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Dear Darkswordians,

We are taking applications for 1 new moderator, all the information and application can be found here
Please submit your applications in full to be considered, thank you.

Your Administration



We have been working hard these past few weeks to test many issues with PvP. We realize that there have been issues and bugs, which we apologize for, but thank you for helping us to solve these problems.

First, the religion skills ‘mental strike’ and ‘sudden hit’ will now return to how they were in the past. They will no longer be dependent upon the player’s religion level.

Second, the skills learned in the Cult of Mental Defense and the Cult of Precognition have been altered slightly. ‘Anti-mental hit’ and ‘Anti-sudden hit’ will now have a much higher chance of being successful in battle when all 15 levels in the respective cult have been learned.

We look forward to making the PvP system even better! To voice your opinion on changes made or future changes you would like to see in game, please feel free to post on the forum page here

Your Administration


Update religion and fixes

Saturday, December 3 in the evening server-time, there will be a reboot after which the following will become active:

  1. Solo players will be able to attack solo players as well as groups.
  2. Groups will only be able to attack other groups, not solo players. This means that if a member of the group has a war with the solo player, they will NOT be able to attack that solo player.
  3. The problem with not receiving Quest Charters after being kicked out of a quest is solved: from now on the player kicked from the quest will receive the Quest Charters in their inventory.
  4. Corsair Quest: From now on, the starting location of the Corsair Quest will have 4 exits. This change has been made to avoid the problem of the opposite team standing on the exit of the other team throughout the whole quest.
  5. In PvP quests, players will now get points if they kill another player on the opposite team, even if the player that they killed is in their clan or alliance.
  6. Magical Mirror: From now on, players will receive a message of all players who pass through the mirror, not just for religion players.
  7. Inadequacy now gives the effect of Dogs Distemper. This is done because the inadequacy effect was unfair towards Russian-speaking players.
  8. ZENNY: From now on, it will be possible to buy Zenny with Rubles. This has been added to the payment system for all of the Commonwealth of Independent States except Ukraine.

Your Administration.


Black Friday

Black Friday Sales on Darkswords
On all plat orders 20% discount on techfee
If the fee is paid with Zenny, the discount is 40%
For example a clan paid with plat will cost 800 plat techfee and 50 pt dealerfee.
If paid with Zenny it will cost 600 zenny and 50 pt dealerfee..

With every purchase of 50 Zenny you will get a Zenny lotto. So for example if you buy 250 Zenny, you will get 5 Zenny lotto for FREE!!!
But hurry up, cause this offer is only available from friday november 25 10 am servertime till saturday november 26, 10 am servertime.
You can contact any staffmember in game for your order.

Your Administration



This Thursday, November 24th is Thanksgiving Day! It is a day to thank all of you players for being with us. We hope you continue to enjoy the game every day!

To celebrate this special day, the following bonuses will be active:

3x damage
3x experience
3x clan experience
3x profession experience
2x religion experience
2x rewards from bulletin board quests
No religion experience loss
No durability loss in PvP and PvE

Your Administration


New Pot!

Introducing the newest addition to the Darkswords potion roster... the Clan Experience Potion!
This can be purchased from the zenny shop and will help to boost your clans level. There is a cooldown period of 24 hours on this potion. Any other questions please ask MrPresident or Tib.
Thank you and get those clans leveled up!


Game optimization

Dear players,
As many of you have probably noticed, there has been a lot of lag in the game recently. To fix this we have re-optimized the client data so that the game will run smoother. Thank you for your continued patience and support of the game!
We hope that you have a great day!

Your Administration


Winners of DS Anniversary event

First of all, we want to thank everyone for participating in all of the events. We hope you have enjoyed them, even if you didn’t win anything else other than 500 cheese.

Our congratulations go to the winner of the new pet FEILONG DRAGON :

Top 3 was:
1. tomsotherhalf = 10904
2. MOOSTAFA = 8479
3. Bumble b e e = 571

It wasn’t an easy task to make a choice of all those stories, but our Main Judge Crasotkavika has come to this verdict:

1. Assassin Boy winner of 1000 pt
2. Monster winner of 500 pt
3. Zirka Smerty winner of 250 pt

Birthday Card competition
We ask the winners of the Birthday Card competition to contact Tib in game about their prize.
This are:
1. tomsotherhalf 380
3. Itachi Uchiha 102

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 10 at 21.00 pm servertime, we will have the 3v3 tournament. Teams that want to participate can contact Tib in game or one of the mods. You can register for the tournament up until 1 hour before the start of the tournament.

Your Administration



Now the end of the Anniversary Event is approaching, it is time to tell a bit more about our new pet It is a dragon and not just a dragon, NO, it is a Feilong Dragon, a flying dragon.
And that is exactly what our Feilong Dragon pet is going to do. It can teleport its owner to the 5 main cities of DarkSwords.
But that is not all, since it is a fire dragon, it can also help its owner to set his opponent on fire. So use the last 2 days to gather as many pet points as you can, and maybe you are Monday the owner of FEILONG DRAGON


October Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Karol l; Peaceful me
II place - Reade lrm

Levels 201-375
I place - Ma chao
II place - Genshik wall
III place - -ESDEATH-

Levels 376-550
I place - tomsotherhalf; Hellstanker
II place - Goldieblood; Tara knowles
III place - 666Death666; Alers

Thank you for participating!

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