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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Zenny Elixirs

Potions and Elixirs:

Platinum coin - Is in zenny shop to exchange zenny to platinum. The rate is 1 coin - 10 platinum.

Agronomist Power - After use you will be notified if a location already has been seeded. The player using this potion is the only one who can harvest the herbs they planted. Duration 1 hour.

Genetics Potion - gives you effect of genetic subscription. If you use this potion, you will receive all genes of level 20 right away. In shop you can find 3 potions with durability - 7 days, 1 month and 3 months.

Blessed Key - Opens any door that requires a key (except clan castles).100 uses.

Large Fishing Chest - Contains 1 Fishing Pole (Durability 301), 20 Improved Jigs.

Large Farming Bag - Contains 1 Mechanic Mower (Durability 30000), 80 Seeds of each Herb (Thistle, Garlic, Nightshade, Ginseng, Mandrake), 400 Irrigation Water, 400 Fertilizer Potash, 400 Sapropel.

Brew Extra Bonus Pot - With this scroll you can brew Extra Bonus pot, wich increases artifact stats by 10%. To do that you need also meteorite from one of this unique - Dr. Kronys, Centaur Ness, Aries, Ice Queen, Missionary or Robinson. To see a bonus, you need to relog after using the potion. On one item this bonus can be used only once.

Brew Mars Key - With this scroll you can brew Mars key, from 7 keys from unique in Forgotten land.

Bomd protection - Protect from bomb usage in fight. Lasts 10 minutes

Azdrubals Potion of Life - Adds 100% bonus to HP. Duration 48 hours

Azdrubals Potion of Sorcery - Adds 100% bonus to MP. Duration 48 hours

Azdrubals Potion of Quickness - Adds 100% bonus to DEX. Duration 48 hours

Azdrubals Potion of Power - Adds 100% bonus to STR. Duration 48 hours

Azdrubals Potion of Might - Adds 100% bonus to CON. Duration 48 hours

Azdrubals Potion of Mind - Adds 100% bonus to INT. Duration 48 hours

Flower Chest - In this chest you can get one of the Azdrubals Potions

Summon Pack Mule - Gives you Pack Mule pet.

Brew Summon Inocentium - Gives you a scroll for brewing Inocentium, it needs 70 Inocentium runes.

Brew Summon Sky Regulus - Gives you a scroll for brewing Sky Regulus, it needs 70 Sky Regulus runes.

Ticket System

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