls, not for combat lvl. For example if you are lvl 489, you will get 15% bonus. If same time religion /39 or higher is active, you get 10% more, so 25%
If you are lvl 400 but only have paid 370 guild lvls, you do not receive bonusgold. Under lvl 380 you will not receive any goldbonus.

Rewards for 550 paid guild lvls
1. You have 20% chance on double loot of monsters
2. When loots are going to owning clans of the land, you will receive this loot as well 3. It is no longer needed to use a snack for familiair, all xp will automatically go to your familiair.


Bugfixes and change

Fixed a bug with exhaustion after using layered defense. Now it is 2.30 minutes again.
Posting youtube links with content of other mmorp games is no longer allowed. MP silence is 15 minutes, if posted in gra or tradechat MP silence is 60 minutes.


Independence day

July 4th is independance day in the USA. To celebrate this day bonuses will be active after server reboot:
4x damage
4x xp
4x prof xp
no durability loss in pvp/pve
no religion xp loss
Furthermore we will have a petname competition.
As you all know, we have reset the petnames to standard names. Up to you to give your pet a new name again. For the 3 most original, funny, lovely etc. etc. names we will give prizes:
1. 12 youthpots and 12 snacks for familiair
2. 6 youthpots and 6 snacks for familiair
3. 3 youthpots and 3 snacks for familiair
Wanna participate and get your pet food for free? Send a message to one of the staffmembers online and tell why the name of your pet is the best of all.
The 3 winners will be chosen by our main admin Crasotkavika on Tuesday July 11

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

24% 25% 26% 25%

Tree of Darkness

1. MONSTER - 1170
2. Reade lrm - 1028
3. Swamp Thing - 148

Bandits Camp
22:26 12/12
23:10 12/12
22:22 12/12

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