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Only ONE character in quests and tourney

Hello Dear Players!
Please note that while we now allow 2 characters in PVP, all quests and tourney allow only ONE character.

We would also like to remind you that accusing people of cheating in open chat is NOT allowed and will be muted. If you suspect someone of cheating, please take screenshots and contact Admin via private message.

Alternatively you can submit a ticket at support system and please remember to provide screenshots.

Thank you!


Dear players!

The results are in for the candy contest!

1st place was taken by the character - MeTaL10 with 3234 candy
2nd place was taken by the character - Revive with 2518 candy
3rd place went to the character - Chef 1891 candy

Thank you all who participated, and Congratulations to our winners!
First place will receive a Crazy Dog and second and third place will receive a dragon of their choice!

mass sympathy removed from the emerald shop


Dear players!

It is with great regret that we inform you that we have forgotten about the birthday of our beloved game Darkswords.

Bonuses are waiting for you from 11/15/2020 to 11/17/2020, all bonuses will be valid in the game! including x2 Mars token!
You can avenge such an omission of the Administration on Monday! A battle with the Administration awaits you!
Also the top candy that was on Halloween is back! Only now the gifts will be even better! Don't miss your opportunity to win!

New elixirs have also been added to the game!
1. Intercontinental mass teleport to Arkijah!
2. Protection from deportation
You will find these elixirs in the Emerald shop!

These days will be organized \ Roll. We will provide detailed information later!
These days it will be possible to order a full avatar for your artifacts (doll) for Mars tokens! Price will be 100 Mars tokens!
We would like to inform you that these days there will be bonuses for emeralds, which have not yet been in Darkwords! 50% extra Zenny and Emeralds!

Have a nice holiday in the Darkwords world, and enjoy the game everyone!


Change of rules:

Hello Dear Players!
We have revised the chat rules and removed warnings from use. Please read revisions - here
You can now use multiple accounts at the same time, with the exclusion of pvp battles - no more than 2 accounts.
Thank you!
Your Administration.



1. In the emerald shop you can find a new PvE pet - Crazy Dog! He will help you in the fight against mobs with skills burning and open wounds! Also, he will give a 15% bonus on gold and a 25% chance to get a double token from Mars! Crazy dog loose his mp as other new pets, 1 per minute. His skills work only against mobs.
2. Religion experience from a fight is increased;
3. In zenny shop you can find pot, which will decrease your level. Pot can not be used under the 146 level;
4. In the emerald shop you can find Portable Laboratory. Brew everywhere you want!
5. Mars hp is increased, and also you can not get keys from him. So now you have to kill others unique in the Forgotten lands.
6. On Forgotten lands aggressive mobs will attack you, even if you use stealth.
7. 540, 550 level pots, like 60, 80 religion level pots can be used only if you are above 145 combat level;
8. Religion experience pot can be used only under 110 religion level;
9. From unique on the Forgotten lands you can get 1 key, but using bonuses you can make a maximum of 4 keys from one unique.
10. You can change your Halloween avatar more than once.
11. Gold bonus coefficient on each level is 0, now bonus you can get only on 550 level - 65% (before it was 60%).
12. We want to remind you, that if you have 550 level all items that go to the clan bar of region owner also drop in your inventory.
13. Experience amount from 540 to 541 was increased.



Begin: Saturday, October 31 at 10.00 am server time
End: Saturday, November 7 at 10.00 server time

All information about the event you can be found here

During this event, you also can get candy from mobs. The one, who will collect the biggest number of this candy, will get a very good prize! The prize will be announce later.

Also, all zenny/emeralds purchase will get 20% more. It means if you order 110 zenny and 11 emeralds, as bonus you will get +22 zenny and +2 emeralds!

Also during Halloween time, The land of Khortitsa will be open to players, the teleport is available from Arkijah Alchemist.



1. Bug with trup loot is fixed;
2. Magical scanners and compass are working again;
3. In Mars shop you can find new pots;
4. In pt shop return to beacon can be found;
5. With autoloot you can loot Mars trup before teleportation;
6. In Forgotten lands from all unique, except Mars and Desert Castle King, you can get Omnipotence Chest. From chest you can get:
- Bomb pack (10x of each bomb type)
- Mass teleport pack (mass teleport to all standart cities and to Forgotten land)
- Religion experience pack ( 2 pots with religion exp 20.000)
- Warrior pack (1 indulgence, 1 License to Kill and x3 religion)
- Mass Empathy pack ( 2 pots of mass empathy)
- 10x Buffout pack
- PVE pack (x8 damage pot, x2 mars drop pot and super pet snack)
- Light of Messiah pack (x10 light of messiah pots)
The percent of chest drop not so big, so it will take a time to get it. Drop bonuses do not affect the amount of this chest drop.

We open auction for shop locations (loc id - 2023, 2991). The auction will be held in special discord channel. To join discord you can here


Hello Dear Players!

As we would like to be able to keep the service free, could you please limit requests for stat changes to bonus on Wedding Certificates / Battle Union Certificates to once per day only.
Thank you!

Your Administration.



1. Int was decreased by 10%;
2. Dex was decreased by 10%;
3. Now when ally leader decided to leave the ally, the ally will be just deleted;
4. In platinum shop you can find Quest Cup dispell;
5. Now religion cults are working even if your religion is not active in PVE, but does not work if you fight players without religion on;
6. Now when you kill a player with religion status, status won't disappear, it will just decrease for each death.
7. Doppelganger price is changed, now it cost 1 emerald and lasts 6 hours.

If you will find any bug, please, inform any of the staff members.
Thank you, that you are staying with us! We work for you.

Your Administration.



Special offer from 29.09 till end of September + 20% to all zenny/emeralds purchase.
It means, if you purchase 50 zenny/5 emeralds, during the day you will get 10 zenny and 1 emeralds as bonus

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Ticket System

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Elements of Darkness
DividE et ImperiA


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