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Winners of the Pumpkin pet and Changes

Winners of the Pumpkin pet Mogar 42 candy
Misstaken 27 candy
Jules 20 candy
Hunnibunny 20 candy
And Mogar with the most candy of all also wins a free avatar on the pumpkin pet, please contact Tib in game for this and congratulations to all of you

Change in Sparta
From now on Sparta has no time limit anymore, so you can go whenever you want. But do keep in mind that there is no star anymore on Sparta. If you die, you will have to teleport back again.

Gold drop in some regions
Regions: Centaur Island, Atlantis, Tartarus and Reign of Hades - now have gold drop x1.5

Russian news can be found here


September and October Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - Ms snow kitty; Grey; Treadlightly; Yeraz;
II place - Grey; Telerin;
III place - Ms snow kitty; Gwynbleidd;

Levels 201-375
I place - Alatava; Kiss of death; Angmar;
II place - Ahool; Eltauriel;
III place - Boyka;

Levels 376-550
I place - Jamie Fraser; MissTaken; Jeromiedavid; mogar
II place - mogar; Mandarin; Kratos; Jeromiedavid
III place - Darkness rising; Prestupnik; Mad

Thank you for participating!



Begin: Monday, October 30 at 10.00 am server time
End: Thursday, November 2 at 00.00 server time

Pumpkins are in town to give you a FREE PUMPKIN PET!!!!
Pumpkins are roaming around in:
Arkijah Town
Ruby Fort
Seastone Town
Black Town
Everspring Town
Underground Town
Catch them and get a trick or treat. The biggest treat? A chest full of potions!! But be fast because if not caught, they change location after 5 minutes.
Do not worry if they only give you candy! Collect ? candy and you will be rewarded with a special pet, a PUMPKIN. This pet does attack, can gain levels but will never grow old.

Ligras decided to visit the world of Darkswords again these days. This time he won't have 2x religion potions with him, but mass tranquilizers. Your chance to get a few of them.
Quest-mob for Ligras will be on Arkijah Star, and only groups can be teleported to Ligras after group leader has accepted the quest.

Goddess of Generosity
During the event, every hour 1 player will be chosen to get a 24 hours gatherer of generosity position. Don't be away because you have only 5 minutes to accept this generous gift, use \pve_gift or \pvp_gift

Russian news can be found here



After server reboot of Friday, October 27, you will not be able anymore to set born in Sparta.
When using the teleport to Sparta which is for sale for 300k gold in Alchemist shops, you can stay on Sparta for 2 hours. This is real time.
After 2 hours you are automatically teleported back to Arkijah Town and will have a cooldown of 24 hours before you can teleport again to Sparta.
If you die during your 2 hours in Sparta, you can go to location 20569 (valorshop Ark). Here is a questmob which will teleport you back to Sparta. If you die more than 1 time and you can not take the quest again, please do check your quest list, if the quest is still in your list, deny it and then you can take it again.
Soon also a non-chaos land will be added under same conditions but with a 2x gold drop.

Russian news can be found here


Fix of login bonus and holiday of Crasotkavika

The login bonus has been fixed. After 7 days of logging in, in a row, you will receive a pvp and pve generosity

Main admin Crasotkavika will be away on holiday from Friday until Wednesday. During these days only gear orders will be done. All other orders like avatars, clans, shops etc will be done when she is back. For all issues in the game is Tib the one to talk to during her absence.


Change in Heresy and Corsair events.

You will now be teleported to the fighting area after one minute in the safe zone. This is to prevent players joining the event and going afk, and no one receiving points.


Changes and fixes

1. The reward of owning lands as the clan has been significantly increased. Income of lands will now be 10-20 more as it was before.
2. The price for hidden list option has been changed from 10 to 20 plat, duration 15 hours
3. The price for the doppelganger option has been changed from 20 to 50 plat, duration 15 hours
4. The price for plat in the plat-exchangers has been changed to 300.000 gold buy and sell
5. The flowers in the zenny shop are no longer soulbound and have a bonus of 100%
6. We have added flowers in the plat alchemy shops. These flowers have a bonus of 50% and have a duration of 12 hours.
7. The tournament cup for winning tournament has been changed to a cup chest. After a player won tournament, he will receive such chest containing cups with 10% bonus with duration of 24 hours. This change is only for 376-550 lvl, for another lvls the reward stayed the same
These bonuscups can be used at any time.
Each bonus can be used only once. It is possible to use the different bonuses together
8. The value of the treasure quest has been increased from 240.000 gold to 5.000.000. Get your compasses and shovels and go dig!!

1. The plat exchanger in Ruby Town has been put back

Russian news can be found here


Winners of the cake competition

So many cakes have been collected during the event, in total 2645 cakes. And since it needs 9 pieces to make 1 cake, in total 23.805 cake pieces were collected, wow!!!
Great job of all of you, thank you so much for participating
Since the number 1 and 2 have been collecting 83% of the total amount of cakes we have decided to give them both the main prize
1. Monster 1170 cakes, wins a genie with a free avatar on it
2. Reade Irm, 1028 cakes, wins a genie
3. Swamp Thing, 148 cakes wins a pet of choice worth 150 pt with a free avatar on it.

In order to get your prize you have to send 1 real cake to both of admins ;)


Genie pet for Cakes

On request, we extended the duration of the cake event. Till server reboot of Sunday at 10 am server time the monsters will drop pieces of cake again. Monsters need to be above your combat level.
Sunday the player with the most cakes will be the winner of the genie! Amount of cakes for 3 first places you can see on the main page under Clans Top, the top will refresh few times in a day.


Server problems

We have some technical issue with our server. That way the game can work with some delay and lags. We know about this problem and try to fix it as soon as possible.

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

26% 24% 25% 25%

Tree of Darkness

1. MONSTER - 1170
2. Reade lrm - 1028
3. Swamp Thing - 148

Cows Farm
12:39 04/23
12:01 04/23
South Wooden Fort
21:02 04/22

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