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Kidnapped Kebechet
Kebechet, the daughter of Anubis and Anput has been kidnapped. She was helping her father in his role as the god of embalming. She was particularly associated with embalming fluid used during mummification.
Now she has been kidnapped the process of mummification is interrupted.
Anubis is desperate. Only by forfilling the demands of the kidnapper he is able to continue with the mummifications.
For this he will need a lot of ancient necklaces.
Those necklaces can only be found in Heliopolis, the birthplace of the Gods. This place is very dangerous! Access is only possible during certain times for which you will receive a special teleport.

The necklaces are non-soulbound and can be traded to other players.
In exchange for the necklaces Anubis offers you Deben coins.
To exchange the necklaces to Deben coins, scrolls are for sale in Arkijah Scribe Shop at location 20571.
There are 3 scrolls for sale, 1 deben, 100 deben and 1000 deben. 1 ancient necklace gives 1 Deben.
The Deben can only be spend by the player him/herself and can be found in players Purse.
Deben can be spend in the Anubis shop which can be found on location 20593 in Arkijah Town.
The items in Anubis Shop are soulbound.

The quest:

Times: Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

All times are in servertime. To check current servertime, use the command \info

All players who have 300 PAID GUILD LEVELS or more will receive a teleport in their inventory
This teleport will transfer you to Heliopolis inn. You have 5 minutes time to tele to Heliopolis. After those 5 minutes the event will start, and you can not use the teleport anymore.
Once you are in Heliopolis you will have to kill the mobs to collect the ancient necklaces.
There is no star in this land, and the whole land is chaos zone.
If you die, you will be teleported to another location in Heliopolis. During the quest you will not be teleported to place of birth in case of death.
Religion is active in this land
If you die, you will not loose the items in your inventory
Items in inventory can only be taken away by other players by using sleight of hand/pickpocket tools.

You can only join this event with 1 character, if you enter with more than 1 char, it will be considered as cheating.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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