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Wedding Certificate Wedding Invitation We allow all to be with their loved one, by marrying their person of choice. You can order the wedding by contacting a Pastor and discussing the details of the wedding with them. The payment for the wedding is done right after all details have been negotiated. There are two types of weddings that can be chosen:

  1. Standard (regular) - the couple will receive a regular Wedding Certificate. Cost of this wedding is 100 platinum. This wedding can be done in any location that a Pastor can reach. Otherwise, it will be up to the couple to come to another location.
  2. Wedding Certificate Elite - the couple will be able to choose their own image and name for the Wedding Certificate (the image size must be 75x75 pixels) Cost of this wedding is 200 platinum. This wedding is done at the Wedding Hall (either dark or light) or any other location, based on couple's decision. The couple will also receive 32 invitation tickets for the wedding (you can purchase more tickets from the Pastor).
You can also have a quiet wedding (without a gra-message for everyone). The prices for this type of wedding are the same as for regular weddings.

Call of Heart Those that have completed the wedding ceremony, will be able to use the Call of Heart elixir, as well as they have several more bonuses, such as:

  • Ability to buff each other for up to 20 minutes.
  • They can join each other's group without level limitation.
  • Will not recieve "criminal" status when picking up corpses of one another..

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Altar

When the ceremony reaches the final stage, as in, the Pastor asks "Will you marry...", both people hve to say "Yes" or "No". If one of them answers "No", all money will be given to DarkSwords administration. If they both answer "Yes", then a gra-message will be sent about the completed wedding, Wedding Certificates will be added to character info, and the bride will throw a bouquiet of flowers.

Besides the main service - weddings - you can order other services as well from the pastor, such as wedding contests, trivia, quests, mailing of invitation to each guest, designing your own Wedding Certificate, changing regular Wedding Certificate to an elite one and other services. You will need to contact the Pastor to discuss such services.

If the couple is unhappy in their marriage, they can divorce each other. To order a divorce, they have to contact a Pastor as well.

Ticket System

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