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Good news for shopowners

Shoplogs are visible for shopowners again, you can find them here: Settings


New quest: Azdrubal Dungeon

Unlike all previous events, you will have to earn your own bonuses this time.
At Arkijah town star you will meet a Guide to a Dungeon, there you can take the quest to kill Ligras. The monster that came to destroy DS world. You have a chance to save us and get bonuses.
Ligras is powerfull creature and kill him you can only in a group, but Dungeon not so big, that why we have a limit on group - max 5 players.
The bravest player - Groupleader has to accept quest, after accepting the whole group will be teleported to Dungeon Land, where you will meet a Dungeon Keeper.
Here each groupmember should speak with him and choose which bonus they want to receive after kill
Choices are:
Clan experience x2-x4
Religion experience x2
Profession experience x2-x4
Damage bonus x2-x4
Guild level experience x2-x4
After all have chosen their bonus, you go 1 step north where you will have to kill Ligrus.

After killing Ligrus for the first time this will be a 2x bonus. If you want a higher bonus, you can take the pot with you and go kill Ligrus again. Make sure you have 1 spot free in inventory!! After killing Ligrus, you will receive a 3x bonus pot and x2 bonus will disappear. Max you can get is a 4x bonus pot, except for religion, this is only x2 and you can only use 1 pot a time of each type.
The duration for pots is x2 - 2 hours, x3 - 4 hours and x4 - 6 hours. The cooldown between quest is 1 hour. The duration of quest is 30 minutes, if during that time you won't kill the Ligras, you will be automaticaly teleported back to Arkijah star, so don't waste your time.
Even if you are killed and teleported back, and your group will continue to fight, stay online until the quest has finished and the group has been teleported back to ark star, otherewise you won't get the reward.

Hope you will enjoy it!


Happy Valentine's Day

Dear friends!

We congratulate all players, who love each other, love, life and this game with the upcoming Valentine's Day!

In honor of this day, we prepared some gifts for you:


No Valentine without Cupido, every 30 minutes cupidos will show up in Arkijah Town, Ruby Fort, Seastone Town, Everspring Town, Black Town and Underground Town.
If you catch them they will give you a reward, this can be:
Teleport to Syndicate Office
Potion of Love
Platinum Heart
Valentine heart to give to another player
Holiday Quest

From 14 to 21 of February you will see a Cupid east of star in Arkijah that will need your help!
Part one "Power of Love"
In this quest you will need to put together a Valentine. By killing monsters that have a higher level than you do (minimum 100 level of monsters), you have a chance to receive one of nine parts of a Valentine. After collecting all 9 pieces, place the central piece on the “table” in Laboratory and make the Valentine that you can then give to your loved one. When used, Valentine will appear in the gift section within an hour and will stay there for 15 days. Additionally, a message will appear in chat that a Valentine was given. In return for a Valentine you will receive an item “Mutual Love”, that you will have to give to Cupid.

Part two: "Three elements"
Your love towards each other has to be proven. What’s the best way to show your love? That’s right, by trials. After finishing the first part, Cupid will offer you three quests: “Fire”, “Water” and “Copper Cliffs”. Take these quests and make sure you follow the game chat. Collect all three spheres and give them to Cupid. For each quest you will receive a Ticket Part. After having all three pieces, place one of them on the Laboratory table and you will receive a “Ticket to Chocolate King’s Caste”

Part three: "Chocolate King's Castle"
Chocolate King is in panic – vile Trolls stole all his candy, and his daughters (that love candy very much) are angry at their father. In this quest, you will have to gather and return to the king the lost chocolates. In return he will give you: Elixir of Love and Elixir of Secret Magic.

Show everyone what you will do for your loved ones!

Mr and Ms DS Election

On request of many players we will have this contest again. On forum you can introduce yourself to the rest of the ds players, little story bout yourself, maybe how you started playing ds, and a picture of yourself would be nice as well of course.
After february 21 we will make a poll with all participants and then players can vote till february 28.
Mr DS click here
Ms DS click here
Discount on Weddings and Combat Alliances

Order your wedding/combat alliance during the Valentine event and receive 50% discount. A normal wedding/combat will now cost 50 pt and a custom wedding/combat 100 pt. And 5 plat for the proposal gra of course!!!


Why dont you buy your Valentine a lottoticket? Also during this event we will have 2 types of lotto:
Zenny lotto, available in Zennyshop for 12 zenny
Gold lotto, available in alchemist shop for 2.400.000 gold

Also we have a New Quest for you, but we will start it a little bit later.
Happy Valentine's day! Love each other!


Buying/Selling items in game

If you buy items from another player, make sure you do the transaction by using the trade option. This option is in game for a reason!!
With sending gold in advance you take the risk you wont receive the items you bought.
Administration is in no case responsible for not receiving items if you did not use the trade option!


Change and bug fix:

Fishing: from now on there will be a period of 30 seconds after boarding a boat during which you cannot fish.
Bug fix: players that have 15 levels in anti critical hit are no longer completely immune to critical hits.

Your Administration


Hide and Seek

Tib needs your help. She is lost somewhere in DarkSwords lands, you have to help her to got back in Ark. But no worries, your deed will not go without PRIZES. Hide and seek event starts TONIGHT around 10 PM Server time.


Attention Fisherman and Fisherwomen,

Due to certain people using 3rd party programs for fishing you will now be thrown off the boat whenever it lands at port. Sorry for this annoyance.

Your Administration


New dealer!

Zirka Smerty is our new dealer in game. He is a Russian speaking player and will help you with all your gear orders.


January Poker-quest results:

Levels 100-200
I place - King Arthur; Nubik
II place - Q u e n n i e; Lovely lady
III place - A q u ; Dumbdumb-

Levels 201-375
I place - Pudgeeeee; Hawksclaw
II place - Hawksclaw; Killeradrian-
III place - Furyofdarkness; Wishy washy

Levels 376-550
I place - Terryharts; Randy Orton
II place - Hellrazzor; Batonii
III place - Imperial scout; Brat Batona

Thank you for participating!


New trader, where are you?

We are looking for a new trader.
Must already know how to make arts, you will work under supervision of dealers, if interested send a whisp to Tib or MrPresident and we tell you more.
If you don't know how to make arts, please dont apply.

Your Administration

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Ticket System
Artifact Restore
Reset Utility

25% 25% 24% 26%

Tree of Darkness

Vote: fight system
1) new: 5
2) old: 2

Goblins Mine
21:10 08/17
08:01 08/18
Black Beach
20:52 08/17

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