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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Items : Grindstones and Catalysts

For killing monsters you get not only gold and equipment as trophies, but also various resources: rocks, rags, metal and gemmas. These components are used for production of attack amplifiers: grindstones and catalysts. Scrolls with recipes for its production can only be received by killing unique monsters of the corresponding level range.

Grindstones twice increase physical damage against monsters, catalysts - magical damage. Attack amplifiers are spent one unit per every hit. In addition, there is one more detail of catalysts - «dispel magic» spell against monsters reaches 100% efficiency from the very first use.

Attack amplifiers can be divided into 4 categories according to the principle of level range. Thus, if simple grindstones have a range of 0 to 99th level, the ingredients for its production, as well as the scrolls with the recipe can be received as a trophy only from monsters of 0 to 99th levels, similar to that - those grindstones can be used only by characters from 0 to 99th levels. Moreover there is an upcoming compatibility, that is, the characters of the lower ranges may use a grindstone, and catalysts of the higher ranges.

Up to 99th level:

simple resources:
simple grindstones, simple catalysts.
to view the recipe click on the picture.

Range of 100th to 199th level:

usual resources:
usual grindstones, usual catalysts.
to view the recipe click on the picture.

Range of 200th to 299th level:

heavy resources:
heavy grindstones, heavy catalysts.
to view the recipe click on the picture.

Range of 300th level and higher:

perfect resources:
perfect grindstones, perfect catalysts.
to view the recipe click on the picture.

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