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1. Server gold was increased, now you can get more gold from any of monsters.
2. The % to catch golden fish and amphoras was increased, do not forget to use improved jigs for it.
3. The gold in Treasure, which you can catch while fishing was increased, the amount of amphoras now is 5 instead of 2 and there is a change to get Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy with duration 10 minutes



1. With command \hearall you can turn off the World chat, the command has to be used every time when you log in.
2. The reward for religion kills now you can get, even if you already killed your opponent before.
3. The bonus on backstab for elves was disabled in the tourney.


Elves Backstab

1. The backstab damage was increased.
2. Azdrubals Potion of Quickness affect on elves backstab was increased.
3. Backstab on monster was also increased for 20%



Trophies in Artifact Alchemist now cost 5 platinum, instead of 10.
World chat now is turn on for all players, who are not in clan castle, quest zone or tourney.


Reward for kill

The reward for religion kill was changed, now it is a chest from which you can get different pots. All pots are soulbond. For groups kill and solo kill you will get the different chest. Info about pots can be found here



Until 1 of October we have zenny sales, for each purchase, you will get 10% more and for each 100 zenny you will get zenny lotto, for each 250 you will get new pet snack.

*Each of bonuses will be added in 24 hours


New pot

We added the new pot in game, it is - Super Snack for Familiar. This pot gives more exp from mobs to your pet, if you are more then 300 combat level.
All information about Zenny shop items can be found here
Also in Artefact Alchemist, you can find Critical trophy, Mental trophy and Testament trophy.


About staff

Hello Everyone, We would like to congratulate MOOSTAFA as our new Admin.
We would also like to congratulate our new members to the team and some familiar names who have stepped up to the plate to help with all the great changes to come. below is the list of all the staff and their titles.

Bellatrix Lestrange - Moder
deanna - Moder Dealer
Dose of uman - Moder
Kaneki Ken - Moder Dealer Trader
Kir - Moder
Mad wolf - Moder
Optimus Prime - Moder
Pride and glory - Moder
Thackery binx - Moder
Titanik - Moder
TOR - Moder Dealer
Vadyan - Moder
Walt Longmire - Moder Dealer
xaliava - Moder
Cecil - Dealer Trader
INVOKER - Dealer Trader
Mini Mark - Dealer
Plague Doctor - Dealer
Spiritlord - Dealer
Winter soldier - Dealer

Big congrats to you all and thank you for your hard work.

Also, we would like to inform all the players of Darkswords - we are in need of more helpful members to join our staff.

We are looking to bring back the helpers team and in doing so we need players with vast knowledge of the game and a willingness to help and or answer any questions a player may have.

We are also in need of a few more moderators during the hours of 05:00 to 15:00 game time anyone who may be interested, please contact a fellow staff member so they can submit your info to administration.



Friends, in the near future you will find a number of updates. And we want to announce some of them.
From monsters, you can knock out drops, from which you can brew gears with a coefficient 1.5. Also, we will have 13 new pets!!
All pets could be brew from monsters drop and will have unique abilities. For example, a chance to pass 2 cells in 1 step; bonus on a gold drop; an increase in experience gained from monsters; an increase of all character characteristics by some % and others!

Stay tuned for more information soon!



Hello, Dear players of Darkswords World.
Today we will have a global gap in our magical life’s that will lead us to new experiences and changes!
Now, the maximum level of the character is 345! However, do not get too happy, it will be hard to reach that destination! Something went wrong while we were jumping inside the time machine, and now all the characters have maximum 300 levels, and the battle experience you will need for next 45 levels is highly increased – around x10 times it was before, while the experience you will get from monsters is decreased!
All our pets also were changed – now their maximum level is 300! However, do not be too scared, as it was before, there is no limit to level them. As before, every 100 levels you level your pet will give you 1% weight! Go on and be the first to reach level 1000 pet! All the religion range is changed now! Now we will have religion range 100-200 and 201-345, so everyone will be able to check his or her power in religion fights! Tournament range and quest range were changed to 100-345!
However, we have some bad news… While we were in time-lapse, something went wrong, and that erased all pots from the game like – Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy, Potion of Divine Reward and Bonus experience pot from Ligras! Bonus experience pot from Ligras was changed to Bonus damage pot!
More changes are coming soon! Be the first one to reach level 345!

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Ticket System

24% 25% 26% 25%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Victorias Secret

Grandads Battlefield
17:35 08/20
Puppet Theater
17:39 08/20
17:38 08/20

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