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In Seastone, Arkijah, and Ruby Fortress you can find Santa Claus, Uncle Frost, and Uncle Blizzard, which will ask you to complete 2 quests and in return receive Snowflakes as a reward.

* For the quest where you have to make a snowman, in platinum Alchemist Show you can purchase an alternate recipe, which will give you 3 snowflakes form the same ingredients except the snowman. This recipe costs 2pt.

In Arkijah, Uncle Frost is willing to trade you 20 Snowflakes for Holiday Bells, which are lottery tickets. Using it the Bells will turn into one of the following prizes:

Summon Snowflake - Summons a unique familiar. Does not age, does not attack, does not level up.

Summon Snowman - Summons a "Battle Snowman" pet. Can attack enemies. Does not age.

Shamanic Tambourine - Summons a "Reindeer" pet. Can attack enemies. The player may have up to 6 reindeer (by using the tambourine the second, third, etc time), they will accompany the player up to the spring time (1st Marhc 2014). If the owner of the reindeer wins another character in battle, then instead of the "Star" or the beacon of death, that person will end up in the North Pole (without the change of their birthplace. Each reindeer increases the chance of this occuring by 15%.

Husky - Changes the avatar and the name of your current pet to the image of this cute dog. Will be effective until 1st February.

Dead Snowman - Changes the avatar and the name of your current pet to the image of this frightening snowman. Will be effective until 1st February.

Magic scanner - Finds out the location of any player which can be attacked for religion or clan wars all over the world.

Compass - Tells the location of any random player, which can be attacked on religion or clan war, in that region, in which you are (except for the characters who are being with you in one location).

Trap to choose - Traps (holds in the location where trap is set for 30 seconds) characters which are available for attack based on different criteria (depends on the chosen trap).

Chinese Extractor (75 uses) - Is used in laboratory for extracting essences from mircaulous trophy equipment.

Fish Dynamite Stick (15 casts) - similar to 15 casts of fishing rod simultaneously.

Ticket System
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