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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Way of a Real Man.

8th of March is almost here. What do real men do on this day? That’s right – help their lovely ladies, make wonderful dinner, and clean the house. Only the lonely Rose Karlova is sad in her house in Arkijah on this day. Why wouldn’t a noble knight help a lady in trouble? You have hard work to do. Take the quest from Rose Karlova and go to her house. She will then offer you four quests (minimum level: 200), and for completing each quest will give you a scarf.

Heavy Crates
In this quest you will need to take out three heavy crates (150 weight each) outside. Crates can be given one by one.

Unpleasant Cleaning
Cleaning is not easy. You have to gather all the garbage (by destrying the bags with garbage) in Rosa's large house. There's a catch - a Grabage Demon has settled right in the Living room (9999 agr.)

Warm House
Fireplace in Rose Karlova's house can create and warm and pleasant atmosphere, but it's been out for a long time. Wait. You're a real man! There is a forest nearby where Ents live. Chop some firewood for the fireplace, bud don't forget about Mad Bunnies that don't want to lose their forest.

Sparkling Wine
Excellent wine. Isn't it just what's needed for a romantic evening? The problem is, it's deep in the cellar with the strange creatures that live there - they are not very welcoming.

After gathering four scarves, you can exchange it for a Postcard for 8th of March. You can give this postcard to your favorite lady, by using trade function. The first postcard will give her +5% to mana and health. Postcard last 24 hour and can be used only one. A player that gets the most postcards at the end of the event will receive a gift with bonuses for 3 months. All other postcards will be deleted on March 12.

Attention! You don't have to complete the quests in Rose Karlova's house. You have to collect 4 scraves from any of the quests.

All parts of the quest can be repeated. From 8 till 12 March these quests can be started every 3 hours.

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