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Friends, in the near future you will find a number of updates. And we want to announce some of them.
From monsters, you can knock out drops, from which you can brew gears with a coefficient 1.5. Also, we will have 13 new pets!!
All pets could be brew from monsters drop and will have unique abilities. For example, a chance to pass 2 cells in 1 step; bonus on a gold drop; an increase in experience gained from monsters; an increase of all character characteristics by some % and others!

Stay tuned for more information soon!



Hello, Dear players of Darkswords World.
Today we will have a global gap in our magical life’s that will lead us to new experiences and changes!
Now, the maximum level of the character is 345! However, do not get too happy, it will be hard to reach that destination! Something went wrong while we were jumping inside the time machine, and now all the characters have maximum 300 levels, and the battle experience you will need for next 45 levels is highly increased – around x10 times it was before, while the experience you will get from monsters is decreased!
All our pets also were changed – now their maximum level is 300! However, do not be too scared, as it was before, there is no limit to level them. As before, every 100 levels you level your pet will give you 1% weight! Go on and be the first to reach level 1000 pet! All the religion range is changed now! Now we will have religion range 100-200 and 201-345, so everyone will be able to check his or her power in religion fights! Tournament range and quest range were changed to 100-345!
However, we have some bad news… While we were in time-lapse, something went wrong, and that erased all pots from the game like – Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy, Potion of Divine Reward and Bonus experience pot from Ligras! Bonus experience pot from Ligras was changed to Bonus damage pot!
More changes are coming soon! Be the first one to reach level 345!


Knowledge Day

Tomorrow is 1 of September, we will have special bonuses on as x2 gold and x2 relig! Standard weekend bonuses as x2 damage, exp, clan exp and no durability loss in PVE will be also on.
Also all day few times, everyone who will be on will get some rewards, so do not miss it!


Ligras is here

Today is a wonderful day and Birthday for our lovely admin Tib!
So we have some special bonuses: 3x xp, prof xp, 2x relig xp, no rel xp lost and on top 2x gold
Also for this day, Ligras is waiting for you, if you kill him - he gives you bonus potion, do not forget to take your friend with you in a fight!


Anubis visiting DarkSwords again

On Saturday, August 4 Anubis will visit Darkswords.
He will be around between:
11.00-11.30 am servertime
14.00-14.30 pm servertime
22.00-22.30 servertime

After each fight, Anubis will do 2 rounds of dice.

Hope to see you all for some good fights and do not forget to prepare yourself!!


Last day of July

Only today everyone who will buy zenny, will get 1 lotto with a chance to get any of zenny pet of it!

Each 100 zenny = 2 lotto.
Don't miss it and Good Luck!


Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - S_i_b_b_a, Archey x2,
II place - Stormspirit, Archey,

Levels 201-375
I place - Rancorous, Doktor, Toxa x2, Rollypoly, Hack and slash, Crazy orc, _Thunder_
II place - CUKUR, _Guan Yu_, WolfGang

Levels 376-550
I place - Temperance, Prestupnik, Kaneki Ken x2, Mozilla, Jamie Fraser, Buu buu, Pishacha
II place - Buu buu x2, DEATH NOTE, KeHT, Puxkaa, Kir
III place - DILLON, Xysa, Mozilla, Cecil, Frontiline

Thank you for participating!



It is now possible to brew or buy element protection potions of the follow types:
Lightning protection
Cold protection
Fire protection

Potions have a duration of 15 minutes with a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Besides buying them in Zenny shop it is also possible to brew the potions. Scrolls to do so are for sale in Scribeshops.


We know everyone was waiting for lotto and July 21 we start with SUMMER LOTTO!
The new element protection potions will be in both zenny lotto and gold lotto
Zenny lotto tickets are for sale in Zenny shops for 12 zenny
Gold lotto tickets are for sale in alchemist shops for 3.600.000 gold

We wish you all a very happy Summer!!


Summer Sales

Purchase zenny and get for 20% more, also everyone who will purchase zenny, for each 100 zenny will get 1 genetic pot for 1 week.

The bonuses you will get during 24 hours after purchasing. Sales will end at 19.06.18 ??????



Today we have added a new quest in the game, the Olympic Games Quest. The quest starts in the Holiday Shop in Arkijah Town and will lead you through all main cities on Tharassos.
The goal of the quest is to collect 5 colored rings and a white flag. With these items, you can brew an “Olympic Flag” which will give you all genes for 3 months.

The First Quest npc you can find in Arkijah at location 20570 and the min level for quest is 360. Good Luck!
The quest has a cooldown of 3 months.
It is no longer possible to buy genes from the store for platinum!!
We do however offer an option to buy genes for zenny
In the zenny shops, you can buy genes with different durations:
1 week for 10 zenny
1 month for 30 zenny
3 months for 75 zenny

From now on Caravan in Desert will not disappear anymore after 24 steps, but will move around until it got killed.

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

24% 25% 25% 26%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret

Vote: fight system
1) 100-245: 21
2) 100-200: 19

Battle Yard
11:18 04/23
Arkijah Town
11:19 04/23
Royal Warriors Camp
21:26 04/22

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