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After Sunday morning reboot, the following will be active:
1. Reflect, Suppression and Soaking is reduced by 50% from equipment;
2. Elf, orc and human racial ability will give 5% of suppression;
3. Player after killing darksoul is getting anti teleportation buff, with duration 1 minute, during this buff you can not use any type of teleports. It is one of Optimus Prime ideas and he will be rewarded for that;
4. After 65 religion levels, players will get 0.5% religion exp for level from darksoul mob. Before that as before 1%;
5. The price of extra bonuses in emeralds shop is reduced, also the cap for extra stat bonuses is increased from 20% to 30%;
6. Now gears with an extra bonus will have [#] in their name;
7. The bug, when x8 damage pot did not work with a bonus subscription is fixed. All who lost x8 damage pot, please inform the administration, it will be returned;
8. The items amount in the inn is increased by 30%.


Black Friday

Today on all plat orders 20% discount on tech fee! Also only today it is possible to order the dolls for character for 2000 plat!
All zenny purchase will get 20% more zenny ( zenny will be added during 24hours)!

All purchases made during the period 28.11 - 02.12 10:00(server time) participate in the lottery! The prize is 150 emeralds!

Your Administration



Thanksgiving Lottos will be available until Monday. Details here.

Who wants to help DS and have a chance to win something cool? We are running a competition, if your idea gets implemented in-game then you will win a prize.
Enter here.

There is also a Thanksgiving Day quest available. It starts with quest mob Host of the Feast in Arkijah. The reward is a pot with a lot of bonuses!

Thanksgiving event will end Monday, December 2.

Bigger bonuses will be turned on over the weekend.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!



1. Orc hp was decreased a little bit;
2. Orc damage on 2 axes was increased by 15% and on 2 swords by 10%;
3. Orc's resists on racial ability were decreased.



We have a new emerald's shop, which can be found in Arkijah at loc - 2012. This shop has unique potions, as new Azdrubals potions, they will give an extra 20% bonus on top of the standard 150% bonus cap or religion pot x3, zenny pets and even license to kill.
All information about pots can be found here

You can get emeralds only by buying zenny, for each purchase you will get 10% from zenny amount. All emeralds pots are soulbound and can not be sold back to the shop.



After next morning reboot the following will become active:
1. Elf, Orc and Human racial will not affect on suppression;
2. Mass magic was rework, now Human damage decrease by 20% for each next target;
3. Orc and elf hp was increased;
4. Orc damage decreased, 2 axes give 10% bonus damage and 2 swords 20% bonus damage;
5. Drow racial now ignores shield of faith and negate elements for all targets;
6. Bonus cap was increased to 150%;
7. Lycanthropy was returned to default;
8. Ally cooldown was decreased from 5 days to 5 hours;
9. 17.11 skulls will be disabled, but not deleted (they will be active again later, so keep them)! All skulls which are used on players will stay till time expire;


Changes and fix:

1. Fixed the problem, that drow could not use racials;
2. Pet rune drop rate was increased;
3. Darksouls gives so much religion experience, as you need to kill 100 darksouls to get a level



After morning reboot, the following will be changed:
1. Elf, Dwarf and Orc health was increased;(after 450 lvl)
2. Mage mana was reduced;(after 450 lvl)
3. Mage and orc damage increase;(after 450 lvl)
4. Elf backstab was decreased;(after 450 lvl)
5. Human and Drown can not use Dwarf racial potion;
6. Orc with 2 swords has for 35% more damage on human and drow, as on dwarf.


We love you

We would like to thank all players of Darkswords for being with us. There has been a lot of changes lately and there are more to come. We want to thank you for your patience while we are working on improving the game.
Therefore all players who log in between start on November 2 until server start on November 15 will receive a chest with goods.
This chest you can open in inventory, but make sure you have enough free spots before you do so.
This chest will be given to all players above guild lvl 100 and registered before October 1, 2019.
The chest and all pots in it are soulbound.

Your Administration


Poker quest results:

I place -Forrestgump, Daenerys.T., Nastja x2, Viriato21 x2

II place - Forrestgump, The white wolf, Kir x2, Walt Longmire, ikusan


Thank you for participating!

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA

Brown Mountains
16:31 06/07
Mage School
20:30 06/07

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