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Bugfix and Updates

  • Fixed an issue with Genie Lord don't drop gold, when Generosity is active.
  • Now for players, who are caught in a beartrap, the option of looting is disable.
  • And we don't have a limit in group anymore!!

Also now we have in game helpers, who will help you with your questions. That means, that game related questions have to be asked to helpers:
  • Rogue
  • Goldieblood
  • Optimus Prime
  • Forrestgump

And gear questions to dealers:
  • Tib - Sancerre
  • Unleashed rage - MrPresident

*All fixes will be able after server reboot 18.03.2016 at 10 a.m
Enjoy the game!
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Fishing update and recruit access in clan

As per player requests, all fish that is caught will now be placed into character's inventory (until it fills up)

Recruits can now be given access to place items in clan bar.
The following changes will be active on 21st December.


Extended backpack

Now you can buy additional rows for your backpack. Every row adds 10% to the max carry weight. First additional row costs 5 pt., second - 7 pt., third - 9 pt., fourth - 12 pt., fifth and following - 5 pt. Every row is bought for 30 days. Every purchase refreshes the rent timer for 30 days. Max of 10 rows can be bought (75 cells). After rent period end all items are transferred to inn. Next client version will have rent countdown timer and possibility to refresh the timer for 5 pt. without losing the rows bought.



Achievement system is available in testing mode. Click button with cup on it in the main game window to access achievement list. Player receives Achievement Points to his/her virtual balance for unlocking achievements. After currency system change players will be able to trade those points for various game bonuses. At the moment more than 250 PvE and more than 50 PvP achievements are available. Please note that to get some achievements you will need to unlock preceding ones.


Platinum and currencies

Unlimited list of currencies is enabled in game. Full list of existing currencies and money that your character has you can examine by pressing 'Purse' button in your inventory. Every currency has its description. We are going to rework number of currencies available, as well as implement shops trading items for specific currencies. Please note that some quests may require as gold, as any other currency to be picked.

Platinum is not stored in banks anymore, as it isn't practical. Character can't lose platinum in battle or by any other means.


Quest tracker

The first step in quest system change is quest tracker implementation. Accepting any quest will show region or location where quest objectives are fulfilled (if this is possible); after quest completion tracker will point to the NPC who ends this quest. Only one quest can be tracked. To track the quest go to the quest list and click 'Track' button in the quest details window. This finctionality is in test mode at the moment, so feel free to report any errors or untrackable quests to DS support team.


Personal Points and PvP events

At the moment new feature is tested in-game: Dwarf race gets additional Personal Points in some PvP events (Joe's Saloon).
Event is checked every minute. If in the check time character of the Dwarf race fights another player (NOT monster), then Dwarf race character receives 2 Personal Points and system message appears.


Clan leveling changes

Amount of experience needed to obtain new clan level is lowered and now is as follows:
Level Before After
2 75 000 30 000
3 240 000 105 000
4 435 000 210 000
5 757 500 397 500
6 1 327 500 742 500
7 2 302 500 1 357 500
8 3 982 500 2 452 500
9 6 855 000 4 380 000
10 11 760 000 7 755 000
11 20 107 500 13 627 500
12 34 282 500 23 797 500

Changes come into effect after restart on September 6th, 2013


Clan size and alliance bonuses changes

From the September 5th, 2013 following changes will be applied:

1. Alliance bonus will depend on number of clans in alliance. For 6 and more clans bonus will be calculated according to formula:
((1/number of clans) + 0.5) * PERCENT, where PERCENT is 15%, 10% or 5% depending on clan position in ranking.
Example: 6 clan alliance helds 1st position in ranking. Alliance bonus will be ((1/6)+0.5)*0.15=0.1 or 10%

2. Max number of members per clan still depends on clan level, but now is calculated according to formula 15+(5*clan level).
That means 20 members for 1st level clan;
25 - for 2nd level;
30 - for 3rd level;
75 - for 12th clan level.

No people will be expelled from existing clans; but clans won't be able to hire new members.


Changes in siege system

Location sieges:
* After location siege is set, clan wars are not accepted automatically.
* During the siege all participating players' authority isn't lost upon losing to enemy combatant. This refers to attackers as well as defenders.
* During the siege clan experience and authority points for defeating enemy are doubled.

Kingdom sieges:
* During the siege all attackers alliance clans may attack any member of defenders alliance clans in any world region, except for cities without active sieges, Flag Points, Bars and Stars.
* During the siege all participating players' authority isn't lost upon losing to enemy combatant. This refers to attackers as well as defenders.
* During the siege clan experience and authority points for defeating enemy are doubled.

Update took effect upon server restart on July 7th 2013

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Ticket System

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